Sunday, March 29, 2009

Do you really understand me??

I'm sad today.
Cried twice and you don't really care..
Just because of your own packed schedule and lined up tasks, your ultimate priority to sleep and rest, your important projects and your party last night doesn't give you any rights to say that I'm the one who is obstructing you from doing your stuff.
If you understand me, you would know that I take every word you said to heart and I rely on what you've promised.
You are the one who can't fulfill what you've said and I'm the one who is to blame???What nonsense is this??
If you can't be sure, then why promise in the first place??knowing that I'll rely on it and take it for real..
So, I'm not being understanding enough or I'm no longer appreciated??Just a little chat to get to know how's things with you seems like a knife cutting through your throat..
Those sentence that you made are still clear in my thoughts and that hurts me, even now...
I wanna go for a swim..
A deep swim to heal my wounds then I'll be fine.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Palpable Restlessness

Studied till 3am yesterday night..err..this morning to be precise. Thanks to the half cup of coffee that helps to keep me awake.
The funny thing about myself is that my body can't take caffeine..No joke..If you hate me, treat me expresso, coffee, coca-cola, chinese tea or teh tarik..and I won't be able to sleep the whole night. If I drink a full cup of coffee, I'll stay awake till the next morning around 6am. Half cup of coffee..awake till 3am..*weird*X(
Anyway, I thought I got into the mood to study as I was studying with high spirit yesterday night. But when I tried to study this morning, I felt like a dead fish. Can't even remember or understand anything from the textbook.Haihz..kinda wasted my whole morning and afternoon.*sad*
Nothing much to blog about today.
Gave tuition in Grace's house and belanja Grace and Au yong McD. I had McChicken and they had McDeluxe. I like McD but I've been eating too mucn lately and my weight is gonna increase..*ARGHH*..When I put on my 3 quarter jeans just now, it felt tight!!!*super sad*..Have to exercise today..swimming??jogging??Badminton???..But I'll be too lazy to exercise..hahaha..
Since we are going to the old folks home this saturday, here are my opinion of some DOs & DONTs.
*I really hope all the youth will join in this trip as I believe we can all gain experience and learn through it*
Old Folk Home is very different from Orpahange. They are old pupil the age of your grandpa, grandma , even your great grandpa..So don't expect them to be active and responsive as the little children in Orphanage.
I would like to prepare your heart as we are there to not only visit but to care for them.
No point going there, then have fellowship within ourselves then go back, right???
The main objective for this visitation is to expose you guys to the environment and needs of the society.
How? very simple...just chat with them.ask them how are they, what are their favourite pass can even share abit bout Jesus if you want. But when you sense rejection, please end the conversation ya!!
boy and girls who know how to play chinese chess or the normal chess, bring your chess set along and play with them..X)X)X).
If they need help to peel fruits or take something, help them.ok??XD I believe you guys will be very good helpers.
The visitation time is only 2 hours and I hope you all would cherish the time to have fellowship with the old folks..
1)Always smile, be friendly and be nice
2)Time to step out from your comfort zone and show others your LOVE!!!
3)Be helpful at all times-help to clean, help to wash..
4)Chat with them..create conversation..take away their loneliness..*some are abandone by their children*
5)Take the opportunity to learn
6)Share bout Jesus..*slow and steady..don't say, you are dying, you'll go to hell if you don't believe in Jesus*..
7)Respect them like your own parents or grandparents no matter how they react.*some might be rude*
1)If can, don't ask questions like "why your children put you here ar??they don't want you ar??"..If I know whoever ask these kind of sensitive'll get a tight slap from me!!!XO
2)Don't be shy shy point..opportunity for visitation like this don't always come..appreciate it!!!
3)Don't be too fired up to share the gospel until the old ppl get annoyed.
4)Walk around by yourself.
5)Get offended when they say something that hurt you.
Lastly, pray for this trip and ask for God's guidance!!
Can I get an AMEN from you???Cbox please.*drop an amen to let me know who read*
Please notify all youth to read this!!!
Thanks and see you on Saturday!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Night Out with the Girls

crazy posers in the fitting room..
begger li-shen..emoing love the Shen wearing Roman Chic from Hazel Mazel Lovely..yes?
Forgot the name of this pasta but it taste really good.
Me and Suz.=)
The empty ticket lane-unbelievable??
Recession hitting Malaysia.
Us at Delicious-Mid Valley
Me and Shen..=) As always till forever.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good times with the girls

Woke up quite early this morning and had a good night sleep last night. Though the weather was chilling and gloomy which makes me wanna continue sleeping, I manage to wake up and offered to fetch Melissa (friend staying near Leisure Mall) to college. There wasn't any jam on the way to Brickfields so we have time for our breakfast before class starts. Tpday, I wore black tight jeans, a long grey blouse with love pattern prints, a new light purple sweater I bought from FOS and bright pink pumps. My hair was tied to a bun as it was too cold for me to wash my hair in the morning.XP Today was Evidence class and it lasts from 10am-2pm, only to make me realise how much "question marks" I have on my head when I venture into attempting the questions.sei lor!!!die die die. Was looking forward for class to end as my besties and I are going out today to Mid Valley. After class, caught in a stupid jam near Chan Sow Lin on the way to pick up Li-Shen. She wore a nice brown dress with casual sandals which looks really good on her. Well, to me, she looks great all the time!!X) We chit chat alot and joke about the days when we were in form 6. Really nice to chat with her today and I appreciate this chance alot..though I'm suppose to study the whole day today but no regrets going out with shen and suz!!!*hearts you both* We spend the day in my house and shen tried out some clothes from Hazel Mazel. She bought roman chic and it looks good on her!!The she decided to wear it to Mid Valley. Waited for my mum to get home so that I can use the car. Mum reached home around 6.15pm and off we go to Mid Valley where we met Suzanne. Walk around in Mid Valley, show Shen the bag from Roxy I wanted so much which cost a boom ofcoz..RM169.60.My purse will bleed to death if I buy it..Lolz. We are so indecisive when it comes to 'where to have our dinner'..Chillies??Sushi??TGIF??..We are so dumb that we need to toss a coin to decide where to eat..imagine.. Then the decision made was to eat Sushi which is located in The Garden, when we are heading there, we came across Delicious..and spontaneously we went in and have our dinner there.=_=" The meal cost us approximately Rm30 per person.X) After dinner, 2nd round was McDonald at the cinema level..Shen ordered the McD ice-cream which looks like some dog food, suz ordered choc-top which then she complaint it's very messy to eat and I ordered Mcflurry. Been long since I ate Mcflurry as I'm not a sweet tooth kind of person but it does taste GOOOODDD.. Check out some clothes from FOS, hesitated whether or not to buy a white jean RM60 from FOS..think properly and decided not to buy. We tried out some clothes in the fitting room and did some crazy poses in there.*swt* It was then 9.15pm when we left Mid Valley. While Shen was queueing up to pay for the parking ticket, a girl who stand next to her look at her from top till bottom then from bottom all the way to the top..Well, Roman Chic is too irresistable I guess???Or perhaps Shen is too irresistable???lolz. It was a long journey all the way to BANGI to send Suzanne home. Petrol was near to E-empty and Shen got nervous about not having enough petrol to go home. So after sending suzanne to UKM hostel (it's like a maze in there), we went to pump petrol at the nearest Petronas. THEN....Shen found Suzanne's purse in THE CAR!!Goodness...Then we have to drive into UKM compound again to pass the purse back to her..*it was super tiring*..My eyes were half closed when I was driving...*yawn* Sent Shen home and headed home..reached about 11.30pm and I'm exhausted. But I'm happy to be able to spend time with my besties, that's why I choose to endure my tiredness to blog about it here.X) P/S: Mum's getting a new car and the current wira will be transferred to my name and I will be paying instalments for it..XD.Finally, achieve my target of having my own car (paid myself, not from parent's help) at the age of 21!!!The new name me and shen gave my car = AH WONG..lolz. Pictures coming up next!!!*just for sharing* ~love love love amy~

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I've been tagged!!X(

here goes..
Copy and paste and put your own answers in. The purpose of this is to get to know your friends better and it’s so much fun!Here are the rules: Post this list on your profile,in notes,replacing my answers with yours. You can add the notes tab to your profile page. Tag 25 people to do the same thing.
Were You Named After Anyone?? ya, the youngest daughter in the movie "Sound of Music" When was the last time you cried?? Few days ago Do you like your handwritting?? My handwriting is terrible, my students will know pretty well when they copy my history notes..*evil laugh* What is your favourite lunch meat?? Sandwich, Bread, Waffles Do you have kids? If you were another person,would you be friends with you? Not really, coz I'm not a friendly person.. Do you use sarcasm?
When I'm with my brother, yes!!!With others, not really. Do you still have your tonsils?
yupz. Would you bungee jump? YES, YES, YES!!!LOVE TO What is your favourite cereal? Hm...Haven't eaten that for a long long time. Do you untie your shoe when you take them off?
Nupz.I'm lazy.I'll buy shoes that are bigger in size so that I won't need to untie my shoe.wauhahaha What colour is your towel? I've got many, yellow, orange, cream.. What is your favourite Ice-cream Dark chocolate with vanilla and hazelnut What is the first thing you notice about people?
Their gesture and how they carry themselves. Red or Pink? Pink ofcoz!!!Red is for CNY..Arghhh.. What is your least favourite thing about yourself Procasination Who do you miss the most? My dog-Sunday and my deceased 3rd grand aunt and bc's grandma Do you want everyone to complete this list? I'm not tagging anyone.. What colour pants and shoes are you wearing? Hot pink pants and no shoes What is/was your favourite toy? What are you listening to right now? The noisy car alarm which went off. If you were a crayon,what colour would you be? Beige
Favourite smells? The smell of Calvin Klein's fragrance-my bf's Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? My bf-boon chong.X) Favourite Drink Lychee milk, honey milk, chocolate ice-blended.yumyum. Favourite sports to watch Football Hair Colour? Blond? Eye colour? deep black. Do you wear contacts? yes i do. Favourite food? PASTA!!!-aglio olio and carbonara!!!*saliva dripping* Scary movies or Happy endings? Both. Last movie you watched? Marley and Me.*nice* What colour shirt are you wearing? Black Mng Summer or Winter? Summer!!!Big no no for winter-sold and gloomy Hugs or Kisses? HUGSSS Favourite pastime?
Lazing around..sweet naps and chilling out with my bf and friends. Most likely to respond? apa benda ini?Tak faham.. Least likely to respond? Lagi tak faham.. What book are you reading now? Land Law, Trust, Evidence and Tort..*boring*
What did you watch on TV last night? YES!!!my favourite drama by Ma Jun Wai Favorite sound(s)? Waves splashing onto shore, raindrops, chittering birds in the morning Rolling Stones or Beatles? Beatles!X) Where is the farthest place you been from home? UK. Do you have a special talent? Teaching? Singing? Scolding?..I'm not sure. Where were you born? Klinik Pertama. Whose answer are you looking forward to getting back? None. How did you meet your spouse/significant other? In Victoria Institution-form 6. If you could vote,would you vote for or against gov? AGAINST the government. Too much corruptions!! Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? In the court!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Me and him!!

Veet Stand Out Challenge-One Utama New Wing
Uncle Chong's 50th B'day-Sunway A few hours ago-Gilly Cafe *this is the green blouse I bought from Hazel Mazel, loving it!!*
Shen's 21st B'day-The Cave-SS2-PJ
*I look like a career woman*
This is my favourite picture!!!
Taken in Cemeron Highlands-Rose Garden

balancing on top of a string

Let me tell you about my day,
woke up early-sent my mum to work at Jalan Ipoh-went to my aunt's restaurant to have breakfast-ate seaweed hor fun (healthy)-try to figure out how to head to Serdang from Jalan Ipoh-got lost all the way to Jalan Duta*bodoh*-caught in a terrible jam at Jalan Kuching-Reach Serdang-taught tuition-rush home-waited for jiar wen and xiao wen-taught tuition-did revision-dinner*my favourite thai tou fu was served*-went out with dear-came back and watch 9.30pm drama-blog.....
That's my day..=)
Find it so hard to concentrate on my studies recently, 2 more months till my exam and I'm still feeling so lazyyyy...where is my motivation and my strength???
Feel like burning the midnite oil later..what do you think??should I or shouldn't I??leave msg in my cbox to tell me if you want.
I kept telling my students not to be lazy, must work hard..but looking at myself right now..I'm not practising what I preach..*maybe my students should remind me of what I told them*
I'm tiring right now..might just lay on my bed and fall sleep till the next morning.but if I do that, I'll feel really disappointed at myself..I will feel like as though I'm wasting all my time..
Is there a cure for being lazy??If yes, please tell me...
These few days, there's alot of small little things that put a smile on my face whenever I think of them. It still
makes me happy and I felt so so blessed.They are...
1)My Serdang student's mum (my dear's aunty) cook and provide me lunch whenever I happen to teach tuition in her house. It doesn't matter whether it's just plain porridge or whether her cooking is good or bad but it's the thought that counts.
I'm touched because she has me in her mind, knowing that I wouldn't be able to have time for lunch after tuition as I have to rush for my 2pm class.
She even make jelly and "leong sui" for me to bring to class..and she gave me a leather shoe!!!X)so so touched and happy!!!
2)Aunty Choo who always prepare drinks and food for me whenever I give tuition at her house. No just that, sometimes she gives me vegetable *not like I cook* to bring home and Kim Chi!!!Not forgetting the "tong sui" and fruits as well..X)X)
*being a tuition teacher is not that bad huh...*
3)Grace and Au Yong for getting 96% and 94% in their mathematic paper..I'm really dismay and happy ofcoz!!!
4)Got a free clutch from a supplier yesterday!!!I wanted a clutch for so long...
5)Bought myself a blouse from Hazel Mazel.A green one.Lovely!!!
~count your blessings and you'll see there's many petty things that you appreciate!!~
I wish....
-To have more time for my studies and my friends
-To buy a new phone with camera *my phone is not functioning well, it just doesn't ring when ppl call*
-To eat IKEA swedish meatball
-To get good grades
-To not have class on weekends..ARGHHH!!!
-To be brave
-To lost another 2 kg
-To have my own car and pay my own instalments
-To further my studies to UK *near to impossible*
-To improve my English writing!!
-To swim in the open sea and forget about all my worries
-To care more about others
~time to get going~

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Had adequate sleep last night and glad that I could concentrate in class today.
Yesterday's class was like a torture to me coz I stay up late the night before updating Hazel Mazel.
today, got up at 10 something and felt a sudden pull at my stomach.
The cramp turns into pain and I couldn't help but to sit and wait for it to be excerted out.
It was like few minutes in hell to me.*exaggerating*
It was so painful that my whole body shivers and cold sweat fell from my forehead.
But, it ended after a few minutes.*thank God*
Went to give tuition at Serdang Raya and ate porridge at my student's house.
Went to class from 2-6pm and learnt Evidence-the rule against hearsay
Huge and boring subjext with alot of sections to memorise..Argh..
Spend the first 3 hours listening and last 1 hour chatting..My friends just love the beg from Hazel Mazel.X)
Well, Hazel Mazel has not been doing as well as last few updates.
Any feedbacks??Can't expect business to be good all the time right??
Hope It'll get better though..X(*sad*
Been quite busy these few days that I couldn't find the time to study..
Did a little revision just now and it's not enough..I'm scared that I'll do badly this time.
I'm totally in love with this drama from WLT starring chung kar yan and ma jun wai.I just admire ma jun wai!!!
Was daily glued to the screen (weekdays) from 9.30pm-10.30pm*bad*
Been planning for the old folk home visitation
and Pastor Lim would be joining us.X)
Good night
Boys and Girls.
Have a nice day tomorrow.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Waiting and Longing..

Been another tiring day for me, having class early in the morning from 10am till 3 pm..capricious lecturer said wanna extend the class till 3.30pm but ended up letting us go at 3pm..
Mr Rabinder is my trust and land law lecturer who drives all away from Ipoh on the weekends to teach us *that's why we are having classes on weekends*, he's very tall, has drippy eyes and looks ike MR Bean..He's funny and smart, really smart and he did his BAR in UK..
Well, he's my favourite lecturer!!
Enough of him..
After class, rushed back home for tuition at 3.30pm and did a little bit of "syok sendiri fashion show" with Jiar Wen and Xiao Wen..we did have fun, didn't we???
Later that evening, mum and dad went dating at bangsar village, left me and Ivan at home..but Ivan slept like a pig and I'm sure I'll be starving if I waited for him to wake up. But in the same time, I didn't want to poke the bubble of Ivan's sweet I rang my boy friend and we went to Jalan Pudu (near Martin) to have ou dinner..It was our first time there and the place had been crowded with people..Ate char keuy teow, choy tao kuih, the famous fried chicken and ais kacang...X)
Ta pao KFC for Ivan on the way back and here I am blogging..Nothing much to write today..Gonna study later but aint gonna burn the midnight oil again..XP
That's my bout your's???

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The little time that I have

It's hard to have enough time for everything..things that are important in life..
We only have 24 hours in a day and for me, I wish I could have more time.
More time to listen and share my thoughts, more time to sit down and relax, more time to day-dream about the future, more time to read the bible and pray...
I was checking my mail and my facebook, got a message from my form 6 bestie..She said that our relationship had been drawn apart by our own studies and life..that's very true's hard to maintain a friendship for life..look at our parents, do they still keep in touch with their school friends??nah..
I was happy to get her message as it has been long since we last met and have a nice heart to heart talk together..And I realise how bad I am for not putting enough effort to maintain this friendship I have..busy schedule and tuitions shouldn't be an excuse for me to care less for the people around me.
Besides God and family, friends are an essential in life, a very vital part that all of us should cherish..If a friend hurt you in a way they do not know,forgive them..even if it was done purposely, forgive them...*easier said than done*
I do have friends that I do not favour..I dislike those who gossip but yet they themselves are the same*bagai ketam mengajar anaknya berjalan betul*, I dislike those who are selfish and rude, I dislike those to despise and create false testimony about others, I dislike those who talk alot and boast about themselves but yet failed to put words into actions..But what authority I have or the slightest discretion I possess to cast judgement on others??Are they not saved by the grace of God just as I am??
I do cherish what I have and I can say I'm very blessed to have soul-mates and friends where-ever I go..I don't have much friendship problem since young..*happy life*maybe the reason is I don't take sides in arguments and I don't hate..X)
Anyway, this friend of mine was facing problems and I gave her a chapter from Psalm
Psalm 142
I cry aloud to the Lord
I lift up my voice to the Lord for mercy
I pour out my complaint before him
before3 him I tell my trouble
When my spirit grows faint within me
it is You who know my way
In the path that I walk
men have hidden a snare for me
look to my right and see
no one concerned for me
I have no refuge
no one cares for my life
I cry to you, O Lord
I say You are my refuge
my portion in the land of living
Listen to my cry
for I am in desperate need
rescue me from those who pursue me
for they are too strong for me
Set me free from my prison
that i may praise your name
Then the righteous will gather about me
because of your goodness to me.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Second Edition

I still can't sleep..hehe..
As a new blogger and masih hangat hangat tahi ayam(heat of the moment), I'll create a second post for today..X)
Ohya, I wanna first apologise because I realised quite alot of typo-error in my previous posts and I'm lazy to correct just bear with me..
Ivan is gonna open a GBC-youth blog soon so you guys do check it out when it updates ya..It'll contain Ivan's crappings and my crapppings, you all can crap along as well-shenler being the king of crappers..butbut..besides crapping, it gonna have God's exclusive words..XD..kinda of devotion and verses from the*spread the news*
The sky is getting bright..time for me to sleep (vampire)
Goodnight??Good morning??

~Early Edition~

Good morning everyone..Its 6.20am and I haven't slept for the past 24 hours...*seriously*
Thanks to a cup of coffee, I was awake the whole night..I didn't even realise it's morning till I heard the usual morning prayers at approximately 5.40am??(that used to be my morning call to school)..
Kinda dated back to my secondary school days, when I have to get up early in the morning while it's still dark..*yawn*
I'm feeling tired but I can't sleep..not yet..perhaps around 8am I'll sleep.
Thank God I was able to cover 3 whole chapter on my Tort subject-civil wrong liablities- last night..
I would say that I find it pretty effective to study in the middle of the night till the crack of dawn though I seldom do this.XP...The reason is..when I study in the afternoon..I'll get distracted by the television, the instant noodle in the kitchen, the noise downstairs, my dad, MY BED...etcetc..When I try to study at night..there's ASTRO WLT-drama playing loudly from the living to concentrate?
Midnight is the best!!!~quiet, peaceful, no TV, no dad..there's my bed but I can't sleep you see..I drank coffee..hehe..
However, it is very unhealthy to stay up late, you'll have pimples, oxygen defficiency, bad complexion, horrible eye-bags and you'll probably get a shock when you look into the mirror..
So if you wanna jaga cantik, I don't recomment this unhealthy way of studying..
~have a nice day!~

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And it rains and rains...

My day started off not too well as I needed to get up early around 8.30am and rush to my student's house in Serdang Raya. I was watching some taiwanese talk-show about how to make your tits bigger and firmer which really enchance my knowledge, I got really interested about it and watched the show till 1am. That'll explain my reluctance to crawl out of my crib this morning. Having my principal of not reaching late for tuition, I dragged myself to the bathroom with both my eyes still shut. Finally, I manage to be "awake" after a morning bath and drove to Serdang. After Serdang, went to KLCC to meet one of my customer there for COD. The COD was fine, the customer was very punctual and nice. My worse experience in doing COD was having to wait for over an hour + she forgot about our appointment.X( Manage to buy my statute book for Evidence, the lastest edition from Kinokuniya and helped my two other friends to buy as well. Carrying 3 statute books, my urge to do a little shopping in KLCC was restrained. When I reached home, it was around 2pm and it rains..again..It has been raining quite frequently these few days and I have to say that I STILL LOVE the rain. I feel nice and cold when it rains and had a long afternoon nap after a tiring morning. The reason why I love the rain is because it carries alot of memories. I remembered when I'm feeling sad, it always rain and I'll just stare out the window, enjoy the fresh breeze, listen to the rhythm of the rain..then I'll feel much better after that. I used to think that when I'm sad and it rains, God is crying with me and he understand how I'm feeling deep down inside. So, I enjoyed the rain alot and I used to get real crazy with my friends from secondary school..we just like to get soaked under the rain.When it rains, we choose not to use the umbrella and run in the rain. I miss them alot, those days when I'm in Bandaraya Girl School. IF you think I'm a goodie goodie girl, then you're SO WRONG!!! My form 3 life is the most happening period in my secondary school life. As it was a shift from afternoon section to morning section, we-my friends and I find that the day is so long as schooll ended around 1pm. EVERYDAY we'll lepak until 6pm then only we head home. No kidding, EVERYDAY-though I'm not encouraging. Our planning= spontaneous. I have 10 people in my gang, all from different classes. After school, we'll surely meet at a place and decide where to go. As it was too big of a gang to come to a mutual agreement in deciding the place to go, we'll separate to groups...some will go to time square, another group will go to MCD. EVERYDAY is a lepak day. Today we'll be at Red Box, tomorrow we'll be watching movie, then we'll be chit chatting at some cafe or play badminton at Kota Raya. Those are my secondary school days-full of excitement!!Naive and innocent, full of energy. Teenage life is not about hard-core study everyday but also having fun..!!!! The most valuable thing that a teenager has is his/her energy and enthusiasm..don't waste it...think how it can be used in God's kingdom.

The beginning...

Hi all, if you ask me why i started blogging, it would be influence and peer pressure!!(ya right) Well, I realised that alot of my youth members are "into" blogging and I find it exciting to click into their blog-site just to see how they are feeling and what they have been through for the past week. For me, blog has been a place of communication between friends as well as sharing out each other's thoughts. So...if I continue to clickclick on my youth's blog-site, it would be an one-way gain as I would know how's their life but I'll remain a total mistery to them.XP Here I am, blogging my first post, hoping to let everyone (especially the youth) to know me a little better other than the "FIERCE AND ANNOYING DIRECTOR" who likes to scold and hates slippers on stage. Well, I still dislike slippers on stage. Another reason would be, since I'll be busy with my crazy law time-table, having classes on saturdays and sundays, it'll be good that you all keep in touch with me here ya. P/S: NO TAGGING PLEASE