Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hectic wednesday

Just reached home from sending my student to school today. He told me that he was bullied in school by some gangster and I'm quite worried for him.=( Feel like going to his school and teach those bullies a lesson!!!But will they be afraid of me?? This is the same feelings I felt 8 years ago when one of my dearest cousin was being bullied in school. I felt very protective of the her..and today I felt very protective of Shen. Try to harm my love ones-I might just be provoked enough to cause injury/kill someone!! I was bullied once when I was 3 years old.. My parents both worked when I was 3 and they sent me to this child care centre where I have to sit a van back home everyday. There's this boy who was from a different child care centre but sat in the same van as I did. He just LOVES to pick on me. I was only 3 and he was 5. He pulled my hair, pushed me and he even poured water all over me I was too young to recognise that as bully and I kept quiet and let him bully me. I didnt even tell my parents about it until much older. When my mum asked why I was all soaked wet..I just kept quiet That was how timid I was back then. But that was the first and last time anyone ever bullied me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today is a hectic day for me and I'm using the little rest time that I have to blog. I woke up at 8.30pm..gave tuition 9.30-11.30am Went lunch with my student and sent him to school (downtown) Reached home around 12.45pm Later at 2.30pm-5.30pm-tuition at taman kinrara near puchong Then a sudden COD arrangement at Times Square straight after my tuition. Confirm I'll be late for class today!!! Hiahz..There goes breaking my aim to be punctual to every class in my final year. Tomorrow, I''m gonna skip class to celebrate my dad's 52nd birthday-another breaking of my aim to "try" to attend all classes in my final year. =(=(=( Night class 6.30pm-9.30pm When I reach home tonight, I'll be dead meat!! But I'm enjoying this kind of hectic life I love to have alot of things packed for me to do than to sit at home and have nothing to do. One day at home without any agenda will be a torture to me. Okie..time to get ready for my next tuition at kinrara.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Heroes and heroin of the day

My church will organise a blood donation campaign anually
around the puasa and raya month.
So today was it and I'm glad that my friends came along
to donate their precious blood to Malaysia Blood Bank.
Jolene and Randy awaiting their turns.
Poor Timothy can't donate blood because he was on medication.. Don't year I'll drag you to my church again. Hero 1- Yeoh Jie Hu Although he quite bising before donating blood.. He did it!!=)..He's the man. Told you it wasn't pain!!Bet you'll want to donate blood every year..haha Hero 2-Terrence Lee Rohui This fella here message me yesterday telling me he is not coming for blood donation..I don't know the reason why. But after much threats, duress and blackmail through msn.. (eg-kidnap hush, destroy his dad's orchids, steal his ferarri jacket) he finally came. =) Heroin- Kong Ee Mun She didn't get to donate blood previous years because of low blood pressure and she was underweight Today, she successfully donated blood and I know that packet of blood will be put into good use to save lives.. So proud of mun!! Special thanks to Jolene, Joshua and Randy!! Timothy-we all shed blood except



Prayer answered

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Futsal team

GBC futsal team!!
*hearts ya guys*


There are always questions in life that have no answers No matter how hard you try to find the exact formula to solve the problem There is none. Sometimes It is scary to know just how much misunderstanding a friendship can have The massive devastation it could cost How dangerous jealousy and ego are and how they can affect a relationship once so lovely and dear Its terrifying to know that someone you cared so much Might be stabbing you behind your back with words and actions But yet infront of you pretended as an angel It is sad to see how a friendship is ruined Just because one party starts to succumb to misunderstanding and the other too ignorance of it One lie leads to another lie One misunderstanding leads to another too As time goes by, the wound worsen Scars remain even after healing As much as I try to avoid these Its inevitable How much the value of a friendship Is how much you would try to protect it!! To someone- If you had known me wouldn't have misunderstand me.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I have found a new love- FUTSAL!! Enjoyed myself alot this afternoon playing futsal with the youth.=) Although I'm a rookie in futsal, I love the sweat and running around the futsal court chasing after the ball was fun!! The best part is, the boys dare not be rough to snatch the ball from me because I'm their Amy jiejie!!lolz So I did benefit a little from that. But it was quite memalukan because sometimes I tried to kick the ball..but miss it..then I was like where is the ball??ooh..its still on the floor..OMG! I'm a good runner but I'm bad in sports which involves balls.. so I'm a no go for bowling, basketball, volleyball..Badminton I'm still okie... ohya..I love captain ball and net ball..but not very good at it.=( Okok...back to futsal. My team consists of bennett, ivan, mustapha and calvin. Only 4 girls were present for futsal each team have to pick one girl. My brother is kind enough to recruit me in his team..=)..thanks Ivan!!and sorry for the sucky game I played. At first, I was just standing there like a chirstmas tree..but later on, I literally join in the game. Kena hit by the ball right to my chest *OUCH* by calvin..LOL this is was carmen called "EAT BALL BISCUIT".. The girls were first we wanted to play on our own because the boys look very pro in futsal..and we might just slow the game down or something..not to mention that Wenn Hong's friends looks so pro!!!With their playing shoes and jersey kinda freak me out when I saw them. They look like some international football joke.! Overall, I think we all have fun and sweat out quite alot!!=) I don't mind playing futsal everyweek to improve on my skills.. *practice make perfect*!!! After the 2 hours+ game, we went to the nearby food court to have our late lunch. I ate curry mee!! When we decide to leave.. Rain came pouring down. Ivan, Mustapha and I ran to the car and we were all soaked. Drove Mustapha home and picked luekluek up. Have tuition with luck and here I am blogging. Tomorrow, I'm going to Fraser Hill with my family. Looking forward to it. Fraser Hill is one of my favourite place to relax..there is not much to do up there but the weather, the scenery and the flowers are beautiful. I enjoy the morning walk in fraser hill, the boatride, the bird watching, the jungle traking.. Hope I'll have enough luck to see some wildboars upthere like I did 6 years ago. Can't wait to see all those yellow pachystachys as well!!*my favourite flower* Thats all for now.. Have to start packing my luggage ~Futsal rocks~

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tuition cancelled

OMG!!! Grace cancelled tuition.. She's got a headache. *take care gal* means I can go Genting earlier?

Happy Birthday to Jiunn Fong student looks evil here!!
Happy 17th Birthday fong..
May your dreams come true
and all the best in your SPM!!
Black forest cake..yumyum

The spontaneous law students

Right now.. I'm sipping hot water, trying to get rid of my flu. I don't wanna catch a cold. Because I'm gonna go for a spontaneous trip with my friends to Genting later!! Tried to get some sleep.. But I was too excited about the whole casino trip.. I couldn't sleep. My eyes were close..but my mind has flew to Genting Casino. I've never been in a Casino before. Tonight will be my first experience!! =) Was out for lunch at Bangsar with my collegemates..also a farewell lunch for Seet, who is going to UK for his final year this saturday.. ALL THE BEST SEET!!! PLEASE DONT BE A PLAYBOY!!! So after lunch, we went to starbucks for a drink. Timothy was such a gentleman today..he belanja me, ee mun and melissa A BIG THANK YOU TO TIM!!! *you look extremely handsome today!!* So there we were in starbucks.. discussing our graduation trips.. from europe to penang...malacca to hong kong.. Then I don't know how we ended up going Genting tonight!~! All I can say is that we are a bunch of crazy, spontaneous and last minute law students. I came home, browsing through my wardrobe for red/pink top to wear.. *All of us are suppose to wear red into the casino!!even our undies (if possible)..* I've decided to wear a white top with jeans, together with my red topshop hoodie jacket. Painted my nails in bright pink..supertitiously hoping it'll help bring me luck!!! With my attire, together with my red converse snickers I think i'm ready to go!! Can't wait.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mum's birthday!!

Brought Mummy and Daddy out for dinner.
~flying chillies-the gardens~
Chocolate cherry cake from Bread History
Me and boon chong.=) My lovely parents. Mum said I don't look like her at all.=( Pandan chicken
Phad Thai
Mango salad and fried catfish
The birthday girl.
Mum and Dad.
Potion was small but the price was reasonable
Good service, nice environment..
last but not least,
stay healthy and pretty..
Happy birthday to Aunty Jackie as well..
*mum's twin sister*

Photos-Randy's 22nd

Randy's 22nd celebration at Look Out Point.
But I didnt manage to take the b'day boy's picture.=P
ee mun vera and terrence
jie hu

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Carpe diem

Finally, I'm in my final year for law degree.=) CARPE DIEM Cannot be lazy.. Try not to be late for any classes.. Try not to skip class.. Do constant revision.. Cut down on my tuitions.. No last minute work.. Its my last year..its either I make it or I screw it. ........................................................................................ Going to Desa Park City later. Bukit Tabur tomorrow!!!*yeah*

Friday, September 11, 2009

A king's story

Once upon a time
There was a king..and in his palace was all his was so packed that he couldn't fit in anything anymore.
Then one night, when the stars were hidden and the moon was gone..
A servant girl knocks at the palace's gate.
She was looking for a place to lay her head for the night
The king was awake by her and he likes what he saw..
Without hesitation, he invited her in and treated her with such splendor that even a princess does not possess.
He shared his treasures and everything he has with her..he even promise her the inheritance of his palace.
A place where she can live forever
and to build a kingdom together
The servant girl was too overwelmed and felt so blessed..
She never thought that a king like him would fall for a girl like her
One night, the king wore his best and asked the servant girl out for a date with him.
The servant girl accepted his invitation.
They sat on the king's red coach and off they went to a grand ball only fit for the royalties.
There they met with other kings, queens, princes and princesses..all dressed in their very best!!
Servant girl was as though entered into a different dimension..a world which she never thought existed.
The king was good to the servant gentle and so charming..that it finally melts her heart.
She was living in a fairy tale where dreams were coming true..
After the ball, the king brought the servant girl to a place where they enjoyed the finest tea in the whole of dreamland...sipping on their tea, listening to the playing of classical music from live performers..their love for each other grew.
But happy endings does not come so easily..
As days passed..
With the palace was full of treasures that the king loves..there was no space for the girl to stay..
Near that time, there was a war happening soon..a war which the king has to put on his best sword and toughest shield..his mighty armour and his fighting shoes..
Day and night..he was spending time sharping his sword, training his horse and practicing his skill..
Servant girl was left alone.
So one fine night, she walked to the place where the king trains..and she told him that she misses him and hope that he'll spend more time with her.
The king was frustrated..he remain silent and asked the servant girl to go back to the palace immediately.
Then the king began to have mixed and confusing feelings about the servant girl...
Wondering...why did he invited her to stay in his palace when there was no room at all??
Doesn't she know that the battle is important to him??
Servant girl became a burden to the king.
The king made up his mind and went back to the palace..
He walks into the servant girl's room and asked the servant girl to leave and go their
separate ways..
He claims that the servant girl deceived him
As though the servant girl was some witch or gypsy..casting spells on him..
Tears was rolling down the servant girl's cheeks but the king show no pity
He was firm and knew what he wanted for himself..
The only thing the servant girl could do is to leave and never look back.
In her mind, she'll always remember the rain and the tears that mark the end of her fairy tale story..
And she realised that happy ending is hard to find..
Later on,
The king fought a good battle and won!!
Servant girl was far aside, celebrating his victory in her heart..
Wishing all the best for the king and hope that one day he'll be able to clear up his treasures and prepare a fine room for his queen.
~the end~

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My day

Yesterday was quite fulfilling for me. I spent my whole evening infront of the computer and finally managed to come out with questions for the up coming Bible Quiz Blast on the last saturday of September. Studied Act chapter 1-3 in depth and came out with 10 questions.-this is only the 3rd part of the quiz. 1st and 2nd part are incharged by Soo Hui which consisits of cross word puzzles and general questions.=) The sad news is..I'm gonna have classes on Saturdays from 2-8.30pm..have to miss YTU again!!*pathetic* Although I couldn't be with you all in YTU every saturday, I'll still try my best to help in the programme planning and the off scene works.. What greater joy could I have than to serve God??*none* Luckily, I only have class from 2-3.30pm on atleast I can attend Sunday worship. =) Besides the quiz questions, I've prepared the whole power point slide for this sunday's worship!!This is the first time I prepared it this early. Here are the songs I'm gonna sing this sunday 1) My redeemer lives 2) One way 3) We want to see Jesus lifted high 4) Indescribable 5) I could sing of your love forever ~today~ Woke up very late this morning.=P The minute I woke up, the electricity went off coz Tenaga National people were doing some electrical work in my condo. It was so stuffy that me and my dad decided to go to Jusco. I took an icy cold shower and it was good. Ate Pizza for lunch with daddy and walked around Jusco..bought popteen magazine.*my favourite mag* Later gonna have tuition at 6pm-8pm Song practice at 8.430pm-10.30pm That would be my day.. I miss my brother!!*sobz*

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bukan Cinta Biasa

Siti Nurhaliza-Bukan cinta biasa Begitu banyak cerita Ada suka ada duka Cinta yang inginku tulis Bukanlah cinta biasa Dua keyakinan beza Masalah pun tak sama Ku tak ingin dia ragu Mengapa mereka selalu selalu bertanya Cintaku bukan di atas kertas Cintaku getaran yang sama Tak perlu dipaksa Tak perlu dicari Kerna ku yakin ada jawabnya..oh.. Andai ku bisa merubah semua Hingga tiada orang terluka Tapi tak mungkin Ku tak berdaya Hanya yakin menunggu jawabnya Janji terikat setia Masa merubah segala Mungkin dia akan berlalu Ku tak mahu mereka tertawa Diriku hanya insan biasa Miliki naluri yang sama Tak ingin berpaling Tak ingin berganti Jiwaku sring saja berkata Andai ku mampu ulang semula Ku pasti tiada yang curiga Kasih kau hadir Tiada terduga Hanya yakin menunggu jawapan

Night Out with friends

Heyheyhey Went out with friends to celebrate Abang Randy's 22nd birthday. It was another fun get together and I'm glad to see Vera tonight..Jo, Joshua and Mel wasn't here.. If they were, then it's a complete frame of my BAC gang.=)=) Ee Mun came and picked me up around 5.40pm and we went to get Randy's cake at King's..It was such a coincidence that Digi send me a message and I got 25% discount on King's cakes.*awesome* Bought Tiramisu!! Drove to Leisure Mall and get a card for Randy..was planning to get a big card but there was none on sale.*sad* Waited for the rest to arrive at Ee Mun's house..I was treated with the familiar hospitality by Ee Mun's I dine with them.XD Drank soup and eat a little side dishes..while feasting, Tim, Terrence and Vera arrived. Vera made cup cakes for us..!!!*thanks*but the filling was raisins.. Although I'm grateful, I have to admit that I prefer cupcakes without raisins..=P More chocolate chips or better still, macademia nuts will be perfect!!! Dinner was fine..We went to Look Out Point and chill out there. I have always love the cooling weather up though I'm out of KL.. The whole atmosphere includes the never ending "ejeking session" on our poor scandelous victims-Mun and Tim, the usual perasanness of each one of us-Jie Ju showing off his muscles, Tim declaring the intelligence of his dog-Mini, Randy's signature laugh..*hehehehe* and more.. Being very noisy..I think we actually disturb and perhaps destroy that romantic ambiance in the restaurant.lolz. 2nd round was to Steven's Corner.. Chit chatt and yumcha Then headed back home. Yawn Nitez!!Gonna wake up early tomorrow. ~cheers~

Friday, September 4, 2009


What difference does it make? If I detour and choose the path less known To make the choice that seems impossible But yet not be a burden to anyone What could I gain? If I'm willing to go the extra mile Take up the challenge and endure the hardship To make a decision that I'll never regret Here I am With nothing but a heart of desires A strong will and an undying fire Still believing, still holding on All I can do now is to have faith For my immenient future is blurring itself against me Soon I'll be in a cross section in life again And I'll have to make the right decision God has blessed my beyond my imagination I'm thankful that I've been put into situations Where I could learn to be independent and to be strong To cherish what I have and be contented In life's journey There'll always be battles But if your sword is sharp and your shield is tough Victory and glory is always yours

A small appreciation..a big gratitude.

Murano glass necklace from Italy
*Thanks to aunty annie and uncle Ma.*
This is Li-shen..
My cutest student of all and the most talkative one.
*that hat is from venice*lolz
An obscene apron that Uncle Ma bought *please keep away from children below the age of 13.* In Italy, this is art!! I want to shout out a big THANK YOU to aunty annie She has been so nice to me all these while. Provide me lunch, give me gifts, cook for me.. I truely cherish it. Thank you so so much for your care and love towards me..=) ~xoxo~

Joseph the overcomer

A little update on yesterday night.
Supper at OUG!!Look at our roti tisu..=)
The story of Joseph..
FGA Kuchai Lama-musical play of the story of Joseph.
It was good.
Went there with my collegemates..
mun, jo, seet, terrence, tim, jie hu, joshua and randy
met alex chee there!!
FGA main santuary
~angie..please don't ffk me again~

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blur blur dayy

I'm extremely blur today.. Couldn't describe how blur i was and how much trouble I've got myself into. This is not the first time.. I feel like strangling myself.. How can I repeat my mistake TWICE??? *geram geram* So at the end of the day, I have to clean up that dirty filthy mess I've got myself into..*cries* Price I paid-running in the rain without an umbrella, doing double work in a day, finding myself laughing at my own stupidity...waste petrol..waste time..waste money!! Whatever it is.. Its time to learn, and time to change!!! No more excuses.. Hope I could overcome this blurness of mine and be more alert next time. Tuition with grace and au yong has been made earlier to 4.30pm..=) Because I'm going to FGA with my college friends and angie for a musical play!!YEAH!!!! Can't wait to be in His presence again.. Okie..gonna get ready now.. great night ahead!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blacks everywhere..I need colours in my life.

Hey hey hey!! I'm in a much better mood to blog today as compared to yesterday. My morning tuition with Shen was cancelled because he caught a cold that eventually leads to fever...=( i get to laze around my bed a little longer than usual wednesdays.. Too bad I was so used to getting up early on a wednesday morning, I got up around 9am and couldn't get myself back to sleep..Although my body was tired and needed rest, my brain was as though programmed to wake up. So I got up with much hesitation and went straight to the kitchen..took my HL milk out from the refrigerator and drank a quarter out of it. Wish to have cereals to go with it but there isnt any..=( Okie..then I forgot what I did at home..I think I laze around..chatted on the phone..check my blog..talked to my daddy.. Ohya!!!I spent about 20 minutes marking my student's SPM mathematic trial paper..then only I found out I lost my calculator!!must be in one of my student's house..but I have no idea who.. Thats me...leave this here, leave this there..especially my hp..all I can say is old habit dies hard!! Ok..I admit i'm making excuses for myself..maybe I need someone to give me a tight slap on my face..anyone volunteer? Drove to San Peng in the afternoon and pick up ying from her school.. then went to Fung's house but Fung is not home had lunch with ying...she had claypot yee mee and I had pan mee..delicious!~ Kam Fong is the best (hawker place near my church) Henry was like " amy..what are you doing here??" he just love to pick on me..i dunno why.. he was as though half shocked seeing me around church during the was funnyy to see his reaction!!haha Went up to karen's place for a while and check out some famous blogs. Then it was 3 hours continuous intensive revision for mathematic and literature..ying and fung are going through their SPM trials this week..critical time for them..*pray for them will ya?* Around 5.30pm, I sent ying home and headed to Bc's house for dinner.=) Today is the hungry ghost festival so Bc's mum made fried chicken, sui kao and tong fun!!It was delicious.. As soon as we finished our dinner, we drove ah wong to 1Utama to buy working shoes for Bc.. He gonna have this interview for intern on friday and I'm really excited for him..*you can do it!!* But, as much as I wanted to help him choose.. I was extremely tired. We went to Jusco at first then to Parkson..*bump into Vera and her housemate-on the way to gym* We spend more than an hour in Parkson..and everywhere was black leather shoes. look to my to my no offence but they all look the same to me..lolz!! I kinda understand the feeling now when Bc had to wait for me in FOS... FOS is my favourite store but Bc's nightmare..once i go in..gone case..99% I'll spend more than half an hour there..and 90% I'll be able to grab something I in FOS is even more fun when my HSBC card gets 10%'m seriously a huge fan of FOS!! Cheap nice clothes is all I need..=)=)=) What say you?? Anyway, Bc did get a new pair of black working shoes for his internship interview..=) Then we drove off because I'm too tired and he can see that I'm as though drowning in exhaustion. Sesat jalan abit when we drive home.. Sent Bc home and drove back to cheras. I'm glad that I'm comfortably in my pyjamas now..blogging here.. gonna sleep soon. ~sweetdreams~

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Out and about

Venue- Mid valley
with collegemates..
Pasta Zanmai..
Our appetizer
Woke up early to upload the rest of my perhentian pictures into facebook..
My body was very tired but I just can't fall back to sleep..
Postponed ying and fong's tuition till tomorrow, went to college to get my result transcript..
Then headed to Mid Valley for dinner with my collegemates
Watched "imagine that" starring Eddie Murphy and headed back home around 9pm
*dont feel like blogging tonight..sry*=(

Happy Independance Day

Venue: The curve
Date: 31 August 2009
My lunch-smoked salmon at ikea
swedish meatballs and fries..=) Hari Raya mood for everyone!! Posting with Selangor Pewter mug..lolz
Did some shopping..bought polo-T for dad and Ivan
blouse for mummy.. 2 tops for myself!!*wink*
My big mac dinner @ the curve
Their menu is a small magazine..*cute*
Fullhouse 2nd floor
Dressing table..
The bathroom display
The 2nd floor..
They are selling clothes and hats and accessories
in the restaurant.
The view from the 2nd the candelier!!