Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm done.=)

After 3 whole hours sitting infront of the computer, I'm finally done with my upcoming presentation for Evangelistic Boom...*hurray*
I'm actually quite excited to attend EB 2010 and definitely looking forward to see how the youth has been doing..
Let's see how it all goes this coming Saturday!!

I will not be able to come online for the next 1 month, not solely because of my exams but because my dad has cut off streamyx to apply for another better package. It was one of their terms for us to register for another new package in atleast a month's period. I'm cool with it coz I can live without the pc...guess the one crying will be my dad..*evil laugh*

To say that studies are A-okay will be lying to myself
But there's nothing I can do except to try my best and leave the rest to God.
As the saying goes, what you sow is what you reap..
Harvest wouldn't come if you don't work hard.
I'm so gonna get Karen to buy the headband for me!!

just for sharing..
One of my student got 11th place in class.
You might be thinking it's not good at all but for that little guy, it's drastic improvement.
And so it is for me, an achievement and satisfaction that no money can buy!!
I miss tuition..and I miss my students.

So, bring it on, get it done and I'll resume my hectic routine which involves morning jams, samans and mischievious teenagers.
I miss my cash too!!2 months without income is killing me.
Although my parents did give me some allowance but my expenditure has always been high and it's just not enough for me.
I admit that..
I'm a heavy spender!!
not so much on shopping but on FOOD!!Glorious glorious FOOD!!

take care people.
This blog will be vacant for a month.

~I'm gonna watch gossip girl now~

you know you love me

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Can't believe I actually went to the Muzium today after so many years...
I went with Ivan and it was a spontaneous trip after our lunch at Bangsar.
We used the road passing by the Muzium and I said I wanted to visit the Muzium again after 11 years.
My brother then agreed and we went.
It was the Pameran Perkuburan which shows different types of burial after death. From Zaman Neotilik to the modern ways of burial...Orang Asli to Thai burial.
It was kinda eerie as the music resembles some creepy long mourning sound and the lightings are a combination of dim yellow and red spotlights.
After 11 years, the Muzium looks the same as it was in my memory except now they have Proton Saga parked in the entrance of the Muzium-1st national car in Malaysia..and some of my friends are still driving that 1985 model..LOL

Alright, time to get back to my studies.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Don't stop believing.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Morning.

Cousins at the flea market organised to raise fund for Mission.
Happy Easter~~

We brought out our left over stocks from Hazel Mazel..
business was quite good..=)
*those are the only two chinese words that I still remember*

Telematch..dominated by the youth and the kids..
I think my brother's group won.

Souvenir stall.
Everything is so cheap!!Photoframes, Piggy banks, House Deco..
All selling at less than RM10..

Children story books, stationeries, toys and games..
Su Ann checking out the stall.

2nd hand Cheong Sam all hung on the tree, 2nd hand collection of books and bags..
Keng Yee was incharged of this stall.

My hair looks gorgeous from the back..=P..
Waving off Hazel Mazel's gypsy skirt.Last one in grey!!

Spot those shoes??They are all 2nd hand but Karen hasn't wear them, not even once.
And they are going off at RM10-RM30 each..*scream* 

I think it's the eating competition..
They are eating groundnuts.Lolz.
Eating is easy, but how fast can you peal the shell off?

It's a hot easter morning but I'm sure everyone had fun.

For those who doesn't know why are we celebrating Easter.
It's not eggs or bunnies or chocolates..
It's the day Christ resurrected.
Easter day carries more meaning than Christmas.
The triumph of Christinity started from Christ's victory!!

Poodle hair 2

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010


There is always time that you're left alone.
Undecided, and having hesitation, fear, and uncertainty.
Those are the moment when you gonna get hold of yourself
I realised that no one else could help me.
I turned to Him.
He gave my the story of Absolom, the flawless son of King David.
I read but have no understanding.
Then evening came and I went jogging to clear my mind.
Dad came along coz he was worried of my security.
Then, out of no where...Daddy told me the story of Absolom.. and this time, I understand what was He trying to tell me.
We are all so caught up with all that He had given to us and we often forgotten about the real Boss up there.

If this path designated for me is truly His will from the start.
I do not need to fear.
I'll forgotten that my Boss is in control and if He is for me, who can be against me?
In return,
I'll do my best for His glory and that's ultimate.
The goal has been set, now what is left for me to to achieve it.=)

Happy Good Friday.