Sunday, January 31, 2010


Lets join our hands in prayer tonight.

There are people falling ill everywhere,
pray that God's healing hands be upon them especially to Tim who is currently suffering from dengue.

Pray for peace and safety in our country,
crime is everywhere and culprits have become more violent,
having no compassion on their victims whatsoever.
No sense of shame, only vigorously aiming on what they want.
My classmate was one of their victim.
I felt sorry for her and I felt utterly helpless in situation like this.
The experience is horrible and terrifying...but yet it's a reality and we're living in it.

Continue to remember those earthquake victims in Haiti. For God's mercy to be shown upon them.
Pray that sufficient food and help is provided to those homeless victims.
Pray for comfort upon those who has lost their love ones in the disaster.

Last but not least,
Pray for ourselve in nurturing our spirit everyday
to have fatih and a heart of passion for God.

In all,

Pot Luck..

We had POT LUCK in Weng Meng's house yesterday and it was initially Li-Shen's idea but she has to hit back to Singapore on last Friday and hence unable to join us.=(
Me and Boon Chong cooked cheese & herbs angel hair pasta and mashed potaoes...okie..more like me doing all the cooking and he being a good assistant in helping me chop, slice, dice and wash all the dirty utensils.
Wouldn't have succeed without a good helper, right?

Dinner is served!!!

My herbs and cheese angel hair..
Looks pretty messy huh?

Suzanne and Lik Wen's sushi...

Mashed potatoes.tehee!!

This is GOOD!!!Durian dessert from Sweet Chat

Lik Wen is tired after all that waiting...

In the end, 7 of us did  managed to finish everything on the table except for the duck..haha

Weng Meng said he made this...but I have strong doubts about it.

Just randomly taken.

Thanks to Teoh who finished up my pasta..he's the man!!


Weng Meng cousin sister's hair got all tangled up with the comb..We have to put cooking oil on it and help savage her hair...After one and a half hours, we decide to cut it off and it made the 14 year old cry.
It was pretty bad and no, I did not get inspired to be a hairstylist.=P

We tried to get loose as much hair as possible...and it was a relief that we only need to cut a small part of the poor girl's hair. Thankfully, after she washed her hair and when it dried, there wasn't much difference.*phew*

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chilies and exhaustion

Yesterday was an extremely tiring day for me as I try very hard not to fall asleep in class.
I'm not a late night person and if I do sleep in the wee hours of the day, I'll suffer the following day.=(
Pimples will pop out and I'll look like a walking corpse.

Anyway, I celebrated my friend's 22nd birthday at chilies MV yesterday.
and here are some pictures of the birthday boy-single and available.

Jie Hu...he always look funny with his sepek eyes

Pretending to blow the candle..the candle went out before he gets to blow it.*sad*

Happy boy.


A little bit about the birthday boy.
HE is a joker...always makes us laugh. 2nd best after my lecturer-MR Chia..=P
A good friend who will always ask you "why you emo?" and claim that he is the happiest boy on earth.
A friend who pretend as though he doesn't care but he a different way...
Someone who cheered me up when I'm in an emo state.lolz.
Someone who gave me his highlighter in exchange for my used eraser.
A brother to me...


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I'm so excited...
I bumped into my primary bestie in facebook!!!!I can't believe it. The joy is overwelming.
And I'm gonna meet her very Monday!!!Cant wait cant wait...
Atleast there is something to lighten up my day. Meeting up with a long lost friend, knowing that he/she is doing well..this is just great..!!!
We are so naughty back primary school!!!Oh my...memories are all flashing back now.
She is like my crime partner...more like I am hers too..hahaha
We did alot of stupid stuff climbing the fence just to sneak out and buy ice-cream.
Got lost in Shamelin and she started crying in the middle of the road *we are going to my house, and I acted smart, attempt to use a short cut and got us lost*....then I have to comfort her by saying.."Dont worry, atleast we are still in Kuala Lumpur!!"..then she cry even louder.
We copied each other's homework...I did most of it because she is just too lazy...but I let her copy without hesitation...LOL
Then we enter singing competition together..even picked the same song!!!thats why we didn't win...coz there's like 5 other contestants picking the exact same song. Judges were too bored by it..
I would go to her house at Pandan Indah and we'll talk and talk and talk like there's no tomorrow..
But unfortunately, we lost contact when we go our separate ways once we entered secondary school..
Now....we're meeting up!!
Don't know whats the feeling when I see her again after 11 years.
But we are both very excited to see each other.
This is for sure!

Just can't wait.


This morning..
I'm amazed as I experience Your sovereignty
Faith has save me, authority given to me
New day ahead...gone is the past..not even an inch of space left in my heart
Filled with praise...deep within...a sound of gratitude, comfort and appreciation.
With Him, I fear nothing.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not belonging

I'm feeling...

Not belonging


Not allowing
Self control

I had enough...this is the end.


Whao....I visited few of my friends blog and they are quite emoooo...and I thought I'm the only one feeling emo these days..
But after I read their post, it's all true when sometimes you are sad and down, you wanted someone to be there for you but there's no one. Not exactly no one but you'll feel like if you tell that person your problem, it would be a burden to him/her...making them worry as well..So you kept it to yourself..until one explode!!!Hmmm...not a good idea.
I used to share out my problems alot to my close friends..the reason being that when I'm sad, I cant pretend so they'll figure out that something must be bothering me one way or another.
As I grow older, I tend to keep things to myself more often...and sometimes I just feel like running away from it..which is not wise. I used to drive down to Bukit Bintang all alone in the middle of the night  just to clear my mind...without my parent's knowledge.
I'll be walking alone on the streets and thinking for the whole night.*scary right?*
Did it a few times but I'll never do it again...dangerous!!!
Everyone have their own get-away and my ultimate get-away right now is to pray to my Father.
He knows me best coz He created there would be any uncomfortable feeling about burdening Him.lolz. Besides, He got the whole world on His tiny problem is just a mustard seed to He is the one I've been going to it happy stuff, my dreams or my problems...=)
And I've never felt so peaceful before.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Apologies to two angels

I want to say sorry to two of my students-Jiar Wen and Xiao Wen for cancelling classes rather often this 2 weeks.
I'll make it up to both of you this friday.
These two students can drive me up the ceiling but at the same time brings happiness into my life when they do well in their exams.
Two of my sisters I would say...very nice and caring towards me.
Always understanding always encouraging.
And the feelng is mutual. I cared alot for them too..and I take to heart what they say and what they do.=)
So, I wanna sincerely apologise to the both of them.

There are people around you that comes and goes
Some stay longer, some are just a flicking light passing through.
But I've learn to see who are those who wants the best for you and those who don't really care
Those who will be there for you no matter what happens and those who give you a harder kick eventhough they know you're down the pit
I've brought up naive to believe what the eyes see...and be deceived by it.
How foolish...
How Ignorance...
How Innocent..

But atleast...there are still those whom I considered my forever treasures..and I'll try my best to keep each of them in my life forever.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The only song

The only song that strengthen me.
To face my failures, my mistakes and judgements made.

God sent his son
They called Him Jesus
He came to love, heal and forgive
He live and died to buy my pardon
An empty grave is there to prove my saviour lives

Because he lives
I can face tomorrow
Because he lives
All fear is gone
Because I know I know he holds the future
And life is worth the living just because he lives

Some would choose to accept, some would choose to critise
But all is said and done
No hopes given no lies given
Here I am
Asking for mercy to be shown

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Something wrong..

Something is very wrong with me..
The shopaholic spirit in me is longer living in can this be?
I went shopping yesterday and today, walked into numerous shops but I can't see anything that I like at all.
Everything around doesn't catch my attention and I just don't feel like shopping anymore.
I used to get all excited when I go out with my mum coz usually if I spot something I like, she'll settle the bill for me *very rare occassions*
But I just couldn't spot anything I like in the malls lately.
I just feel that I have bought too much in Bangkok....and yes, I miss shopping in Bangkok.
Here, all the prices are marked up, poor quality selling at high price just because they're branded...unlively colours and you tend to always bump into someone who wears the same shirt as you..that happens to me all the time..hahaha!!not that I mind but when you bump into more than 1 person wearing the same shirt as you in the same'll feel uneasy..and it's awkward when she also notices you.lolz
So, if I really can't get anything for Chinese New Year this year, I'll get myself something else instead..coz I save alot if I don't shop..perhaps a new radio..hehe

By the way, I bought a CD tulen for the first time in my life yesterday and it is none other than TAYLOR SWIFT!!!=D
I adores her song-breathe and white horse.
The next CD I'm buying would be Nickelback' their songs as well.

Okies...time to sleepp..nitez everyone!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Coffee story and my day

I really can't take coffee!!well, atleast not until there is a necessity to do so..*exams*
This is what happen. I went for O-town coffee after class on saturday with my friends coz it's raining and we couldn't get to our car. Ordered a cup of coffee mix tea and stayed awake until 3 in the morning.
Next day, I woke up around 8am and went to church. I was apparently half dead in juris class but was forcing myself to stay awake. After class, I went out with boon chong...was very tired but the shops in Sunway Piramid kinda gave me a sudden boost of energy. After shopping, my energy automatically die off and I was sleeping the whole way back from Sunway to Cheras.
Slept until 11pm and woke up for a while then continue to sleep until this morning 8.30am.
Only one late night and that caused me to sleep so much to "replace" it back. fault anyway...wanted to drink coffee so badly on saturday.=P

Here I am sitting in front of the computer...alone at home coz my parents went out to fetch my bro back.
Turned down an invitation to yumcha just to find out that my bf was out yumcha with his friends tonight as well...should have went out.=P
Today was my so called rest day...watched a horror movie called "unborn" and find the actress to be very beautiful..better looking version of megan fox...=)..went to Mid Valley with bro and daddy coz daddy wanted to buy paint for church..dinner with boon chong and thats about it.

A very relaxing day I would say..hehe

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm just feeling moody today
Can someone just sneak me out from my house through my window?
I really wanna go out and have a nice dinner under the moonlite.=)
With the sound of the waves beating into my eardrums...obor lights along the beach..crabs puzzling around on the white sandy beach..

~dreaming still~


I finally accepted Jolene's invitation to her blog site and reading her blog brings back alot of good memory I had during Intermediate.
Those 4 lazy girls (namedly me, jolene, ee mun and ashley) who dont give a damn entering class half an hour late or sometimes even 1 hour late just to have a nice lunch at KL central and go window shopping...
*I know this would be a bad influence to my students when they read it but yes amy jiejie is one lazy bum back then*
We would just buy earrings for each other because they're nice and pretty...then we'll choose properly which one to give to who..jolene would always be bold colours like bright pink, red and ofcoz purpleeee...mun's would be sweet and cute, something like pink or yellow...ashley would be lively and bubbly colours coz that reflects her bubbly and friendly attitude...probably sky blue!!!
Then there'll always be little treats here and there...
Egg tarts during during break...everytime one of us go for lunch somewhere earlier and spotted something good..we'll ta pao back to college and 4 of us would just sit down and enjoyyyy...=)
Then there was sleep overs at my mun's place...visiting Ashley's crib is an eye opener to what is called a "messy room"...after a visit to Ashley's mun don't think that her room was that messy after all...lolz..and I think my room is super neat and tidy!!
And we all went for prom was make the perfect dress with the perfect shoe...
Genting trip and a farewell to Ashley...boy watching...maggie mee and we took a picture with the cotton candy stand because a good looking guy was at the back...can you imagine?
Well, I have not forget any of those great moments I spent with them...=)..
The day I first met Jolene at CIMB bank is very fresh in my head.
The day I first met Ee Mun at Shamelin bus stop is also very clear
The day I first meet Ashley on the 1st day of college..

People say friendship come and go...but memories remain.
But I say friends come and go...but frienship will always remain...maybe lesser conversation..maybe lesser things in common because of different living environment...but we should always put an effort to sustain a true frienship because true friends are hard to find.
Although conflicts might occur because of different personalities but then you'll find that eventually love will surpass all dont even need to try hard to gain back that will find its way back to you.=)

 Friendship is an everyday lesson to be learnt
Better to have one true friend than all other riches in the world.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sleepy head driver

I'm so gonna blog about this incident me and my friends met on the way back from college..
This is what happen.
Mun, Melissa and me were in the car on the way back..chatting about something and suddenly this red kancil infront of us stopped impromptu and the driver off the engine...the location was along Jalan Loke Yew and everyone knows that you are not suppose to do a sudden stop or even a sudden break in the middle of a busy lebuh raya right?Worse still, we are at the outer lane aka the fast lane!!
So, being a considerate person...I thought that maybe the driver was sick or the car broke down, thats why she made a sudden stop..I turn on my indicator and started to move out from that the cars were all moving very fast, it was hard to cut out. Then the red kancil started to make a move...we are like " she is moving" I turn back into the lane...ALAMAK!!!then she stop again.
I was pissed. It was such a dangerous move and a reasonable person would not have done that.
We finally managed to cut into the inner lane and we peep through to see what exactly is the driver doing..
Only to found a fat Indian lady submerged under her seat yawning away...
My anger turned into laugher!!
How could this possibly happen?
If you're tired, you can either drive slowly at the slow lane (left hand side) or just move in from the fast lane into the slow lane!!!
I just couldn't understand..
Maybe its just a series of happenings occuring just to spice up my life a little in the beginning of the year..=)
But so much had happened in these first 5 days of 2010...
Would it be a good sign?

Monday, January 4, 2010


No place like home.after 2 sleepless nights in Sunway Medical Centre...I'm glad to be home tonight..=)
I'm recovering now...just have to take care of my intake of food. No fried stuff and no spicy stuff..Doctor asked me to avoid those for approx 3 weeks-1 month...but my personal doctor-aka my boyfriend prohibited me from eating spicy food until chinese new year.
Being a sturborn head and food craver, I don't think I could Tahan until CNY...hehe

Really thank all my relatives and friends who came to visit me yesterday..nothing better than to have good company when you're in pain..wanna specially thank Jolene who travelled all the way from Wangsa Maju to Sunway just to pay me a visit..and ofcoz Terrence who came along today to help me.discharge..=)..
Being there for me when I'm in need...without me asking anything..

This will be a short post and I'm hitting the sack soon.
Life goes on tomorrow..tuitions and class!!=D

Friday, January 1, 2010


Another 2 years to doom day!!!
Stop studying. stop working...stop whatever you're doing...surrender everything and wait to die...
Obviously, thats bullshit.
I find no better word to describe it..lolz

We've just stepped into 2010 in a blink of an eye.
Yesterday (this morning) was fireworks above my head, today it was the 2010 sunray beaming through my window.
Everything felt the same, the only difference is when we write dates on our assignments.=P..which reminds me that I have 2  EU assignments yet to be done.

The awesome thing about 2010 is...
My final year doing law...yippeee!!!
My dear and my brother's graduation..

Looking forward towards a new year ahead..we should always look back and cherish what had happened in it good or bad..
2009 was full of fun activities with my bunch of crazy collegemates...hiking gambling trip lah..prom hang overs lah...kajang satay lah *i missed that*...too many I can't really remember..haha..
Then there was hell during exams...not enough after coffee after coffee...but we do have some heavenly time in hell when it's dinner time..we pamper ourselves with good food to release stress!!!ahh...lamb chop and starbucks.. youth evangelistic boom..where I find myself rushing to church between class breaks and rush back for class after did I even manage to do that??
Well, I did stupid stuff too...fall and hit hard on the ground...just to find myself crawling back and started to walk again...
But thats life right??
You fall, you crawl and you walk back up...then you'll eventually fall again...and crawl but each time you get back up faster!!!
No regrets..

I told my friends about my new year resolution minutes before the new year starts...and they were enlighten by it.
I think I must be a pain in the ass when I didn't pick up calls and didn't reply text messages...
You must be really somebody if I reply you within 5 mintues and if I do send you a message more than 1 really are somebody!!!
So...for the sake of my friends and ofcoz Boon Chong...
my  first new year resolution would be.....
*usually I don't bother miss calls...*
Ofcoz there are more new year resolutions other than this...but its just for me to know coz pai seh lah right if I put it down in black and white but can't achieve it...=P

So, have a great year ahead people...
Play hard, giggle even harder and remember to study!!

Happy 2010....
God Bless All