Saturday, July 31, 2010

Femme Expo

When your part time job gives you...

1) An inspiring lady boss who holds 3 PHD, single mother with 12 adopted children, dedicated her whole life into doing research for cancer, HIV, anti-aging products and alzheimer.

2) Hot italian brand manager who treats you starbucks breakfast and buy you lunch

3) Friendly colleagues

4) High incentives. XD.

5) A nice pink formal uniform

6) A chair for you to sit when you're tired

7) Product knowledge

8) Invitation to join the company

You just feel so lucky!!!!!

And wish tomorrow isn't your last day working.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Naturel roadshow at MV 19/7-25/7

Worked for 7 continuous days 10am-10pm makes me swear to myself not to work like this legs don't feel like a part of me and my brother or my mum have to massage my feet for me almost every night.
Although it was tiring, it was nonetheless fun because I get to know more friends and meet new people while I was working.=D

Wanna thank Ivan Lee for the opportunity and those who did a birthday count down for me after work.

Keep in touch.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BBQ party

 These are some of my favourite pictures taken last night during the BBQ.
Special thanks to Grace and Adrian who did most of the bbq-ing for us.=)
The lamb and sweet potatoes were awesome!!
Fun night I would say, should do it more often. What say you?

Wouldn't be blogging much today too. Gonna work for Naturel roadshow until sunday.=(
Nice meeting Phon, Len Yi, Mei Kuan and Uncle Lai today.
Seriously, you wouldn't know who you might bump into in Mid Valley.
It's like everybody goes there!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I am turning 23 already?

Celebrated me and Angie's 23rd birthday at an Italian restaurant-Vineria followed by a drink at WIP.
Among all the cocktail, Pina Colada is still my favourite.=)

I'm too tired to blog moreee...*yawn*
Gonna wake up early for church tomorrow.
Ohya, and Ivan's graduating tomorrow!!!!

sweet dreams

Friday, July 16, 2010


My IKEA billy cupboard broke down yesterday night.
And my brother who tried to fix it broke my glass photoframe.=(
Now my whole table is piled up with books and it looks horribly messy.
Mum gonna nag when she comes home tonight. She just got this disorder that whenever things are messy in the house, she'll get all angry and annoyed.
She loves my long hair but hates me dropping hair around. dropping is out of my control right?
Sometimes, I felt so irritated when she scold me because of the amount of hair I dropped. The scolding that I get is as if I just got a tattoo or tried on I deserve that??
But I'm used to it.
I'm a dirty and messy person. My notes are NEVER organised and you can tell my character through my ugly handwriting. But thanks to my clean and tidy mummy, I always maintain my room neat.

I got to say that my mum is one incredible mother. Although she nags alot sometimes, her love for the family is undeniable. Work, cook, support the whole up the mess I've always get myself into-car accidents!!!=P
She is always willing to sacrifice for me and my brother. Letting us have the best in life...she finds it happier to spend money on us than on herself.*hearts her*

*I have no idea why my post started off with a broken cupboard and now I'm blogging about my mum..

Gonna go to IKEA soon to get a new cupboard and I'm missing those raspberry cream biscuits already.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Woke up this morning after another "spontanous* night yesterday and thoughts just stream into my head.
Patrick called and said that tuition classes start tomorrow night 8pm-10pm.
Youth camp meeting on Saturday morning followed by tuition in the afternoon and cousin's outing at night.
Sunday would be church, tuition in the afternoon and bbq party at my place at night.
So many things to do and I'm not ready with the list of things to buy for the bbq and the transportation informations in which I need to find out for the youth camp.

The list of things to buyyy...
-paper plates
-paper cups
-plastic fork and spoons
-chicken wings
-sweet potatoes
-ramly burger meat
-fuits (watermelon most probably, or honeydew)
-bbq pit
-ais batu

Did I left out anything??

Gonna go for briefing at Kelana Jaya later..
I'm gonna be a teacher in a centre tomorrow!!!!super excited. maybe I'll make the class stand up and call me "teacher amy, good evening" before the class starts. ^_^...and at the end of the class "Thank you teacher amy"..WUAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!XDXD

Few busy days ahead!!

I love to be busy.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dinner and a drink.

Had an enjoyable dinner with grandpa and thanks to grandpa who fetch my folks to the bus station.
Hoegaarden still makes my day, nothing better compared to it.
Nice meeting up with Zhin Theng, a jobless dude who just recovered from football fever...any job available, do let him know. *must be RM2500 and above* 

Looking forward for steamboat tomorrow!!

Sweetdreams everyone.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Craving for Thai seafood

Gonna eat Thai seafood toniteeee...
Black pepper crab, egg fried rice with sweet and sour sauce, spicy seafood tom yam and kerang bakar.
My mouth waters whenever I think of it.
To mend grandpa's broken heart, I'm going to treat him tonight.
Also to mend my broken heart for not able to go Redang.*CRYYYY*
Anyway, my parents are going on behalf of me and bc. Freeeee spontaneous holiday for them.*ish ish*
My dad was all excited about it yesterday and I'm just glad someone went on behalf of us so that our money is put into good use.
Its like an early birthday present for my mum and dad.

Goodbye sun, sea, sand, hot guys in bermudas and hot girls in bikinis.=(
Been looking forward to Redang since before exam and now its gonna be another long waiting....

I'm gonna stop blogging about it coz it makes me unhappy.

But I know what comes first, so I'll be fine.

Can't help feeling unhappy though.

Monday, July 12, 2010

What a day

I sold a total of 135-1 litre milk and 73-2 litre milk todayyy. Vli was very pleased with the sales so I think I can get more commission. Skipped lunch today but thankfully during dinner time, bc came with home cook food packed in a small container for me, with barley water and cake as well. *hearts him*!!=)

Subang MYDIN is a huge hyper market and mostly Malays shop there. The groceries there are sold at a much cheaper price and you can get ANYTHING you want from mydin, from food to lingerie, stationery to gadgets. The store room itself is like 3 floors high and probably the size of half a football field *no joke*.

I enjoyed my work these 2 days despite the extreme frustration of getting lost in Subang yesterday and was an hour late for work. Working for Vli is all about him trusting me. Without stress from him, I perform better. I can break at anytime, rest at anytime, janji dapat sales. Yesterday's sales was not too good but today, luckily the crown was huge and it was pretty easy to promote the milk. Kids just love it and they go all manja-manja like "Mak, nak susu....nak beli...NAK NAK NAK" and eventually the parents have to buy it because they'll cry if they don't get it.

Anyway, some weird stuff happened today.
There's this 37 years old- air cabin crew guy who actually approached me and said whether he could see me work while waiting for his mom to shop.
So I said "ok", honestly thinking he was kiling time.
Then he suddenly said "you must have catch a lot of attention here because its hard to find such attractive promoter in a place like this. Do you know I bought the milk because of you?"
Then followed by the usual stuff like where you live, what are you studying right now, how old are you....
And then his mum came. I can't believe that he told his mum: "Mak, pergilah tengok lain-lain dulu" then he continue to linger around my booth.
He even asked for my number in which I refused to give. Thank goodness bc came just in time so that I ignored him and became all lovey with bc. He kinda get the message and he left. LOL

And here are the only 3 pictures I took during the standard chartered marathon voluntary job.