Sunday, September 26, 2010


Sunday evening...4th class and I'm down with 8 chapters=half of my text book to read.

 Welcome to CLP.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Now that I'm working and beginning to have those "monday blues", my weekends are golden.
I spent an enjoyable Saturday with my boyfriend today.
We enjoyed our lunch at Pudu, a movie at E @Curve, then I went crazy from shop to shop (poor thing he has to wait for me as I stormed into every shop and tried on dresses after dresses). Dinner was back at Cheras-I ate my Macau Pork Burger at Wong Kok and my favourite Tiramisu coffee. Then we went to Tesco to buy my magazine.
Karen came over at 10pm, and we had a good game of scrabbles. Of course, Karen wins all of us. =)

I bet I won't get any sleep tonight after drinking coffee, but this is a sacrifice worth making...because I am a coffee addict now.
I wanted to drink coffee every morning but I refrain myself from doing so, because too much of caffeine is bad for health.
I crave for it every now and today was one of those days when I go "COFFEEEEE...I WANT YOU, I NEED YOU.. I LOVE YOU"


Nescafe (3 in 1)-accompanies me throughout my examination period. Drinking it with cheese tarts is HEAVEN

Nescafe (Mocha)-I drink it before my tuition class on Wednesdays

Old-town Hazelnut-My first choice in Old Town, rich taste and I like the blend of the hazelnut and coffee together.

Starbucks-Mocha- One of the best coffee ever...I've always love Mocha.=)

Starbucks-Java Chip- I will have one of these when I feel like having an icy blended cold drink.

Gasoline's Cappucino- Must have it whenever I go up to Look Out Point

Illy's espresso- The ever Italian coffee..recommended by my Italian boss.

Wong Kok's Tiramisu- Totally sweet and creamy, I like it.

I guess coffee will be a part of my life now.

Tomorrow's my primary BFF's wedding. Will upload pics!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


A right attitude brings you to great heights.
It applies to everyone, to anything, everywhere.

I went to 6 pharmacies today, 2 Alpha and 4 Health Lane.
The purpose was to conduct product training with the staffs there.
The attitude of their managers and their staffs corresponded to the sales of their products.
The pharmacy with the top sales for fisioline shows efficiency, enthusiasm and they are all very friendly. To the contrary, the ones that didn't sell much shows negative attitude-like blaming the smell of the product and blaming the price of the product.

In one of the pharmacy, I complaint about the placement of fisioline's display (as it was not in its proper position), the manager immediately defended her staffs. In the end of the day, I know I was being too fussy about it and I should always listen before I start to complaint. The fact was, the display was placed in that way to make it easier for the staffs to promote it.

I learned that I should always understand the whole situation first before jumping into conclusions and mistaken others.
Also, to appreciate other people's effort and not to be too stringent.

More to be experienced.

And, I'm meeting Carrol Tan from Watson this coming Thursday.
If all goes well, (fingers cross), fisioline and re-code will be selling in all Watson around Malaysia.

Thank you Terrence Lee for your GPS direction today,  you are the king of Kepong and Jinjang!!LOL

Friday, September 3, 2010

The first three days

The first three days were hectic.
So much follow ups to do and so much travellings to do.
I closed my very first deal yesterday, Re-Code is officially selling in all 29 Alpha pharmacies all around Klang Valley.

Promoters are coming in, trainings need to be held and venues to be decided to place the promoters.

Appointment with advertising company to do a press release for Re-Code in November and hopefully we could get Doctor Carlos to come from Italy to Malaysia for the launching.
Jelita magazine is good enough to give us a full free page for Re-code!!=)

Next week will be even more hectic, I'm looking forward to close the next deal with Watson and Aeon Wellness.=)
I would be so happyyyyy if I could get Fisioline and Re-code into Watson and Aeon Wellness.

I thought the job would be tough, but after 3 days, I realised that nothing is tough if you put your heart into doing it and give your very best.

Enjoying every minute of it,
grabbing every opportunity to learn and experience.

I'm another step ahead in life.
A brand new chapter.