Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It's so frustrating to rely on irresponsible people who doesn't understand the urgency of the matter.
If the deadline is friday, get the things done on friday, not going MIA when I needed explanation from you!!

I'm so disappointed.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Just had an interview with a 32 years old lady, diploma holder in Nutrition.

Amy: "Do you know what is marketing?"
Lady: "Errr...make people know about your product."
Amy: "Hmm...elaborate?"
Lady:" I don't know much about marketing."
Amy: "Do you like to meet new people?"
Lady: *Smile*, "Meeting people is my weakness."
Amy: "Do you like challenges?"
Lady: "Errr....depends what challenges loh."

Patah hati.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

There she goes...

And there I was, for a moment unable to describe how I exactly felt when you left.
It was sudden.
I do not how to react.
It's a new feeling, 1st time in 23 years.

It's like losing a limb from my body.
You somewhat complimented my weaknesses.
In a way, I depended on you.

Although it's not long, but we did eat, drink, shop, play and work together.
You feel what I felt.
Remember when we forgot the boxes of products (which the barcodes was on it)?
Remember when we scratch our heads trying to figure out how it all works?
Remember when we have to wait outside Guardian for Je**** and eat every words she said silently with a rush to kill her.

And so much more....

I'll miss you.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Street Awareness Campaign

I've organised a lot of church activities, planning for evangelistic meetings, visitations, gatherings, outings...but never a street awareness campaign.
Tomorrow, Zuccari will be having its very first street awareness campaign, organised by me and Ida.*proud*

It has been fun going shopping, picking up the the blouses, fairy wings and tutu for Re-Code's mascot-the fairy, choosing balloons, planning the budget, hiring promoters and getting everything ready for the BIG DAY!!

Now that it is close to the big day, the excitement comes together with a sense of fear, fear that something might go wrong tomorrow...
Like Bc said, you can only foresee 70% of your project, the other 30% are unforeseeable circumstances .

Cross my fingers and hope everything will turn out to be smooth tomorrow.

Right now

Right now,

I feel like packing my bagpack and fly to Tahiti.

I miss the beach........I miss it all the time.