Thursday, March 31, 2011

My working trip to Singapore

Subang airport aka Sky park.
I reached there an hour earlier because of my over worried mummy that says "In case of Sunday morning traffic." (-_-)
Taken while stoning on the couch.

Very first time flying with Firefly.
It was okieeee..they do serve cakes, nuts and fruit juices.

Deluxe room @  InterContinental hotel.
One night cost 370 SD ++ = RM925 ++

Food tasting on the first night @ My humble house-voted as the best restaurant in Singapore year 2010.
Again, my first time indulging in Chinese Fusion Fine Dining.
Price?? 110SG per person = RM275


Outside of Esplanade, along Marina Bay.

Bugis Junction, located right at the back of InterContinental.

Mission accomplished on the 1st night-Met up with Shen

Finally, I get to meet Dexter!!=)

Irresistable supper.

2nd day-Work, work and work.
Setting up our registration counter at the hotel lobby.

Sanofi Pasteur's dengue vaccination conference.

My Humble House (2nd night offsite dinner)

ICEM colleagues.
Pei Pei and Me.

Me and Rokcy Lim-project head of the event.

Boarding the plane back to Kuala Lumpur,
looking forward to a good night rest after 3 sleepless nights. didn't stop my urge to shop in Singapore..=P

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Singapore travel and work trip

Gonna catch a 10am flight to Singapore tomorrow by Firefly. This is my first time flying with Firefly and I always thought that their price is about the same as Air Asia but I was so wrong. It cost near to RM650 per person to fly to Singapore (two ways).

Thanks to the job, I will finally get to meet up with my high school bestie-Li Shen * without spending a single cent* before she makes her way to the States and never come back. I know her, if she has the chance to stay there, she'll probably settle down and start her life there.

I'll be meeting up with her tomorrow night after dinner and we'll grab a drink or something. The hotel I'm staying is located at Bugis Street, so we'll just hang out around there.

Monday onwards until Wednesday will be all about work. This job that I'm gonna be doing is basically to take charge of the whole conference, from registration to meals to transportation for the doctors that are attending the conference. Apparently the conference is about Denggi fever, so I assume that I'll know a lot about it after the conference.

When I went for the briefing on Thursday and took a look at the schedule, it's more like a makan conference to me. They have breakfast-coffee break-lunch-tea break-dinner. 5 meals in a day!!Luckily, dinner is off site and not in the hotel.

InterContinental-the hotel I'll be staying in.

 Breakfast restaurant

 The suite.

Lunch arrangement in the ballroom.

~Can't wait till tomorrow~

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Of food and detour

Last Villa Seri Puteri.

Fresh garden salad with extra topping of cherry tomatoes, corn, carrots and eggs.

Cheese baked mussels.=)

 Dinner is served with 2005 Shiraz.

Today, a detour to Lorong Tiong Nam.
Class or date?

 One of the many things I splurged on. Love it.

 Always with his serious face while driving.


 Somewhere along the way.

 Dessert after lunch.

 He's all into chocolate while I stick to the basic.

 New cafe at E@curve.

 Decided not to go for movie and went to IKEA instead.

 One of my must have in my future house!!

Black and white with a blast of red to spice up the place. I like it


Pretty teacher spotted on bunting, and she happens to be my beloved cousin sister!