Tuesday, October 25, 2011


You reached my limit of tolerance.

I've tried enough.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Never felt like this before

Life is filled with emotions.
Today, I felt a new emotion that I've not felt before, not for the past 24 years of my life.
The intense waiting, the numerous "sighs", the lost of appetite to eat, the nervousness.....
I can't stop checking my mail and staring at my phone just to see whether I miss a call.
So not Amy Tan today.
Someone who don't bother picking up calls or replying text, today she kept checking her phone.
Someone who don't log into her mail and always has her mailbox flooded, today she's checking her mail every 15 minutes.
This feeling of insecurity, thinking that she will soon face rejection because she is not good enough.

Rejection is not a good feeling.
Sometimes, somethings are best to surrender to God.
As long as I've given my best, there's nothing more that I can do about it.

Father, not mine but your will be done.
I'll go to where you'll lead me.
I've told you my dreams, my heart and my desire.
At the end of the day, you are still the composer of my life.

To you I surrender.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Told you I love October.

What's coming up next???

My first ever french fine dining experience on Thursday night.

Interview on Friday!!

Ida's wedding buffet dinner on Friday night.

Ida's wedding on Saturday, whole morning and night. (Jien's birthday as well)

Brother's 21st Birthday celebration on Sunday.

Next week-another event job at Great Eastern Mall.=)and more interviews!

Then comes Deepavali and the long awaited Singapore trip with Mun and Vera.
Looking forward for Lion King musical show, Universal Studio, Zoo & night safari, Marina Sands, Sentosa Island, the new H&M store!!!...And meeting up with bestie Li-Shen dearest!!Not forgetting Tony Roma pork ribs and perhapsssss more shopping!

I'm falling in L.O.V.E with October

The song that brought tears to my eyes last Sunday morning

The Hilton working experience

Stayed 3 nights in Deluxe+, room 2209 with Natalie.
I was literally jumping for joy when I saw the bathtub.=P

For 2 nights, I was watching TV in the mirror while soaking in the bathtub overlooking the night view of KL central. *now, this is what I sign up for*

The view from the toilet.

My lunch box during the lunch symposium.=)
there's always plenty of food food food while working.
That's why I'm 50kg now!!

Ballroom B while the conference is going on.

Hilton-where plums are as big as apples.

Snacking on grapes and berries during tea time.yummy and healthy!!

First event job working with my little brother.=)
Ivan at 6th floor-poolside.

The last night, the whole event team were treated to Iketeru, a fine dining japanese restaurant located at the 6th floor.
This is our appetizer.

Salmon skin sushi roll.

More and more sushi...

Raw Saba fish. This taste really really good. RM90/plate


Lisa and Rachel.=)

My very first Wagyu Beef experience.
Taste like heaven!!!

Me and Natalie!

Crazy moments captured!
This is probably after a few rounds of sake.

The meal was nicely ended with black sesame ice-cream.


Hilton's pool that links to Le Meredien's.  

Wet lab where I witness heart surgeons dissecting pig hearts right in front of me.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


That very night, I overheard something that bothers me.
It makes me felt so small and powerless because I'm not in any position to change anything. I felt incapable and a little frustrated on myself.
Although I can't change the way you think, or the way you're acting but everything happens for a reason. If I could accept the fact and adjust myself into our situation, why are you still feeling so uncontented?
And if you do feel this way, why are you not doing anything to fix it and allow yourself to continue on this self destruction?

I know I should not ask why because I'll never find the answer.
But what I truly wish is to give you a good life and make you happy.
All I want is for you to be happy and I'll try my very best to make sure that you are.
What I overheard broke my heart and I have to pretend I did not hear anything because I do not want to voice out and hurt you again.

I hope you'll see the pressure you bestow on the people around you.
Yet everyone wants the same as me, everyone wants to make you happy.

So please, be happy because your smile is what drives me on.
Your smile has a way to tell me that I can do better.

Your dreams I know, and they're in my heart.
Each of them!
I WILL make your dreams come true.

But not yet, not now.