Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crack of Dawn

At the crack of dawn, I was awake. I feel good because I get to be a part of my student's big day-convocation, lending a hand to make up for them. Time really flies, Grace was form 3 when I first started to teach her. Now, she is in form 5, awaiting for her SPM. *I'm feeling old* I've totally forgotten about the make-up session yesterday night *i remembered it when I reached home*, so I went out happily with my friends for dinner, pool and a round of truth or dare. It's stunning to know how truth or dare could be not so true and not so dare, because someone broke the rules KAO KAO!!=P Well, yesterday was quite a happy day for me. I'm like laughing at everything until one of my friend was so fed up, he keep asking me why I laughed. Which I don't know how to answer him. Its just me i guess, when I'm happy, everything seems funny.XD Why am i so happy? Thats a secret I can't tell. Right now, I'm quite worried for a friend. I know that she'll be fine because she is under the protection of someone, but still I hope that everything will fall back into place as soon as possible.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our last class

Thanks for the experience!! Thanks for the joy and the moments!! All the best in your SPM girls..=)

So be it

The truth has set me free-so be it. No lies given, no hopes given If this is the judgement-so be it. No defends, no hesitation

Monday, October 26, 2009


Bad Day

It's a bad day for me.. My Ah Wong was towed away by the police towing truck just because I parked on a yellow line for approximately 7 minutes to get revision books for my students. Place- Petaling Street Time- 12.15pm Luckily I saw that my car was towed, if not, I would probably be freaking out thinking that someone stole Ah Wong away.=( So, me and my fatty student need to walk all the way to the polis station to get Ah Wong back. I wasn't panick, I wasn't angry..but I know I have to clean this mess as soon as possible. After all, I was the one in the wrong..but..but..WHY CHOOSE MY AH WONG????WHY NOT OTHER CARS THAT PARKED AT THE SAME AREA??WHYYYYYY??? Guess my luck wasn't good today.=( When we reached the polis station, we sat down and waited for our turn. The initial charges were RM50 (tow)+ RM5 (parking in the polis station) + Rm300 (saman) =RM355 After much negotiations..I ended up paying RM110..Because I've only got RM55 in my purse, I need to walk all the way to the nearest ATM to get cash..ofcoz together with my fatty student.. There goes my hard earn money..down the drain!!! At least my fatty student told me :"amy jiejie, I think I've lost weight walking around like this!!!" AHA!!!something good in return perhaps..*self-comforting* After it was settled, I rushed to my student's school because we're late and late comers have to to be punished by writing 500 words essay!!! When we arrive, I have to explain to the teacher.. "lao si arr...just now I parked my car blablabla.." After 10 minutes of explanation, my student was allowed to enter class without the punishment..*phew* Talking about parenting..I think I'm quite experienced now I get a lot of heart ache moments when I'm tutoring..when my students don't do my work although I nagged them so many times, when my student was sicked, when my students give me excuses for being lazy.. At the end of the day, I find myself nagging my students like my mum!! I send my student to school, before that I'll bring him to lunch, make sure he get enough to eat and drink, remind him to bring his keys... Am I not partially parenting??haha..but I have to say I kinda enjoy it!! So thats my long morning.. When I reached home, I told my mum frankly about the whole incident and I was nagged, as expected for I don't know how long.. Then I tell Bc about it but he didn't nag me.. He just say it was a paid lesson!!*thanks* Okie, I'm taking my nap now.=) byesss..

Friday, October 23, 2009


I was browsing through my facebook picture and I came across this particular picture taken by Suzanne..thats me in the picture.. And that's what I wanna be now I just wanna be FREE

Thursday, October 22, 2009


When I look around.. I saw blossoms in the mid of autumn But I also see winter was early at someone's doorstep When here, someone is happy, there someone was devastated. Each one have their own problems, hidden stories left untold. I have mine too and I think it has taken its hold on me. Too much damages it has caused Too much marks it left behind, undefined There is no way I'm gonna allow this to continue Because it'll soon destroy what I've once build I've suffered losses and rejoiced in its return At least I know I don't want to hurt those whom I love Tonight, I'm surrendering everything to Him. Lead me Lord, I have not much strength to go on..

So yesterday

You can change your life - if you wanna You can change your clothes - if you wanna If you change your mind Well, that's the way it goes But I'm gonna keep your jeans And your old black hat - cause I wanna They look good on me You're never gonna get them back At least not today, not today, not today 'cause [Chorus:] If it's over, let it go and Come tomorrow it will seem So yesterday, so yesterday I'm just a bird that's already flown away Laugh it off let it go and When you wake up it will seem So yesterday, so yesterday Haven't you heard that I'm gonna be okay You can say you're bored - if you wanna You can act real tough - if you wanna You can say you're torn But I've heard enough Thank you... you made my mind up for me When you started to ignore me Do you see a single tear It isn't gonna happen here At least not today, not today, not today 'cause [Chorus] If you're over me, I'm already over you If it's all been done, what is left to do How can you hang up if the line is dead If you wanna walk, I'm a step ahead If you're moving on, I'm already gone If the light is off then it isn't on At least not today, not today, not today 'cause


I was late for Law of Conflicts because I was stuck in a terrible 2 hours jam from Kinrara to Brickfields after my tuition. During the first half an hour, I was happily listening to Hill songs and Planet Shakers..singing along as the songs played, thinking what to sing on this coming sunday. After 1 hour, my patience bubble burst I was apparently grumbling in the car, hoping that the jam will end.. But all those grumbles didn't make it better..I was stuck for another hour until I reach college. While I was walking towards college, I spotted a red shirt guy and was amazed to see timothy walking across the I thought maybe tim is also late like me due to the jam..hehe..*we can enter class together*..manatau he is studying in the library and not planning to enter class. So I sat in and accompany tim in the library while waiting for the break time to sneak into class. Well, I think I'm much more like a disturbance to tim.=P..*sorry tim* We ended up chatting instead of him studying. Class was fine. Dinner was good-mum cooked my favourite dish-eggplant!!yummy Sleep time was bad. The reason I'm blogging here is because I can't sleep. Maybe it is because I took a long nap in the afternoon..I dun know. Still searching for that so called non-existence solution which I have to draft it out myself..more like a self-theory and self-motivation kinda thing. Come to think of it, maybe I don't need to come out with any solution because there is no question to be solved in the 1st place..only mere ignorance of those clear cut answers ahead of me. ok..I'm just crapping..XP

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today I am thankful Thankful of what I have and content with all I've got It has been yet another crazy day for me Of sales, of friends, of being thick skin, of being a glutton.. I'll end my day by saying THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pasta Maniac

I made pasta for lunch-herbs and cheese penne top with sliced cheese sausages!!=) I'm a pasta maniac..and pasta is the only delicious dish that i know how to cook.

Yu Jien's 1st Birthday!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy 19th birthday

15th October 1990 God gave me and my family the greatest joy we could ever have. A son and a brother Ivan Tan Jun Yip. I have only one brother and I love him more than anything else in this world. Although we are of different gender and different age.. We have a lot in common I miss the times we played super mario together..where I always depend on him to help me pass the last stage-the fire stage with the dragon and to save the princess. and yes, my brother is a pro in video games..he KNOWS where are those hidden mushrooms which can give mario immunity from monster attack. Then from video games to computer games..because of him, i got addicted to yuri revenge, red alert and not forgetting-maple story. I miss the time where I get to bully him because I was stronger and taller then. The times when we catch tadpoles together in the drain, play "cat catches the rat" with our neighbors, paper ship competition in that smelly drain behind our house, play lego together, draw together, skate together and many many more.. Sometimes, we'll stay up late and have heart to heart talk together..we'll help strengthen each other mentally and spiritually. We do fight...sometimes And I always get very upset when it happens But we'll get over it very fast..the next thing we know..we are talking and joking around again. Me and Ivan have our own world when we are together When I'm with him, suddenly everything around us seems funnyyy We'll crack our own jokes and laugh at how silly it is.. We laugh because its too lame. When we go out.. We go out like couple Because he is tall and I'm short.. We looked very different. I have big eyes, tan skin, I'm short and my nose is not high but Ivan has small eyes, fair skin, he's tall and he has a high nose.. Even our characters are so different..he is a saver while I'm a big spender.lolz Despite the difference.. We still love each other very much So.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER!!! *i wouldn't call u stupid bro for today...but only for today.*

Tong yuin effect!!

Dont judge a book by its cover..It is not what you see What you see is the tong yuin effect on pretty girls.

I've fallen for YOU

I will always remember today The day I found you, though I'm not trying to It was love at first sight And I could feel the sudden adrenaline rush That left me without breathe You are just too good to be true I can't take my eyes off on you I can't believe I could hold you now To have you and to call you mine We are meant for each other Our love is forever From today onwards, I'll give you my word You will always be hand washed and ironed To be sent to the laundry for spa and treatment TO be wore on 21st november, but after eleven Till then My little purple glamour Please be patient!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Midnight Rain

As the raindrops hit itself against my window I lied on my bed, helpless.. Tonight, I can't sleep..and I feel like crying Don't question me why..because I have my down side too Sometimes I choose to keep my problems to myself Guess I've changed I think I could pretend to be happy when deep inside I'm screaming I didn't feel like staying at home Maybe I'm trying to ignore my feelings The disappointments and the brunt of reality in my life As the raindrops fall, i pretty much enjoy its rhythm.. I've always like the rain.. It always rains when I'm sad Right now, I long for Jesus-the healer of my soul felt so distanced..felt so cold.. I wish to be under His wings, where I could find my true refuge Everything might fail but Jesus will not In Him, I am whole.

Monday, October 12, 2009

My roller coaster weekend

My weekend was like a roller coaster ride because I've been through quite alot of emotions these two days.
I was missing and hoping to see someone..
I was trying my best to hit target and I skipped lunch for two continous days-I was so into my job that I didn't even drink water or go to the loo at all.
I was happy that my collegemates came to KLCC and I enjoyed their company alot.*hearts u guys*
I was angry because something very bad had happened to me- so bad that I choose not to expose it out here.
I was disappointed with the management in KLCC who was reluctant to assist me
in crucial times of "misfortune".
Carina and me in our Nubian Goat's Milk apron
She was stationed in Bangsar Village and I was stationed in KLCC.
My only meal of the day-dinner at Manhattan Fish Market with my close friends..=)
Nothing more enlighting than to see my friends after a tiring day of work.
When I see them, all my tireness just vanish into thin air. They are my red bull!!!giving me the ultimate energy for a period of time.
But when I reach home, I was dead.
My kurang upaya friend-mentality stucked at the age of 5.lolz
The cut off FCUK picture..
Look!!!I got Tim's body and Tim got Mun's body..
Mun left only the head while jie hu was sliced into half.
~that's my weekend~

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Unleash the geek in you!!

Vote now!!
contestant 1
Name: Jie Hu
Age: 21
my specs, my rabbit teeth and my hair when i wake up spells the ultimate geek
Jie Hu: vote for me,
i'm a law student who doesnt play dota
contestant 2
Name: Timothy
age: 22
my life is revolved around games and nothing but games
im a geek because im geekier than you and the world put together , where I read tech magazines for breakfast and i surf the internet for dinner : )
Tim: Choose me, i think my line is bestest
contestant 3 Name: Jolene Age: Secret Geekness: I look good in this spec which explains that I have got the geekness in me!! contestant 4 Name: Ee Mun Age: secret Geekness: if i were to dress like a geek, i'll be the most nerdy n weird geek in school with the big bag, big specs, 2 plaits... n fringe I'll be the queen of geek Ee Mun: Pick me!! contestant 5 Name: Melissa Age: secret Geekness: i hate geek and if i win there's no geek anymore in this world because the winner is so not geek. hahhaa Mel: vote for me and end the geek world! ~vote vote vote~

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hello Sunshine!!!

I had a bad night yesterday.. why? -I had to sleep in my bro's double decker bed because my uncle and aunty were sleeping in my room -my bro was playing some online game which is so noisy I couldn't sleep -the light was on and it hurts my eyes -I forgot to take my bolster from me room, all i have was 2 pillows and nothing more -I tried many ways to force myself to sleep..I did my usual counting of cows till number 160++ but i lost count coz there's just too many things on my mind. the end, I snatch my bro's bolster, pillow and blanket. Basically his everything and I even slept in his bed (the down part of the double decker bed)!!!wakakakakkaa.*evil laugh* But I have a great morning.. -I managed to woke up early and I even have time to blog..hehehe -I'm enjoying a cup of hot vico drink-with soya and oats -Although I have not enough of sleep, but I can tahan till 8.30pm tonight..*i think**i wish* -No more weird dreams -I'm so ready to hit the road and sell some goat milk!! Will be working these 2 days, selling goat's milk in supermarket. Initially, I rejected the job because they wanted me to commit the whole month. But yesterday Carina told me that one of her friend was unable to work this weekend and asked me to replace her for 2 days. Huhu....extra cash for bangkok trip!!!why not? okie..I have to get going.. Wish me luck in selling milk yaaa *geek pictures coming up soon!!*

Friday, October 9, 2009

Make my day!!

Unbelievable-I woke up at 1pm!!
Late nights have always got its way on me, giving me bad skin condition, dark circles and eye-bags, blurness and the inability to concentrate during tuition classes.
I had alot of weird dreams to know?
-dreamt about my good looking cousin back in Ipoh
-me and my collegemates gambling in my church and police came and sapu the place.=
-me and my collegemates went for a holiday trip
-Jie Hu dyed his hair purple
-Timothy lost his leg!!
Dad was playing Pangya when I woke up and then he received a call. I thought my uncle and aunty from Ipoh have reached KL (they are coming to give out wedding invitations for their daughter). Tonight, they are sleeping in my room and mum told me to wash the toilet before they come.
There I was in my pyjamas, with messy hair and a toilet to wash.
I jumped up, made my bed, clear my messy table and rushed to the toilet.
I bathe and wash the toilet in split seconds and I heard the sound of my front gate opening.
I looked into the mirror..there's still foam on my neck..I clean it off and with water still dripping down..I opened the toilet door and was ready to greet my uncle and aunty-in hokkien we have to call them ah bek (uncle) and ah hmm (aunty).
The minute I open the toilet door...I saw my brother.
Amy: Where is ah bek and ah hmm??I thought they are here.
My dad: Who say I went and fetch them?I went and fetch Ivan.
Ivan: Wah..jiejie..u made your bed!!!-grab a towel, walk into the bathroom
Amy: Just don't dirty the toilet..I just washed it.
Ivan: ok
The lesson of the story is-Don't expect you can wake up early when you slept late. If you have something to do the next morning, make sure you sleep early.LOLZ!!
I'm still feeling tired eventhough I slept for 9 hours.
Luckily there's no class today, only one tuition at 4pm.=)
Ohya... found something that'll make your day!!

cute cupcakes with expression.*arghh*

Penguin cupcakes..arent they adorable??

Sweetness brings happiness..Colours bring joy

But do you know what will make my day??

Big fat juicy burgers...

~guess I'm still the unmotivated, unhealthy girl who loves burgers~

Its done

To a thousand stars and a sunset I hope it was for me, to me and regarding me Because this is the day I long to see To end your pain and mine as well For sometimes I doubt myself throughout I hope it was for me, to me and regarding me but I'll never know the true meaning behind The sign of an end, the mark of a new beginning Of something better and greater that will last forever I hope it was for me, to me and regarding me Then I'll totally be free from whatever that is left of me I'm sorry to expect, to overeact, to place you higher I know that I do not have the slightest right to this I hope it was for me, to me and regarding me I should be happy and glad Guess this is the end of an untold journey What is left are only memories

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PMR & SPM candidates

I wanna wish LUEK LUEK and SOO YING all the best in their PMR!!! GAMBATE and jia you!!! you can do it. *get enough of rest, do your best and leave the rest to God* To all SPM candidates especially to GRACE CHOO ERN YEENG AU YONG JIA YING JIUNN FONG ADRIAN AH YEE work hard and do constant revision.. make sure you did atleast 3 sets of past year questions before you enter to the exam hall. *believe in yourself as I've always believe in each one of you* remember my favourite quotation- there is no free lunch in this world & nothing is impossible~~

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It is just not my day.=(

There I was, having a good dream of getting that 'cute little giraffe" soft toy I wanted, happily cuddling my comforter like a baby and embracing the new start of the day. Having the sunray piercing its way through my bedroom's felt nice and warm. I thought it was the perfect mark of a new day ahead, but I was wrong. My door slam open, there stood mummy with a furious look.. and what followed was her grumbles and her expression of anger towards her forgetful daughter who forgot to turn off the air-cond in her bro's room. Thats was my morning. Afternoon was packed with tuitions and CODs which I have to get stuck in KL's heavy traffic and to have my lunch-the remaining IKEA biscuit in the car..=( My tuition today was located in the heart of KL-at Jln Sam Peng..the traffic today was horrible and it took me 20 minutes just to try to get a parking near my student's house. The whole area was congested and I just dislike the way those inconsiderate drivers park their cars. After turning 4 rounds around Sam Peng area, I finally got a parking but was 20 minutes late for my tuition class. Left Sam Peng around 3.55pm and rushed to Ee Mun's house for another session with Luek. Was again..stuck in Sam Peng for like "forever"..I was playing this CD burn by my friend in the car, the journey from Sam Peng to Ee Mun's house was 8 songs you know how long it took me to travel!!!=(=( After luek's tuition, went and fetch Melissa and we all had dinner in Ee Mun's house. I was so hungry that I ate alot.=P It was already 6.30pm when we finished our dinner..and I took 10 minutes to reach Brickfields...IMAGINE THAT! Was late for Mr Chia's class. Class today was tiring for me. Tried to concentrate but I just couldn' eyes are quite swollen and I felt exhausted. Then some stalker messaged me in class.. Saying that he likes my ponytail, he wants to be my superman (i'm wearing a superman t-shirt), my smile make his day, he can't concentrate in class because I'm sitting infront of him... He even asked me to meet him in YMCA carpark to meet up after class. I showed the message to my girlfriends and we all suspected it was our other friends who were throwing a joke on us. But it wasn't them. I apologize to Jie Hu and Randy for the fitnah!!!SO SO SORRY!!! Until now..I still don't know who is that person. Guess today is bagai malang ditimpa tangga!!! Its just not my day Gonna sleep early and hope today ends soon. ~~~Sweetdream~~~

Monday, October 5, 2009

Korean food

Cheque book of love spotted at MPH.
Today, I finally get to spend some time with Boon Chong.=)
*postponed luek's tuition till tomorrow*
Our date today was pretty awesome as we started it off with bites of ikea singoalla-shortbiscuits cream with vanilla flavour and raspberry filling.*love those raspberry filling*
Then we tried shaolin's oyster mee sua-I give it a 5/10 because I don't like the taste of it.
After filling up my stomach, we went to Cineleisure to check out movies, only to find that we both were not interested in any of the showing ones. So we played a round of foosball and two rounds of pool instead. Boon Chong was quite dismay at my "not-so-bad" performance at the pool table, but eventually I still lose to him in both the games.=(
Did some window shopping and went to all the bookstores in search of my law textbooks..
I found none.
The worse was Popular at Ikano, all they have were Malaysia law books.*signs*
It was still early so we headed to another location to have our dinner.
After much indecisive discussions about where to go and what to eat...we ended up in Hartamas.
Was roaming around Hartamas area and we settled for Korean Food.
We didn't know which korean restaurant to dine in as there was just too many choices.
Being the girl that I always am, I walked to a few restaurants comparing their prices, hoping to find a nice, cheap restaurant to dine in.
I was marvelled at how costly Korean BBQ could be and was quite reluctant to try it because I'm broke. Apparently, Bc got abit fed up by me walking around the whole hartamas area comparing prices and my inability to make up my I decided to just walk into the nearest korean restaurant I could spot and end my eternal search of my "ideal korean restaurant" as well as Bc's frustration.
Luck was on my side, we dine in a nice korean restaurant with excellent service and serves good korean bbq. Their bbq pork was fantastic
Random choice for dinner.
The atmosphere..
Bc can't wait to dig in.. while waiting for the pork to cook. =)
The super friendly waiter from Nepal
excellent service!
Vege to wrap with slice of pork, kimchi, garlic and spicy peanut sauce
The 12 side dishes are refillable.
and the bbq was done and serve by the waiter.
all you need to do is sit, chat, watch, say tq and eat Kimchi, kimchi, kimchi ~Now I understand why Karen is so fascinated over Korean food~
not everyone enjoy Korean cuisine, but me and Bc did!!
Give it a try!!=)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mel's 22nd

I know I'm a little late but this is a post to
Melissa Teh Sze Yee
wishes her a very happy 22nd birthday.
Amy and Melissa
Us and the princess in red
Me and the new super star-Randy Chew
Crazy photoshoot session with the girls..
Me and Jie Hu
the one who always make me laugh!!
The trio??
Mel, Amy and Terrence.
Ee Mun and me..
Deeply in love with each other!!
Some crazy photoshoots that made me laugh so much till my stomach aches
It was melissa's 22nd birthday yesterday and we all went to full house at ara damansara.
We went there after our class at 9.30pm.
Got lost on the way.=P
But we did managed to reach our destination
I had alot of fun yesterday..been laughing so much and so hard that it was apparently difficult to breathe.
What I can say is..these will all be sweet memories to me and I cherish the friendship I have
with each one of them.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Daddy's birthday

Venue- Pavilion (tony roma)
Date- 1st October 2009
Daddy's 52nd Birthday
My family!!=)
Daddy and Mummy The look alike mother and son. Boon Chong and I Daddy and his free dessert Eating my potato skin appetizer..*thumbs up* Hawaian salad-not that good. Should have order caeser salad instead
Blacken Pacific Cod with Kickin sauce
hearts ya!!