Thursday, February 18, 2010

Divine perfection


If maldive sinks....I'll go to Tahiti.=)

Ultimate south sea paradise.

Just blogging.

Me and my family enjoyed a wonderful Dim Sum treat from my cousin in Sungai Buloh after our visitation to their house.
We've never fail going for Dim Sum whenever we visit my 2nd Uncle and it's the best Dim Sum I've ever tried.=)
Chinese New Year is another occasion when we indulge in good food.
Feast after feast after feast, suddenly everyone in the family wanna Belanja Makan and we find ourselves having a list of houses to go to, restaurants to dine in and never ending flow of food and drinks. CNY cookies, carbonated drinks, beers, just can't get enough of them!!
I've been trying to do sit ups and exercises at night, just before I sleep with high hope to lose a few pounds before class starts.
But apparently the input is way higher than the output, hence it doesn't help me maintain my weight but it did helped to not increase the weight too much.haha..
My adding on of weight experience during this festive season reaches its climax when my dad saw one of my picture and goes..."Amy, I think you shouldn't take anymore picture, your face looks so chubby!"
But come on, constraining myself  in consumption of good food during CNY is absurd!!
As erroneous as it weight is going straight in a positive tangent and would only week monday.
Coz...tomorrow I'm gonna have dinner with Boon Chong's Family, Friday-Uncle James Belanja dinner, Saturday-Friends gathering dinner, Sunday-Aunty Margaret's Birthday and Hokkien "Pai Tin Gong"=roast pork.
My saliva is watering my mouth as I'm typing...such a glutton!!!
A slave to food am I.
Anyway, I found an ideal job for myself if I fail my law..*choi choi*
I got so much inspiration watching MAN VS FOOD on channel 707 today...feel like I could start one too...with my great love for burgers and pizza and everything unhealthy and be precise, anything with cheese!!CHEESEEEEEE
I find myself glued to the TV...hoping to taste a bite of that gigantic mouth watering burger, hotdogs, mac & cheese...!!!
I wanna go AMERICA!!!

~dreaming of a burger land~

Anyway, sad to say my mum's RM29 cheong sam shrink after the first wash and now I added a cheong sam to my wardrobe collection.LOLZ..not that I like to wear cheong sam but I do look nice in it so it's worth keeping it I guess.Maybe one day I'll feel oriental then I might wear it....haihz...but to where?
That I have no idea.

Ohya, and I ter-cut my hand too...
A deep cut coz I was too careless using the scissors.Grrr..
But I'm happy to find my cartoon plasters and I choose the most adorable one to stick it on my left index finger...kinda makes me feel young...*ignore me*

And for those who are wondering why so late and why blog so much?
you know lahhh...
What goes with Dim Sum?
Chinese Tea...
And what Chinese Tea does to me?
Making me sleepless and energetic
I'm here!!

Gosh...tuition tomorrow morning...Jin Zheng is gonna have a zombie mathematic teacher tomorrow!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Dave's, located at LG floor in One Utama..recommended by Zhin Theng.
They have 50% off selected pasta every Monday-Friday, before 5 pm.
I tried their Aglio Olio and Boon Chong had their Carbonara.
One of their waiter there is drop-dead-gorgeously handsome!!*wink*

Pasta maniac would love this place.

The interior setting is warm and cozy with a blend of purple and brown.

Of marble tables and cushion seats..

An open kitchen on the left and more seats on the right.

Fettucini Carbonara with generous portion of bacon and mozzarella cheese toppings.

Lunch before our movie..=)

My Aglio Olio.
Healthy and delicious..
After discount, this plate only cost us RM10..*totally worth it*

It took me more than an hour to upload these pictures.
So, I'm not gonna blog any further in this post.*tired of waiting*
Haihz..internet has been very slow!!!Grrrr

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Boon Lim's farewell.

Located at Dua Residency along Jalan Tun Razak
Japanese cuisine served with freshness.

Named after a city in Kagoshima, Kirishima is also the name of a battlecruiser.

The entrance of the restaurant facing the kitchen...
with salt lamps and sake bottles as decorations
A very welcoming ambience.

Crystal chandeliers hung on the ceiling which gave a twist
 in the light wood furnishing of the restaurant.

Fake bamboos are used to decorate the restaurant and the waitresses are
all dressed up in kimonos..

With an old friend-Boon Lim

Chawanmushi and fresh salad as appetizer

Chawanmushi with a slide of carrot on top, crafted into a star shape.*cute*


Boon Lim ordered a sashimi set with tempura, gohan and mushroom clear soup

I had their salmon set with miso soup, tempura, gohan and watermelon.
Their salmon is too dry...still prefer senjyu's Salmon.

Japanese clear soup with Shiitake and Enoki mushrooms..
I've always like enoki mushrooms!!
First, squeeze some lemon into the soup, drink all of it and then eat the mushrooms..

Raw fish....

Boon Lim's nearly finish sashimi. Sekarang baru nak ambil gambar..-_-"

This is a farewell dinner before Boon Lim takes off to Adelaide for student exchange programme.
After half a year, he'll be back to kacau me...lolz
All the best to him.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I felt that we've not been talking for so long..
I want to know how is your day, what did you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner..
Did you have enough of sleep yesterday night?
Did you dream..?of me
How's the traffic while you're driving..?
Did you miss me? coz I miss you
How's your work in the office?
I have so much to ask you..
I have so much to tell you...
Little stuff that had happened...nothing important..nothing serious...just everything that took place in the past few days...
My feelings, my emotions, my thoughts...pao ka liao
If I'm not seeing you tomorrow...I'll be frustrated and I'll throw my tantrum on you.!!
Coz I wanna see you!!so badly

But, when is the last time we talked?
Just now.

I'm in love.

Shopping with Ivan

My parents went to Macau so Ivan and I went shopping in search for his
Chinese New Year pants. He wanted to get a white pants from PDI but unfortunately it's out of stock.
So we went from shop to shop in search for white pants..Ivan wanted a plain white pants with internal pockets at the back, no fold over at the bottom, no funky designs and no side pockets. Pockets have to be deep anough and
the length cannot be too long.HAIHZ...
As there's alot of LALA shops in Times Square and Sungei Wang, it's extremely hard to find the one white pants that fits into Ivan's criteria. Some have weird designs with funky straps, some with a big black skull at the back of it, some are too long...he even tried a white pants from Kitschen that makes him look totally gay...makes me laugh so much when he came out from the fitting room.
But at last, Ivan did find his white pant and he even bought another black pants from Baleno and a belt from FOS
I finally found my faded jeans in has been a long search for it.=)
and I bought a purple dress for RM25 in Sungei Wang!!
Gonna wear it for my cousin's wedding in Ipoh.

We tried Papa Johns.
The pizza set in Papa Johns is very cheap..=)

My little brother..the ultimate chelsea fan with his chelsea jersey all the way from England.*cehh*

The ambience in Papa Johns

 Butter dips and appetizer..

Cheesestick with tomato dips...*sure I'll put on weight*

Enormous bread sticks..*as compared to Pizza Hut's*

Dine in...=)

Our Super Papa the olives!!!

After shopping, we went to Starbucks for a drink...I bought my favourite lemon candy AGAIN.

Did some reading in Borders..wanted to get a book by Edward de Bono but its too expensive..
We sat in Borders until the guard came and tell us to leave coz they're closing.=P

~I still enjoy shopping very much...but not with Ivan~

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life's a race.

Life's a race.
We're only at the starting point.
What seems so important in the past, now are only decaying pride
I'm now at the starting line, ready to run...awaiting for the shot of the gun.
My heart pounds....I felt myself breathing so eyes only see the finish line..everything around me blurs and fade away...
Then it came.

Ke Garisan



And I run..
My opponents are strong..I could see them trying to overtake me..and I sprint faster so that I'll still be ahead of them..
I heard the crowd cheering for me...shouting my name!!Having high hopes on me.
That gave me the strength to run even faster.
And I finished the race.

I've not hear any cheer for a long time
But yesterday, someone cheered for me
Hence, I'm gonna finish this race and get the Gold Medal.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I got a RED purse for Valentine this year...and I'm so in love with it.
Boon Chong say I'm just gonna adore this purse for a few days and get bored after that..
well...maybe...but for the time being, I'm can't stop admiring it.
It's not just a purse, it can be turned into a party/dinner bag by attaching a golden chain around it.*awesome*
Never thought I'll get another Valentine gift from dear since he paid for both my watch straps..
So, a big THANK YOU to Boon Chong!!

Here is my red baby.

And here is the other baby

Had a drink at Dome since Mun gave me the RM5 voucher.=)

His hot chocolate and my fresh orange

Grrrr....he said it's ugly


Jam along Bukit Bintang, hence camwhore.LOL

Looking fresh after my one and a half hours afternoon nap.


Little Angel in Church..adorable, isn't she?

It makes me dream....

Friday, February 5, 2010

Last tuesday

I'm loving Sushi King and their chinese new year exclusive sushi..
scallops...scallops and scallops!!*slurp* 
These are a subjective sense...Tehee

My To-Sushi-King-Must-Have pancake

Not too excited over CNY decorations...but it's nice..

Our casual tuesdays at the malls..and my casual look

Cherry tree in my student's house.