Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mustard Yellow & Gossips

I have to confess that my favourite colour now is Mustard Yellow.
If I have some income, I'll love to get that mustard yellow bag form Vincci and that lovely mustard yellow moccasin from Tods.
But I don't have income, so.....those 'wanna have" have to go into my wish list and wait for the day I get my pay cheque from ICEM.

I went out with my friends today and I feel that Frontier has too much gossips.
Such a small company but so so much gossips.
How can a company of less than 15 people have so much gossips??
To be honest, no matter where we go, small company or big company, there will be politics.
The question is :"How to stay away from it?"
Some make it seems like a predator and prey national geographic channel, you don't kill, you'll starve to death.
Some say that it's the survival of the fittest.
Bc say it's human nature.

Again, if Frontier is such a dangerous forest, how come I don't feel like that in the 6 months that I worked in Frontier?
Am I just lucky or am I being ignorant?

Don't talk about company, even in class, there's too much of gossips going around.

Can you dislike someone if you don't even know that person?
YES you can.

But....what's the point?

Wendy's 24th b'day celebration

Havent seen them for a few months and there's just too much to update.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Worst night ever.

Yesterday night, I had this terrible FUNG MOK all over my body.
The itchiness is unbearable.
I went to the toilet to wash my body twice but it didn't help.

And it was pouring yesterday night around 2am, making my FUNG MOK worse.
It was everywhere on my body, even my face.

I woke up this morning having red patches everywhere.

If I had not eaten that bowl of seafood noodle.....=(

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hazel's Thursday

RM6.30 for Subway Breakfast
1/2 foot long + coffee.

Fresh sausage croissants

Brother's project team.
"Take a break, eat a bread!"...haha

Very late lunch.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When it finds its worth.

When it finds its worth,

Nothing else matters.

Friday, April 22, 2011

At the cross

Good Friday

Today is a very meaningful day to us Christian and it is more meaningful than Christmas.
Today is the day to remember God's sacrificial love for us and the day where he died so that we may live.
A day of reflection and repentance.=)

I think the hardest part of being a Christian is to Fear God and be imitator of Christ.
We are imperfect but yet He still choose to love us, we are unworthy but yet he is merciful.

Only through him that the righteous stand and the wicked falls.
Yet each act leads to its own punishment, at the day of judgment.

Be firm and be strong by the strength given from above.

Lastly, love for He loves, forgives for He forgives.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tick tock

Tick tock on the clock...
Revision is starting soon and I'm far from being prepared for CLP.
Errands to run tomorrow, and hopefully my brain still could work in top gear tomorrow in the library.

Firstly, I need to be able to wake up early and get going tomorrow.
Mum nags about Hazel Mazel and CLP, and how HM will affect my CLP...I guess she is over worried about me. Like I say, the greatest concern to her is that I WILL STUDY UNTIL I GO CRAZY. Love you mum for all your concerns but I'm a stubborn head that still will go on to do what I believe is beneficial.

Will HM affect my CLP?
It will if I allow it to.
It won't if I don't allow it to.

Everything is in the mind and nothing is impossible.
You will only be affected if you allow it to, and it's meaningless to get affected for the wrong reasons.

So yeah...bring it on!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I had the best dream yesterday night!
I dreamt that I could fly and I was as though in the movie "King Arthur". In the dream, I was one of the heroin which managed to escape the arrest of the evil magicians while all my other friends were held captive in the magician's tower.
During the arrest, I was at home with my friends and family, even BC was in my dream.haha.then when the magicians came, I hid on top of the roof, that was when I realised that I could fly.
I then flew to King Arthur to tell him what happened and there was a lovely princess which is Arthur's lover that gave birth to a lovely prince.

The feeling of flying is fantastic, but of course it's not realistic at all.

Then the dream ended and another dream started, I was working in this company and the first day of my job, I was assigned to learn from Ian Wright-the tea maker of the company. In my dream, I was like "This company hired Ian Wright to make tea?They must be paying him very well for him to fore go his hosting occupation."

Then during my work, Angie was my colleague but I felt asleep during work and when I was sleeping, the dream switched back to King Arthur, where I continue to fight with the magicians to rescue my family and friends.

Of course we succeeded in the rescue and the country was back to peace, all the evil magicians were chased out of the country and everyone shouted :"Hail, King Arthur!"

That was when the happy bubble pops, I woke up *still in my dream* and my boss (he is a tall mat salleh) told me that I was fired because I slept during working hours.WTH?

Still, I hope to have more dreams of flying.=)

Gonna go library soon
And CPC refresher tutorial at night.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The smell of paddy

I'm not a super duple fan of Jay Chou but I admire his talent in music, his personality and his eagerness to create songs that will last through generations.
This is one of my favourite song which titled-the smell of paddy. This song teaches us to be contented and to always appreciate people around us.
Going back to the basic in life, when we're young and the world is less complicated and happiness is a very day thing.

Now as we grow older, we worry and worry and worry about everything.
We fight, we argue, we compare, we always wanna win...while one side of the world is picking up the pieces (Japan), the other side of the world goes to war (Libya).
When do people learn to make peace and not war?

I just got the news that my 3rd aunty in Ipoh has 4th stage cancer.
It's a very heart breaking news indeed.

How fragile life is.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Whole day in short

Wake up calls

Went down only to find that my car wasn't there

Plan B to destination

Walk, talk, bargain, grab, pay and carry

Lunch at McDonalds-Chicken McDeluxe






Dinner-Nasi Lemak



Lesson of the day

Lesson of the day is the same thing all over again.

Fear God.

Appreciate people around me. My family, Boon Chong and all my friends.

Be grateful for the little things that I have.

Find the joy in giving than in receiving.

These are life long lessons.=)

The Uma

So there we were, enjoying  our balinese dinner @ The Uma-Kota Damansara.
Vera is turning 25 in 2 days time,
I hereby wishes her happiness, health and to get through LLB with good results!=D


 I've always like balinese food and hey...I found another great place to dine!
Go..The Uma.

 The ladies.
All grown up!

 Group picture that looks like the front cover of some taiwanese idol
Tim looks like grandfather, Alvin looks like a gangster and BC looks like a goody mummy boy.

The queen of the night-Miss Vera Tay
Happy Birthday Vera!

Me and Boon Chong.

Today's morning was donated to Grandpa Chow "the sleeping God" and I woke up around 1pm.
Made a trip to VIVA-the new shopping centre near my area and surprisely the place was packed with people. 3.30pm but all the restaurants were full.
Again wanted to watch a movie but the timing was not favourable to us so we ended up checking out furnitures!
We spent less than half an hour in VIVA and headed to have a bowl of satisfying Tomyam Curry *which we wanted to eat yesterday*.
A short siesta and we start our journey to The Uma.

Enjoyed a great evening with friends, celebrating Vera's 25th birthday.
Again, Happy Birthday Vera!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Been reading proverbs lately...
I was literally nodding in full understanding while reading it, but to put it into practice?

Way harder...

The 300th post in my blog!And it's all about girlfriends and shopping day!

Date: 15/04/11
Venue: Pavilion
Objective: Shop for Vera's birthday present!

Pad Thai at Pavilion food court has always been my 1st choice but it didn't taste as good as before.
The best one I tried, is of course, in Bangkok.

 Mun ordered La Mien with Sui Kaw. The Lai Mien was very smooth and it cost RM8.80 (reasonable for a bowl of noodle in Pavilion)
The noodle is made right after every order and straight it goes into the boiling water.
Within minutes, it is served and ready to be eaten.

 Again, the just wake up look of mine and mun's sleepy face.
We both look horrible in this picture..
Maybe it's because of our lack of effort to take care of our complexion, skin and appearance.
Which reminds me that it has been a long time since I last mask my face or apply night cream.=(

 Jolene and our cupcake appetizer.
I can't help buying these when I saw them all colourfully displayed at the cup cake booth.
How can I say no to red velvet?=D

 Vera's Fried Kuey Teow from Little Wok.

 Candid picture taken by me!

A part of our lunch today.

 The fresher looking ones on the other side.

 Oh yes they bought it!!!

 And yes, they wanted to buy it.'s pricy and unpractical. So the shopping instinct says "drop it"


So we spend like more than an hour in Padini Concept Store, checked out Eclipse, Nose, Pull & Bear, Sembonia etc and ended up in Forever 21, where we finally got Vera a leopard print toga dress that looks dazzling on her.
The moment she walked out from the fitting room,
I was like "Okie, you so gonna get this!"
Mun bought a dark blue leggings and a long necklace from Forever 21, and I got myself a grey legging *which I was searching for quite some time since last year*
Was very close to getting a bag from Forever 21 but choose not to because this month is gonna incur a lot of spending, so gonna control on shopping. *birthdays in April are all in a roll*
Anyway, was also very close to buying that pair of white jeans from PDI but they don't have my size!

A great day spent with my girlfriends in Pavilion.=)
It has been long since we last shop together.
Looking forward for our movie night next Tuesday-free tickets to watch Red Riding Hood.

Again, thanks to Miss Lucky aka Kong Ee Mun.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rainy day, just the way I like it.

I love the weather today, it makes me wanna roll on bed the whole day. *hopelessly lazy*
Just like Bruno Mars-The Lazy Song.

And there was donuts before Yong Tau Foo dinner.=)

The few pictures we took.

These are some pictures we took last 2 weeks.
Mun was fascinated by the hop pop out advertisement board.
So, we snap snap snap!

Did you realise the cunning looking chick at the bottom?

Bieber's very contagious..
Look what it did to us?

 The 2nd option after Timothy.
But of course Tim is more good looking *I know he reads my blog*

The Gila Bieber me.

Wanna thank Ee Mun for being the nicest friend ever!=)
Hope to have more crazy times with you.*as we always do*

Love & Hugs.

p/s: we are not a fan of Bieber.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Eye opener

You won't believe it until you experience it yourself.

Today was an eye opener for me.


I'm having insomnia and I just can't sleep at night.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Gloomy Monday

I went for Sushi King's RM2 Bonanza for the first time today. Can't compare Sushi King to other restaurants like Hokkaido Ichiban or Senjyu sushi, for the price I paid, it's fairly good. Still likes the egg mayo and golden ball at Sushi King.=D
After lunch was coffee at Winter Warmers, long chat about everything that comes to mind, from work to relationship to studies to travel...

And yes, in a few months time, it's really stepping out to the society for real.
Everything is moving so fast, and I will miss the time in college, especially the time I spend with my friends.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Another detour.

We were on our way to college's library and mun suddenly pop out the question of when we're buying Debbie's present.
I was like..."Debbie's birthday celeb is tomorrow!"
 So...we made a detour to One Utama.
On the way, Tim called and asked us for late lunch.
Enjoy a nice plate of nasi kandar near SS2 together with Tim and Mel and headed to Tropicana City Mall instead of One Utama.

1st shop we went was the face shop and spent like half an hour there.
Bought Deb's present and aloe facial cleanser for myself.
Mel bought a brush and 3 nail colours. All 3 of us went so happy about the discounts, the additional discount (thanks to Mun's PBB card) and the freebies.=) *worth*

Went to a few other shops to shop for other presents but didn't spot what we wanted.

Lastly, enjoyed tea time at Pastry Culture.
Another heavenly afternoon with coffee and cheese cake.=)

 Coffee and cakes.

*don't be angry..atleast I didn't upload it in fb*

 The ultimate coffee lover.

 Mun again.

 Coffee and me..we're meant to be.

After this was jam, class, and late supper of Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng Panas to wrap up my friday.