Thursday, May 26, 2011


My goodness, I'm so forgetful and I hate myself for that.
Amos texted my last sunday asking me to help him ask for attendance for his wedding from members in GBC.
I pass the list to my mother and totally forgotten to get back to him.
Until just now, it suddenly came to me.

I felt so irresponsible!!
How on earth can I forget??


I hope that I'll stop being so forgetful.
Especially when it comes to responsibility given to me.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2 months away

Exactly 2 months before CLP examination.

Must study.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Masak masak orang dewasa

Another day spent with Shen-lunch, grocery shopping, making cheese cake and hitting the gym.


The ingredients that cost me approx RM70.
And this is only the trial round.=(

Melting hte margarine

Psycho killer

Biscuit crumbs

 Recipe from Randy.

I don't know what am I doing.

Putting the mixed margarine and breqad crumbs into the tray

Making it flat-the base for the cheese cake

500g of cream cheese

Calling the Si Fu for help.

This picture looks yummy.
Cream cheese and icing sugar.

Squeezing lemon juice into the mixture

Time to rely on the machine to do the rest of the work for us.


We're done!!Just have to put the cake into the refrigerator.=D

When Shen is back.

After dinner yesterday night with Shen and my VI friends,
today was a movie night with them.
With all the hoo-haa about Viva, we decided to give MBO Viva a try and turn out the cinema is not bad-boleh tahan lahhh..
No need to worry that tickets will be sold out, no queue, no hassle.

Went to Kuzo for japanese food because Shen is craving for jap food. Typical foodie.
Bad choice though.


This is the best we had. Calvin's raw tuna with lotz of garlic.

My salmon terriyaki bento. Nothing extraordinary.

The silly face and Calvin

Candid!!Coz he didn't want to take picture wearing his protex t-shirt.hehe
He tried their curry karage bento.

Supposed to snap Calvin kissing Jin Yu but he's too quick and I'm too slow.
Jin Yu looks happy after being kissed.

Fattening pop-corn!!

2nd round, we went to Jalan Imbi for porridge, it was suggested by Phon and Len Yi.
The restaurant is Onn Kee but I still prefer the RHB bank porridge.=) I'm craving for RHB bank porridge!

Random pictures from my blackberry

Found some pictures in my blackberry.

This fella looks really adorable when he's asleep.

 Lazing around until noon.=P

Favourite pasta-penne.
Don't fancy fettucini anymore.

 Tacos at Carlo's.
Definitely a must try.

 Butter and bread pudding with vanilla ice-cream.
Our dessert after dinner!
Ya, now I have a sweet tooth and crave for dessert all the time.
Bc's influence.
Now we both get fatter but happier.

Bc's favourite chocolate mud cake.
The garden's Pastry and Cakes., on the way to Bangkok I think..can't remember.

~Sweet memories~
And creating more and more each day.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Surprise parcel

 Received a parcel today and it's from VEET!!
A token of appreciation to all Veet Stand Out Challenge finalist.

This is their latest product-new suprem.
Velvet rose fragrance and essential oils.

Big big thanks to Reckitt Benckiser!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Replay please

If life could just pause here and let 17/05/11 replay itself over and over again...

It'll be great.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Life is beautiful

I went jogging last few days, and I saw droganflies and butterflies pairing in two.
At that moment, I think that life is beautiful.

I see how many different kind of friends with distinct characters that I have.
Some may have beliefs and point of view that totally differs from mine but yet we can still accept each other and appreciate the friendship that draws two very different people together, I think that life is beautiful.

My church member-Alvin Yap's wife just gave birth to a baby boy and this new life reminds me that life is beautiful.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Home at last

After 6 continuous working days, being sleep deprieved and being required to be alert and efficient for more 12 hours in a day,
tomorrow is a day to recharged and relax.

I'm beyond happy to be home at last and I missed my bed a lot, more than I miss my bf.

Home at last with a lot of laundry to do. Mum and Dad are now in Ipoh, a trip back to visit my 3rd aunty. I heard she's doing better and now currently on chinese medicine. Glad to know that and really hope God will show Mercy on her.

Celebrated Mother's Day at Bc's house just now, bought Aunty a pandan cake from Mon Cherrie and the cake comes with a complimentary carnation. Bc's aunty and her whole family were there too, which made the house even merrier. And around 9am, Bc's another aunty came, so you can imagine how crowded the house was.=)

As for my mum, I finally got her a longchamp bag.


And I'm gonna stop blogging so much.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Long awaited monday

Class today was so long....CPC was okie because the mind is still fresh and going, but when it's Sukhdave's class for CP, every 5 minutes seems like half an hour. I was so tempted to go home during the break but I did not drive to college today and Bc is picking me up after class, so I reluctantly stayed. Jo left after 1pm and Zhin Theng left after the 2nd break during Sukhdave's class...leaving me alone at the back..but it was quite a view from the back, I saw people kissing in class today!!Just what I need to kill my boredom.

Luckily, Sukhdave let us go earlier today, we ended CP class around 6pm but then I have to wait for Bc to come.
It was raining very heavily when the class ends, and by the time Bc reached college, the rain was so heavy that our jeans & shoes were all soaked with rain water. I went in the car freezing.

The jam was terrible today and Bc went home to change a clean pair of jeans & shirt before we head to Desa Park City.

Once we arrived, we're greeted by Uncle Chong with my all time favourite lime magarita, specially made by my chef-to-be cousin brother Adrian. It was refreshing and kinda turn my bad day to an awesome one just by the first sip.
Greeted all my uncles & aunties, even my brother's gf was there today.=)
Today's gathering was just a random one, no special occassion whatsoever, just that IKAR is closed tomorrow and Uncle Chong thinks that it's a perfect time to throw a makan feast since the next day, everyone is off work.

We had Mee Bandung for dinner, the soup was boiled and there were variety of different ingredients on the dining table, you can choose what type of noodles you want and what type of ingredients you wanna have in your mee bandung. So, it's like "Mee Bandung, Your Style, Your Way!!" Things will never go wrong when a chef throws a makan fiesta!

I would say it's more like a dessert fiesta to me, everyone else (the other uncles & aunties) all brought desserts and come.
We had this really good Durian cake-as if you're eating durian itself and Big Apple donuts. Not fogetting egg tarts & Siew Pau too...+ free flow of magarita whole evening.*all smiles*

As usual, the girl cousins grouped up in the room while the bfs were left outside.=P..we only chatted for a while and started playing TABOO...Karen's long awaited game!!

But these all did not make my day,
What made my day today was a treat of McMuffin for breakfast in the morning!!
Thanks Jolene Loh.

Tomorrow is a long awaited day because I'm going out with Bc.
Why is it so precious?
Because it's so hard to find time to spend with each other now adays.
I used to have saturday mornings & sunday evening for us but now, I don't...thanks to CLP.'s a free day in which 6 whole working days follows.

Ya...I'm working for an event-Li Shen mom's company for 6 whole days at KL Convention Centre.
Not so much for the money but a favour to aunty Lisa.

Tomorrow will be a good day, I'm sure.