Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Grandpa & me

I went out with my ai-ya Grandpa and we went for porridge at Petaling Street...the porridge didn't taste good today..too watery..=(..hence, I'm kinda disappointed. Anyway, since I've screwed up my diet plan today..I ordered another bowl of beef noodles..haha..but Grandpa said that its good that I can eat and I take him for his words.
After our dinner, we went for teh pahit near pudu coz I'm having sorethroat and grandpa is forever unhealthy *old already, what to do?*
Anyway, just wanna thank Grandpa for dinner and teaching me how to play pool just now..
I've learn it from the basic this time..the right position to stand, to hold the cue. my hand position (called the bridge)..etc
Haihz..still a long way to go..not easy to master a game!!

Here is Sylvester aka Grandpa.

TIme to quit smoking!!!lolz.

Our dinner.

Uncle setting up the store..we're there too early.hehe

teh pahit

Hope my sorethroat go away ASAP..

Really hope to spend my short holidays with my friends from high school and primary school...but it seems like holiday is gonna end soon and I still haven't meet up with most of them.=(
Time is just not enough for me.

Hungry ghost

This morning I woke up with shock the minute I looked into my full size mirror..In disbelief, I quickly search for the pita ukur and start measuring my waist..It seems like my eyes are not playing tricks on me, indeed I've put on quite abit of weight.Then I recalled having chillies for lunch yesterday with my mum but I ended up finishing both her portion of burger and my tequila fish steak. So, with the fattening beef burger and oily fish yesterday, the heavenly christmas dinners last few days and not forgetting all the christmas cakes and chocolates which I ate *for the sake of trying*...its impossible not to put on weight!!!*unless there's tape worm in my stomach like what my fatty student said*
So, I thought "hey, maybe if I have breakfast, I could skip lunch and just have dinner." So, I gave it a try.
I poured myself a full bowl of milk and had it with cereals and cherry tomatoes..
Happily finished my breakfast, feeling good and healthy..I hit the road and drove to Serdang.
Tuition starts from 10.30am and I did Karangan about Kitar Semula with Shen.
Half way through..I feel this strong hunger in me and the next minute, I felt like my whole body's energy was drained out of me..I lost concentration and my hands started to shiver..
I told my student.."Amy Jie jie need to eat.."
Shen: "Can..later we go eat roti canai."
Me: "Amy jiejie need to eat now"
Shen:"Huh? I thought you ate breakfast.."
Me: "Ya...but I'm very hungry now."
Shen:" Why you so small size but eat so much?Got tape worm in your tummy for sure!! You know that day we went to Cameron Highland, my dad say you really eat alot. Everytime we prepare lunch for you, have to prepare 2 persons portion!!"
Me: "oohh...I'm sorry I eat alot..err..can I have food now ar?"
Shen was kind enough to let me eat bread with peanut butter and strawberry jam..I tell you..bread hasn't taste so good in my life before.!!!I ate quite alot..
Everything was normal after I ate the bread. Tuition continued and around 1.30pm I drove to Kinrara for my next tuition..
On my way home around tummy started to have this drum competition again..and again I felt so hungry..the minute I reached home, I just grabbed whatever I could find..biscuits, fruits and chocolates..

Can anyone explain what is going on here??whoever told me that breakfast is the best way of slimming down will definitely get it from me!!!Or could it be that by me having breakfast in the morning, it triggers those sudden hunger I've experienced?..
I have no idea...=P
Well...atleast I know for sure that my diet plan is all screwed up today.

I'm just one nasty hungry ghost grooming around everywhere for FOOD!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dinner treat from Karen

After Karen's wedding, I got a phone call from her telling me that she wanted to treat the cousins out for a nice japanese dinner as a token of appreciation for being her "zhi mui".So I'm like "okie...sure..lets pick a date!"..
But, because of our own packed schedule..Carina working, Angie doing her finals, Karen going for her trips and me with my tuitions and classes, the dinner dragged from then till today..after christmas..haha..
from japanese food to home delivery pizza!!*which I prefer*...coz I just had senjyu yesterday!
Today was quite a nice and cozy gathering at Karen's crib. A little chit chat there and here, gossips, manicure, foot massage, food and wine.
*Thanks Shuan for picking the white tastes good.*
Its amazing to see how my little cousin sister now learns how to do house chore..wash the clothes, clean the floor, wash the toilet...she has so much more to learn!!Jia you..

Here are some pics I took with my hp..

Junkies from Sungkai and from Japan..
When you're 22, nobody cares how much junkies you eat before dinner!!

The four of us..

Angie while waiting for the Pizza..

Online ordering

Domino's...must try their new puffect pizza..lolz..

Suin Phon Zi..yummy..

Sinful food..

I ate so much...I'm feeling very guilty right now..
Gonna work on that weight of mine!!
*maybe after new year*=P

Chicken wings

Special thanks to Karen and Shaun for dinner...
Happy Marriage!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday in his shoes..

Rare enough, I was free today so I decided to spend my whole day with Boon Chong...
Went to Asunta to visit Aunty, glad that she is recovering fast..good good.
Then I accompanied bc to get his work done in 4 Tescos, 1 in Puchong, 2 in Shah Alam and another one at Mutiara Damansara.
Now, I understand how much he needed to travel everyday!!!=(
Ohya, I wanna apologise for not going to the Futsal Competition to support GBC youth at Kuchai..
True enough, without my all didnt play very well...huh??=P
Atleast thats what my brother said..putting the blame on me for not winning..lolz.. are the pictures as promised.

It was raining when we reached Shah Alam so I stayed in the car..camwhore while waiting..coz I'm bored!!!

His must have sushi!!XD
Reward time after a long day...I brought him to Senjyu and he loves it..

Senjyu- E@curve.

Boon Chong...

Candid side view...*lame*

 Beef rice..His


My favourite salmon..I've been eating Salmon everyday for the past few days..=)

 Our early dinner..

Nice place!!My opinion, it is better than Sushi Zanmai and Sakae Sushi.

Annual Get Together at Grandma's

26th December 2009 was the night of my family annual gathering...
It is an every year get-together where relatives and friends meet, chat and have fun!!
A joyous occassion for the adult because there's endless flow of wine and good food..
As for the children...PRESENTS after dinner..
 Simply because of the meaning behind Christmas-a Saviour was born..
and His name is Jesus!!

Christmas tree at Grandma's

A little corner filled with christmas cards..

Christmas ornaments..


The so called "Asian corner"...=)

Yew yew just woke up...cute?

The crowd...

Christmas selvet!!!Too cute to use...



Me and Karen..Grandma's house was too crowded..we have to sit in the kitchen..lolz

Kit kit the boxer..simply adorable..

Isn't he handsome???
my type my type..but way too young..ishh!!

Whisky the fierce dog who barked at anyone who goes near it..bad dog!!

Aunty Margaret and her

Grandma and me...hearts this picture!!Do we look alike??

He is a future musician...he adores it the piano, the guitar or songs..

Boon Chong, Uncle Brian, me and Aunty Jenny.

Karen and her nephew playing duet..hahaha

Last but not least..Kit kit and Boon Chong.


MV with the youth