Thursday, December 23, 2010

At this hour

At this hour
I'm sitting in the office, alone.
Hours of running about with no time to breathe.
No one to share because they don't understand, tired to express because there is no solution.
Yes, I'm stress. I really am.
All I think about at night is priorities, who to call and who to meet the next day.
Appointments after appointments, complaints and dissatisfactions.
People are hard to please, everyone fighting for their own benefits.

Christmas is round the corner, I really wish to have a day of rest, a nice dinner with my family with wine and turkey.
But I don't feel Christmas this year, no time for God, no time for family and no time for friends
I gave cash as presents to my brother and my parents. They were happy but I felt horrible. 
Everyone is planning something for Christmas, I miss caroling and going to church. I miss going to the malls and checking out Christmas deco...I miss the Christmas tree at home.
This year, Mum refused to set up the tree, saying that it's too troublesome. 
Christmas night is without plan, I think Mum is trying to save money.

I had lunch with Mum the other day and for a moment, I look deep into her. I saw the lines around her eyes and realized how old she looks. I wish I could ask her to stop working and let me take care of her...but I couldn't...
One woman, a whole family. 
My heroin is she.

Christmas is near and I hope that my heroin can get a nice dress for herself and I hope that someone can ta pao food for me because I'm starving.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I need some sparks in my life
My world has turned grey without a guide
Show me the purpose of my existence
Your plan for me throughout eternity

I need some sparks in my life
Because wine and food do not satisfy me
They made me hunger for more but never fill me
Only You, my Lord could complete me

I need some sparks in my life
A light from heaven to shine
To ignite this cold heart and make it warm
An eternal fire that will not be gone

I need some sparks in my life
To teach me how to live
Because very often I'm blended into the deep
Without realising the difference it made

I need some sparks in my life
To learn how to love and not to fight
Oh Lord, please send me your light
So that You and I could once again unite.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It's so frustrating to rely on irresponsible people who doesn't understand the urgency of the matter.
If the deadline is friday, get the things done on friday, not going MIA when I needed explanation from you!!

I'm so disappointed.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Just had an interview with a 32 years old lady, diploma holder in Nutrition.

Amy: "Do you know what is marketing?"
Lady: "Errr...make people know about your product."
Amy: "Hmm...elaborate?"
Lady:" I don't know much about marketing."
Amy: "Do you like to meet new people?"
Lady: *Smile*, "Meeting people is my weakness."
Amy: "Do you like challenges?"
Lady: "Errr....depends what challenges loh."

Patah hati.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

There she goes...

And there I was, for a moment unable to describe how I exactly felt when you left.
It was sudden.
I do not how to react.
It's a new feeling, 1st time in 23 years.

It's like losing a limb from my body.
You somewhat complimented my weaknesses.
In a way, I depended on you.

Although it's not long, but we did eat, drink, shop, play and work together.
You feel what I felt.
Remember when we forgot the boxes of products (which the barcodes was on it)?
Remember when we scratch our heads trying to figure out how it all works?
Remember when we have to wait outside Guardian for Je**** and eat every words she said silently with a rush to kill her.

And so much more....

I'll miss you.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Street Awareness Campaign

I've organised a lot of church activities, planning for evangelistic meetings, visitations, gatherings, outings...but never a street awareness campaign.
Tomorrow, Zuccari will be having its very first street awareness campaign, organised by me and Ida.*proud*

It has been fun going shopping, picking up the the blouses, fairy wings and tutu for Re-Code's mascot-the fairy, choosing balloons, planning the budget, hiring promoters and getting everything ready for the BIG DAY!!

Now that it is close to the big day, the excitement comes together with a sense of fear, fear that something might go wrong tomorrow...
Like Bc said, you can only foresee 70% of your project, the other 30% are unforeseeable circumstances .

Cross my fingers and hope everything will turn out to be smooth tomorrow.

Right now

Right now,

I feel like packing my bagpack and fly to Tahiti.

I miss the beach........I miss it all the time.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The healthy people

I'm feeling good today, after whole day of rest yesterday.
Just a little flu, but nothing else.
Work was fine, things are great and I've nothing to complaint about.
Some drama here and there, a new colleague and an e-mail that made my day.
A purchase order from Bodytone.=)
What more can I ask for?

Had my lunch at Jaya Noodle House, there wasn't much choice for me because I'm still a sick patient in my colleague's eyes. I so wanted to order that tasty bowl of curry mee that goes perfectly with those delicious hot and spicy sambal belacan, but it was forbidden. So I settled with a bowl of wan tan siu kao. (prawn dumpling noodle).

Talking about my colleagues, most of them are nutritionists and Ida too graduated with a degree in nutrition *that kind of thing*, so they very much hated fast food and would try to avoid oily or fried food as much as possible. For a glutton like me who adores burgers, it is hard to survive among them.
Elizabeth will even comment on our meal sometimes, "too much carb", "not good, no protein", "oh...thats fat." makes me feel bad.

Ida would bring fruits to office every single day. Grapes, apple, plums etc and snack on it after lunch.
Me? I hardly have any vegetables on my plate during lunch.
And my boss doesn't like her staffs falling sick, she'll go like "how can you fall sick? eat more supplements!"
Everyone just seems so perfectly healthy around me.
Even the customer service's Siti said she lost 20kg after working in Frontier!!WTH?

Share your constipation problem, and get laugh at like a joke.

Despite living among these healthy group of people, I still gain weight.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I was down with a terrible sorethroat and flu yesterday, tried taking vitamin C, drank plenty of water, but nothing seems to help.
I had sleepless nights few days back, kept waking up in the middle of the night and waking up early for work and classes, that affected my immune system.
When I reached home, fever came.
Ate porridge and slept for 15 hours yesterday night, woke up feeling much better.
Sorethraot is still here but the flu is gone.
I hate going to see the doctor but it is mandatory to get a MC.=(
And I hate medicine.
I hate everything about falling sick.

It's a liability, like what Datuk Baljit said.

I miss going to work.*already*

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Are you serious?

When a friend come and tell you

I forgot to bring my statute book-usual

I forgot to bring my glasses-maybe you misplace it somewhere, it happens

I forgot to bring my house keys-you should be more alert next time

I forgot to bring my handphone-it happens to me all the time

I forgot to bring my wallet-you are very forgetful

I forgot to bring my whole bag to college- ARE YOU SERIOUS?


Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Night


No thanks.

I rather be home, pampering myself with a cold mask and get my beauty sleep.

In class today,
Zhin Theng: "It's friday night, hurray...any plans?"
Amy: "Nup."
Zhin Theng: " What you gonna do later?"
Amy: "Go home and sleep."
Zhin Theng: "You're an old lady."
Amy: "........"

I guess I am.

But I'm happy it's friday night, because tomorrow (saturday) I get to wake up late!!!!



Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ifeel girl search audition.

The chance I lost for the sake of Phuket trip.
I'm contestant no 3.=)

Anyway, do support ifeel girl search finals this month !!
Vote for your favourite.

p/s: Please vote for Colin (no2) and Ines (no6). *they are friends I met during the audition, I'm being bias*

What would it be like?

I'm now sitting in the office, appreciating the silence and trying to study.
With my Skype on and actively chatting with Alex (who is currently on the other side of the world) about how to increase sales, I couldn't possibly be studying much.

Then now I start to wonder what would it be like when the time comes, when CLP is near and I have 10 subjects down my throat.
My got this sour feeling, wishing I've never enrolled for CLP.

I'm a girl with big dreams, and believe that I can achieve anything if I wanted to.
But working full part, teaching tuition part time and studying CLP?

I'm beginning to doubt myself.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday morning

It's sunday morning and the streets are all clear and smooth.
People are driving in slow pace, enjoying their morning journey.
Out of no where, there comes a Gold Wira, speeding at approximately 110km/h, from slow lane to the fast lane, and from the fast back to the slow lane(which ever is faster). The driver would be this petite chinese girl, with one hand texting and the other hand on the driving wheels.
I am she.
On a sunday morning, rushing to class.
Every Saturday night I'll tell myself, "Amy, be punctual tomorrow."
But the NLP never works.

Old habit dies hard.
I'm used to being late way back in my high school days..
My name WILL be called EVERY TIME there's denda.
And I end up staying back after school picking up rubbish, washing the toilet, cleaning the drain etc (what ever I was told to do)

It's not a good thing being late.
People thinks you are an attention seeker.
I do feel shy everytime I'm late.
But after so many times being late for class, I actually feel WEIRD turning up early for class.*not good*

Dear friends,
I promise I'll make it an effort to come to class on time.!!
I think perhaps some of my friends have already save "Amy, where are you?" in their templates to be used everytime there's class..=P

I hope that next Sunday, I'll be driving my Gold Wira, enjoying my journey to college, no rush no hurry.
Sip coffee before class starts and at least do not need to sit way at the back of the class, listening to some girls gossiping about how hot my guy friend is *not knowing that I actually know the guy they are talking about* and smell their smelly feet!!!ish.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Life would be so awesome if girls don't get on the emotional roller coaster!

I'm telling myself to s-t-o-p thinking about negative stuffs that will make my own life miserable.

Why is it so hard sometimes?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ruined and transformation

Just came home from a movie called "eat, pray, love" starring Julia Robert.
Honestly, the movie only rank a 4/10, I expected it to be good but it turned out to be quite boring.
Nonetheless, there is always something to learn in all stories.

"Ruined is for transformation to take place", agree?
You need to tear down the whole building to build a new one, you need to demolish something to make room for transformation.
I guess life need to be ruined sometimes, so that transformation may take place.
I experience a ruined friendship that revived back (although it takes time) and I think that the ruined part actually helps strengthen the friendship.
Things will never be the same again, yes I agree, but no one said it wouldn't be better!

Ruined might not be a bad thing afterall.
It is just how you see it.
The size of your problem is measured by your own ruler.
A housewife who only needs to cook, fetch children to school and do housework might just experience stress 100 times more than a business women who is managing a huge company.
It is just you.

So, if you think you have a ruined life, be cool with it because the next thing that comes about is the transformation.
Not the transformation of your life, but the transformation of one self.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Sunday evening...4th class and I'm down with 8 chapters=half of my text book to read.

 Welcome to CLP.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Now that I'm working and beginning to have those "monday blues", my weekends are golden.
I spent an enjoyable Saturday with my boyfriend today.
We enjoyed our lunch at Pudu, a movie at E @Curve, then I went crazy from shop to shop (poor thing he has to wait for me as I stormed into every shop and tried on dresses after dresses). Dinner was back at Cheras-I ate my Macau Pork Burger at Wong Kok and my favourite Tiramisu coffee. Then we went to Tesco to buy my magazine.
Karen came over at 10pm, and we had a good game of scrabbles. Of course, Karen wins all of us. =)

I bet I won't get any sleep tonight after drinking coffee, but this is a sacrifice worth making...because I am a coffee addict now.
I wanted to drink coffee every morning but I refrain myself from doing so, because too much of caffeine is bad for health.
I crave for it every now and today was one of those days when I go "COFFEEEEE...I WANT YOU, I NEED YOU.. I LOVE YOU"


Nescafe (3 in 1)-accompanies me throughout my examination period. Drinking it with cheese tarts is HEAVEN

Nescafe (Mocha)-I drink it before my tuition class on Wednesdays

Old-town Hazelnut-My first choice in Old Town, rich taste and I like the blend of the hazelnut and coffee together.

Starbucks-Mocha- One of the best coffee ever...I've always love Mocha.=)

Starbucks-Java Chip- I will have one of these when I feel like having an icy blended cold drink.

Gasoline's Cappucino- Must have it whenever I go up to Look Out Point

Illy's espresso- The ever Italian coffee..recommended by my Italian boss.

Wong Kok's Tiramisu- Totally sweet and creamy, I like it.

I guess coffee will be a part of my life now.

Tomorrow's my primary BFF's wedding. Will upload pics!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


A right attitude brings you to great heights.
It applies to everyone, to anything, everywhere.

I went to 6 pharmacies today, 2 Alpha and 4 Health Lane.
The purpose was to conduct product training with the staffs there.
The attitude of their managers and their staffs corresponded to the sales of their products.
The pharmacy with the top sales for fisioline shows efficiency, enthusiasm and they are all very friendly. To the contrary, the ones that didn't sell much shows negative attitude-like blaming the smell of the product and blaming the price of the product.

In one of the pharmacy, I complaint about the placement of fisioline's display (as it was not in its proper position), the manager immediately defended her staffs. In the end of the day, I know I was being too fussy about it and I should always listen before I start to complaint. The fact was, the display was placed in that way to make it easier for the staffs to promote it.

I learned that I should always understand the whole situation first before jumping into conclusions and mistaken others.
Also, to appreciate other people's effort and not to be too stringent.

More to be experienced.

And, I'm meeting Carrol Tan from Watson this coming Thursday.
If all goes well, (fingers cross), fisioline and re-code will be selling in all Watson around Malaysia.

Thank you Terrence Lee for your GPS direction today,  you are the king of Kepong and Jinjang!!LOL

Friday, September 3, 2010

The first three days

The first three days were hectic.
So much follow ups to do and so much travellings to do.
I closed my very first deal yesterday, Re-Code is officially selling in all 29 Alpha pharmacies all around Klang Valley.

Promoters are coming in, trainings need to be held and venues to be decided to place the promoters.

Appointment with advertising company to do a press release for Re-Code in November and hopefully we could get Doctor Carlos to come from Italy to Malaysia for the launching.
Jelita magazine is good enough to give us a full free page for Re-code!!=)

Next week will be even more hectic, I'm looking forward to close the next deal with Watson and Aeon Wellness.=)
I would be so happyyyyy if I could get Fisioline and Re-code into Watson and Aeon Wellness.

I thought the job would be tough, but after 3 days, I realised that nothing is tough if you put your heart into doing it and give your very best.

Enjoying every minute of it,
grabbing every opportunity to learn and experience.

I'm another step ahead in life.
A brand new chapter.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Before 1st September.

Before 1st september,

I went for a farewell BBQ
I went for spontaneous hill hiking with my primary mates, Boon Chong, Hui Shien and Terrence Lee.
I went for Thai dinner with my VI form six friends
I went shopping, dinner and a drink with Ee Mun and Vera + Tim and Terrence

I'm apparently trying to do everything before 1st of september.
Now, I'm packing and screening through all my clothes, asking myself whether I could wear it to work or not and what should I pair it with.

Sadly, I only have 2 appropriate heels to wear to work.
2 black pants and 1 white pants
A black formal skirt
and a few pieces of formal tops.=(

Anyone who have office wears, please...
I really need some donations right now

1 more day...
and I'm officially an OL

Happy Merdeka in advance.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back on track

After a trip to Phuket and the whole holiday mood...
I'm finally back on track.

Results out, CLP on the way and most important my full time job as commercial manager in Fronitier International.
Although I'm suppose to start work on the 1st of September, I have to attend a meeting with Alpha pharmacy this coming saturday to do negotiation to market our product in their chain of pharmacies.
Jusco wellness will be next after Alpha.
Need to prepare the presentation, slides and negotiation agreement.
All these are so new to me, I would be lying if I say I'm not afraid. =(
So, see how it goes.

Gonna drop by the office later after my tuition around 1pm to meet Ida-my colleague and equip myself with all the product knowledge I need to know so that I'll be prepared for the meeting.

Dinner at my bf's house and tuition from 8-10pm in Jalan Ipoh.
My day will end with a drink with Zhin Theng.*perhaps*

Busy day ahead.
and I love it.=)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Praise God, to Him be the glory
I get second upper for my law degree.
All my effort, tears, stress that I've been through have paid off.
It is unbelievable.

This is truly His blessing.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lunch at my place.

This time, I tried grill Alaska fish fillet marinated with wine, salt, sugar and black pepper.
Spaghetti Alio Olio with parsley and fresh wild mushrooms
Steamed brocolli and carrots
and my new speciality-golden potato pocket melted with cheddar cheese.

Feedback- The fillet was too salty and it isn't fresh.
Spaghetti was a little too spicy because I added too much of chilli flakes
Golden potato pocket was good.

Will do better next time.

This is a picture of Cleo magazine's studio at Sunway Damansara
Threesixty Studio.

I'm going to Phuket tomorrow with my family and of course, my boyfriend. =)
Paint my finger nails in bright pink and my toe nails black.
I even sticked fake diamonds on them.
Am all set and ready for Phuket trip tomorrow!!!

Sometime away from Kuala Lumpur.

Bon Voyage

Friday, August 13, 2010

Exactly here.

I'm exactly here.
Asking myself which way to go
Because I could only formulate probability with possibilities, nothing else.
Thoughts endlessly flowing through my head every single night.

I'm afraid, can't you see?

Feeling the blues.

Spending my time at home today after a morning tuition.
Suppose to have an afternoon tuition with Jiar Wen and a night tuition at Sri Damansara, but both of them were cancelled.
So, I stayed home..licking KFC with my brother, watching horror movie together.
Weather was bad today. I didn't get the chance to go for a jog this evening.
Dad's having seminar talks about his unit trust thingy and Ivan's on his way for a birthday party. Mom gonna be home late because she wanted to avoid the heavy traffic during I'm getting the blues
Car's not here, no where to go.
Feel like going for a swim later...but its still raining now.

I'm suppose to get some stuff done but I'm hesitating.

For the very first time, I didn't like the rain

Monday, August 9, 2010

180 degree turn.

My life is about to take a 180 degree turn.

I do not know how to explain, or even where to begin this explanation.

All I know is opportunity don't come twice.

My feeling right now is excited, but at the same time very scared.

I can only give my best and trust in God.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day trip to Genting.

We went all the way up to Genting on tuesday after Boon Chong received the call from Permanis.
The only purpose was to feel the cold breeze, nothing else.
We tried Shanghai 10, their xiao loong pao doesn't taste good at all.
Dragon-i still serve the best xiao loong pao in town.
We had a nice walk around Genting and then head back down to KL and had our dinner at Samosa.
Bc had black pepper chicken chop and I had rosemary garlic lamb chop.
Reached home around 10pm and went to bed a happy girl.

A day to remember.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


ifeel magazine person in charge called yesterday and told me that I got myself into ifeel search girl 2010 finals. I actually went for an initial audition last friday at Diva Production and it was quite fun.
All candidates are required to have an one minute introduction about themselves and followed by one minute talent performance.
I sang the song Ken wrote to me and I can see they pretty enjoyed the song.
Then I was bombarded with questions like "do you think you are a little old to join this search?" and "what brought you here and why?" etc etc...but I managed to twist and turn a was all good.
The 3 person I faced during the audition were the owner of Diva Production, manager of SASA and ofcoz the editor of ifeel magazine, Jeen. Jeen was a nice person but the guy from Diva is very mean.
He is like Simon in American Idol, the one who tries to give you a hard time and put effort to enrage the candidates.Lolz.

The sad news is I think I'm gonna let go this chance because there's this compulsory fashion shoot which falls exactly on my Phuket trip. Not going to Phuket is like wasting my mum's hard earn money and I didn't get to go Redang last month, I must go to Phuket!!!!
So, I kinda turned them down............=(
My friend-Ines whom I know from the audition scolded me. saying why I so 'sa yang' -waste the chance. But, there are always times in life you need to choose and know what is your priority.

Right now, me wanting to go holiday with bc and my family weights more than ifeel girl search.

Good news!!!Bc is gonna start work soon in Permanis-the Pepsi, lipton and twister company end of this month under their management trainee program.=D

Femme Expo pictures

Zuccari team at Femme Expo 2010.

Us in pink with the lovely Dr Jong.

Amy, Julien and Yaya.

Can you believe Dr Jong is 40 years old already?
I wish I look as young as her when I reach 40.=)

BAC kaki.

Elizabeth and me.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Femme Expo

When your part time job gives you...

1) An inspiring lady boss who holds 3 PHD, single mother with 12 adopted children, dedicated her whole life into doing research for cancer, HIV, anti-aging products and alzheimer.

2) Hot italian brand manager who treats you starbucks breakfast and buy you lunch

3) Friendly colleagues

4) High incentives. XD.

5) A nice pink formal uniform

6) A chair for you to sit when you're tired

7) Product knowledge

8) Invitation to join the company

You just feel so lucky!!!!!

And wish tomorrow isn't your last day working.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Naturel roadshow at MV 19/7-25/7

Worked for 7 continuous days 10am-10pm makes me swear to myself not to work like this legs don't feel like a part of me and my brother or my mum have to massage my feet for me almost every night.
Although it was tiring, it was nonetheless fun because I get to know more friends and meet new people while I was working.=D

Wanna thank Ivan Lee for the opportunity and those who did a birthday count down for me after work.

Keep in touch.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BBQ party

 These are some of my favourite pictures taken last night during the BBQ.
Special thanks to Grace and Adrian who did most of the bbq-ing for us.=)
The lamb and sweet potatoes were awesome!!
Fun night I would say, should do it more often. What say you?

Wouldn't be blogging much today too. Gonna work for Naturel roadshow until sunday.=(
Nice meeting Phon, Len Yi, Mei Kuan and Uncle Lai today.
Seriously, you wouldn't know who you might bump into in Mid Valley.
It's like everybody goes there!!!