Friday, August 19, 2011

Counting blessings

Just came back from Uptown, had Village Park nasi lemak for lunch and am now planning for the trip tomorrow.
Can't wait to drink Ipoh white coffee tomorrow, looking forward and hope tomorrow comes faster!!

Brother won himself Ipad 2 from the Halls contest, unbelievable right?
Can't deny the power of prayer.
Finally, first apple product in my family and we got it totally FREEEEEE!!
I prayed for Ipod touch but we got Ipad. *amazing*

Delight in the Lord always and he will give you the desire of your heart, sometimes, even better.=D

Going to Youth CG tonight.
So much to share with the youth.

As easy as drinking water

Yet another good book to share, unlike Nicholas Sparks "The Wedding" where flowery love and romantic stories come to life, "As easy as drinking water" is a life touching non-fiction life experience of one named Afshin Javid, a Iranian who flee Iran and a muslim who was converted to become a Christian by...Jesus Christ!How amazing is that?

The book helped me reflect my spiritual life and growth in Christ, and I read this book not out of convenience but after a prayer at Permaisuri park.

Remember how I like to go jogging at Permaisuri? There's a secret to it actually. I like going jogging alone, because jogging is my "me-time", a time for me to relfect upon my life and a time to strengthen up, it kept my mind focus on my goals and dreams in life, and contributed a great part in the successes of my life in these few years.

After my jog, I would sit on one of the bench facing the lake, closed my eyes and pray. Sometimes, I just speak to God as if I was talking to a friend. I genereously would invite alot of stares from the people jogging there , but usually the stares would not affect me.

I did 2 and a half rounds at Permaisuri today, the last half was to burn that extra calories from Tioman trip.
Then I walked slowly, eyeing on an empty bench to sit. There were a lot of people at the park today, mostly Malays as there was a Ramadhan food bazaar there and they bought the food, sat on the benches, awaiting buka puasa.

I finally found an empty bench just facing the fountain, sat down and started praying.
After CLP, I've spent my time having fun, going out, yumcha was ending, shopped, and shopped more...and trips..
So, I prayed for forgiveness and seek for God's direction.

When I reached home, something urged me to read the book "as easy as drinking water" which Jolene borrowed me 2 weeks ago. I knew it was a good book but didn't expect to read it continuously for 4 hours, finishing it in one go and the book speaks to me.

There are 3 parts in the book that impacted me instantly, to write those parts in full would required perhaps longer hours, so I would like to share summarily what I've learnt.

Sometimes, things do not go our way, our way that we claim to be the best way and we tend to question God.."Why God?Why this?Why me?" Often we forgot that we are only soldiers and those are management decisions by God himself, in His way that we could never understand. Sometimes, it takes years for us to realize that His way is the best way, sometimes it takes a lifetime to realize. But His itinerary is always a better one, and if we forego our plans and follow His instead, we would be surprised as to how abundance his plans are for us.
So to those who are facing disappointment and difficulties, know that the situation you're in is not necessary a bad one, because it might very well be a doorway that leads to something far more greater!!Will have you in my prayers.

There was a sentence that again impacted me. So simply yet so powerful.
"Problem, I have a big God."is what I'll say when put into hardship, rather than "God, I have a big problem"
I often forgotten how Almighty my heavenly father is, and how He loved me as He has always loved me.

I guess the greatest blessing I have is the great contentment I often felt, and how appreciative I am towards the little things that I have. And how easily I could forgive someone who did me wrong, just like that.
I also have a giving heart. When I was younger, my generiosity was much greater. I remember buying subway for beggers on the street. Instead of giving them money, I gave them subway for lunch. I have no idea whether they are at all grateful. To me, money is just something that I could find again in the future, my parents taught me that when you help, dont expect anything in return.
That has always been my attitude in terms of helping others financially.

These blessing have lead me to become a very happy girl who laugh over silly jokes, and smile over good food and simple things in life that makes it so colourful and beautiful.

But though I'm contended, my dreams are big, and I know that as long as I commit my dreams to God, and make God the centre of my dreams, my dreams will come true. And one day, I'll be that eagle He wants me to be.

Believing in Jesus is as easy as drinking water, easier to be precise.
As long as you're willing to open your heart to Jesus, he is willing to use you for His kingdom and His glory.

Have me in your prayers as you read this because I'm seeking His will in my life.
I'm searching for His calling, I'm yet to know the purpose of my existence.
Pray too that I could overcome the weaknesses in me, being the greatest is my hot temperness and overwhelming ego.
Pray that God will not only use my goodness but to mould my weaknesses into something good enough to be used in His ministry.

So that in all I do,
Glory be to my Lord.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Random thoughts

Again...spent hours watching Korean Drama and it's true that most of the Korean artists had gone through plastic surgery.
The perfection of their eyes, their straight and high nose, their seductive lips, their slander body and those sexy boobs.
Is beauty so desirable that you'll spent bucks and bucks, going through that intense pain to get prettier?
What if all women in the future goes through plastic surgery, and all get that perfect look? Wouldn't they all look the same?
Then you'll get texts like "Hey, I saw you the other day at the mall!"
And you'll reply "Oh that's not me, that's just some other girls that happened to choose the same eyes,nose, and lips as me."

Visited Karen again today, made her my favourite Aglio Olio spaghetti. She likes it and said it was better than the previous one.
Spent 2 hours there and headed home.
I am now stuffing myself with Guilinggao because I felt that my body is quite "heaty"

Don't wanna fall sick in Tioman!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

I spent the whole night reading "The Wedding" by Nicholas Sparks until 6 in the morning. The novel was very addictive and I was hooked to it without knowing how time flies.
When I read a good book, it's as though I was living the scene in the book and I could feel the emotions flowing in, my eyes are full of tears but they didn't flow out.
I find myself holding back my tears as I read from chapter to chapter, relating the characters in the novel to myself and Boon Chong.
The story was about Wilson and Jane (Noah & Allie's daughter-from the Notebook) whose marriage was 30 years and when their children moved out from the house, leaving only the both of them, Jane felt as though there wasn't any more love between them.
Wilson was an estate lawyer who spent most of his time in the office and often take Jane for granted, not because he doesn't love her anymore but he is a workaholic in nature and he believes about working hard to provide for the family.
When Wilson could no longer felt that same affection from Jane, he decided to court her wife all over again.
Highly recommended book if you're into love stories.=)
The next book I'm gonna buy is "The Guardian".

I was incharged of dinner tonight and it's my first time cooking chinese for my family and Boon Chong.
Pressure was on, and I was hoping that everything would be smooth.
Browsing through the rack of vegetables, the only one that caught my eyes was the dark purple eggplant that was so outstanding among the other green vegetable. So I grabbed 2 eggplants and some long beans, dumbed it into my cart and went to buy taufu and mushrooms.

The bill came out to RM49.50 and I was just astonished at how costly a simple meal could cost.
When I reached home, I wasted no time and started preparing dinner when it was 4pm.
I took my own sweet time, washing the vegetable, peeling off the potatoes, slicing the mushrooms....and enjoyed the smell of each ingredient I bought.
I boilt the soup first, putting all the mushrooms and fish cake into it, next came the seaweed and taufu...yummy.
Next was seasoning the Salmon.
Then it was the cheese and the chillies...

I prepared everything by 5.30pm and took a short nap with both my hands smelling with strong pungent garlic.
Next thing I know, it was 6.30pm and it's time to cook!
I did the minced beef with potatoes, cherry tomatoes and cheese first, followed by baking the salmon. While the salmon was in the oven, I fried the eggplants and long beans with Belacan, garlic, cili padi and fish paste sauce.
Next was eggs with chinese sausage and lastly, I heated up the soup I made earlier on.

When dinner was served, I was the first one who digged in and tried each and every dish, making sure it was edible.
Well, it turned out that all the dishes were good.=)
Dinner was filled with chit chats about Tioman trip, I could see that everyone, including BC is looking forward for the trip and finally some time away from the busy KL.
I was the most pleased one at the table, proud to have compliments about my dishes, although mummy said my vegetable dish wasn't up to her standard.
What I was amazed is how pleased mummy was to see food on the table when she's back.I should help out more in the kitchen because I know she must be very tired having to do dinner even after the long hours at work.
Time for me to take over every now and then.

After dinner, I submerged myself into Bc's chest and watched TV together.
He lingered around until 9pm and headed home.
I missed him already when he was wearing his shoes and was about to leave.
Wanted to tell him that I think he looks amazing today with his working shirt.

I spent most of my time in the kitchen today.
Cooking is not really my favourite but when you see people enjoying your cooking, I think that is when you wanna cook more...just to see the smiles and satisfaction on people whom you love.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to my blog

It has been so long since I last blogged, not because I don't want to but simply because I prohibit myself from blogging until I fnishes my CLP examination.
I had to stop for a minute or two to figure out my e-mail and password before I could enter into my blog dashboard.=P.

Now that CLP is done, I would like to share about the experience I had during exam.
Usually, I drank coffee almost everyday but this time I substituted coffee with my daddy's chinese tea which works even better. I think coffee do not help me completely, it just keeps me awake when I'm sleepy. Drinking coffee seems to transit the wave to my brain that it's time to get serious and study. It's more like a kick start catalyst paired with what called the placebo effect.

The paper that I worried the most was Civil, which happens to be my first paper and I was so relieved after Civil was done. Spent the longest time studying for Civil and thank God it paid off. I think the most stressful moment was 2 days before the exam, when I find myself holding back my tears because everything seems to tell me that I'm NOT ready for CLP at all. I remembered walking into my brother's room and politely asked him whether I could cry infront of him for a while. But he was so tired after his work, guess he had no time to hear my cry and comfort me, so he turned me down. As an alternative, I went straight to the toilet and let my tears flow....
Asked God for guidance and help with my knees on the toilet floor...

Besides Civil, PP was the second bulk killer. 5 subjects in 1 paper-2 days time!
Seriously PP was my 4th paper and I kinda self declared MERDEKA after PP which will explains why I did badly for my last paper-Evidence.=P

To cut the story short, above all, I'm VERY VERY glad that it's done!!