Sunday, April 26, 2009



beyond words of expression

Today I went to class early from 10-11.45am (ponteng half class) and went to church for the evangelistic boom preparation.
I was abit nervous about my sharing and I actually woke up at 7am to get everything done..
Evangelistic boom was already in me and Ivan's mind since last year and today it all happens..
truely I saw God's grace and hand upon GBC-youth.
At first, I hesitated to continue this evangelistic boom because Ivan had exam on the exact same day and I didn't really have the confidence to carry it out by my own without the help of Ivan. I prayed and reflect upon God's guidance and He is always providing. With Him I have no fear..So I went on to take up the challenge.I can't describe how stress I was, having to cope with my other commitments and evangelistic boom, it was to the extend I have kidding..I dreamt that no one turned up for evangelistic boom..=(But to the contrary of that,
more than 35++ new friends came to church today..AMEN!!!!
It was amazing that I cannot put any words to express how amaze I was with what God had done.
Everything went on smoothly and organised, even my sharing was better than the rehearsal's.
This is my first time doing evangelistic sharing and calling,
I have alot to improve.
But I did my best and I know God can see it.=)
To all the youth, you guys did a great job and I'm proud of you all, I know that our father in heaven is proud of you all too!!!
remember to have a close relationship with God and all things are possible.
remember it is He who make the church grow, have faith and pray and it'll be given to you.AMEN!!!
Today we celebrated Carmen's b'day for her...can see she is very happy and dismayed..
I'm happy for her too..wish her a very blessed birthday and don't be lazy..hehee..
I couldn't stop myself from tears of joy when I read Soo Ying's blog about evangelistic boom..
I just can't hold my tears..It was too awesome, too supreme, beyond my expection.
Before the evangelistic boom, I've only prepared 20 door gifts and thought that alot of friends will FFK at the last minute...but ironically, it turned out to be another way round..
unexpected numbers of new friends..AWESOME!!!!
Hope they'll be able to get to know more about Jesus and one day will gain salvation through Chirst..
We sow the seeds, waters it, God make it grow..see how He makes GBC-youth He made me grow..I've never regret involving in the youth, I've never complaint how hectic I am, because God gave me so much and my serving is giving a little back to God.
If one would give excuses of too many things to do or busy in studies or work,
neglecting God's works,
it would only be foolish excuses..
God cherish our sacrifice, our time and our effort.
So, be strong, be faithful and be a disciple!!
I'm extremely tired now..but I'm still very happy..don't think I can sleep..lolz
Halleluyah!!Praise God to the highest!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

stress up and keep going

Its near to 4am and I'm taking a break from my studies.. Been concentrating in the law of tort and hope so I could get good grades in the coming major exam..I want to be in the 30% who pass the London External Exam..YEAH!!!Gambate.. Time is just so precious now and every minute counts. I'll feel wasted if I don't study and I won't wanna regret after my test. It's stressful to be handling my tuition, hazel-mazel, studies and the youth but I'm kinda enjoying the process of it. Ivan is having exam and won't be able to help me in organising the Evangelistic Boom..How I wish someone is here to share my burden..someone on the same boat as me, facing the same situation..Well, I don't think anyone could understand my condition right now, no even my boyfriend..Only God will know and He'll understand..coz He's the one who put me into such a challenge.Lolz. Although I couldn't attend church on sundays but my walk with God strengthens each day..=) I need supernatural power to help me get through this..seriously..feel me. Basically, I'm blogging to release my read on and try to understand ya..I doubt very much that you could. Well, despite my hectic lifestyle, not enough of sleep, not enough of rest, exarcebation of skin condition, stress, reastlessness..I'll always allocate my time to be with the one that I love, my boyfriend..hehe. Went to Conaught pasar malam yesterday and bought a steering cover. Unfortunately it didn't was too small..lolz..ate alot of fried stuff yesterday and my body is lacking of vitamins..that'll explain my bad skin condition.. Hope I could cover Law of Tort as soon as possible then I'll venture into Evidence. (these are my first two papers on the 19th and 20th of May)..Wanna try to do questions everyday-4 questions starting from 19th of April.1 month before my exam.. Okies, don't wanna spend so much time here..gonna get back into my studies..ARGHHHH...animals liabilty and employer's liability are the next chapters I wanna cover.. My head is spinning right now.. caress..

Monday, April 13, 2009

Evangelistic Details

Hey all..Latest updates on Evangelistic Boom. Here goes. 4.00-4.30pm-Arrival of guests 4.30-6.00pm-Games + Lucky draw 6.00-6.30pm-Makan makan time 6.30-7.30pm-Drama, Sharing and worship 7.30pm-Byebye. Things to prepare. 1) Door gifts- Bears+ Gospel Leaflet+ Sweets+ Programme sheet PIC: Amy, Soo Hui 2) Registration booth PIC: Soo Ying+ Soo Hui 3) Games Preparation PIC: Soo Ying + Wenn Hong (told) 4) Lucky draw PIC: Amy 5) Games judges-Bro Anthony + Pastor Lim 6) Drama crops preparation *Burger king crown *King's robe *Throne *Samurai sword *credit cards-cards holder *cross, strings Dress code will be discussed on this coming Saturday. 7) Food PIC-Aunty Sau May 8) Worship PIC: David+ Jiar Wen (pick 2 songs relating to Jesus's sacrifice) Bassist: Jiunn Wen Guitarist: Kim Meng Drummer: Wenn Hong *Practice on this saturday*
9)Games emcee
10)Cleaning up: all youth I'm having class till 5pm this coming Saturday. I'll go to church asap after my class and be prepared to stay till 7pm. On the actual day itself(25/4/09), please be in church at 11am. Last but not least: Pray for this evangelistic meeting and for your friends. Pass this information to all youth. Thanks.

Evangelistic Drama

Evangelistic Boom- short drama Once upon a time, in a far far away land live an almighty King. His name is Solomon. He is tall, handsome, strong, and righteous. He has all the riches in the world and all the ladies in the land fall for Him. But he has never laid eye on any of them and remain loyal to the love of his life-Queen Gracie. They have only one son named Price Edward and they love him so much, well, too much that he turned out to be spoilt. *Edward and Xiaoxiao walking, chit-chatting. Xiaoxiao: Edwarddd…That day you say you wanna buy that Pink Lamborghini for me..where is it??? Edward: Yayaya…whatever you say darling. *takes out credit cards* Choose one lah..Master card, Visa card, Gold card, Silver card… *Lucy walks past, posing and seducing. Edward turns to look at Lucy all the way Xiaoxiao: Ehh..why you keep looking at her?? Edward: She’s hot!!Bye girl. Nice dating with you for 2 days. *Xiaoxiao gets angry, takes all the card and went away Edward: Hey there beautiful. You wanna have a tour in my palace? Lucy: shyly smiling. Nod head and went with Edward Besides his favour hobby of “kao lui”, he is also a big bully. *Edward walking with 2 guards around town. By-passer walked by and accidentally made Edward tripped. Edward: Hey!! you use your eyes to see the road or your butt to see the road? Do you know who am I? By-passer: Sorry sorry Price Edward. Please..I beg for your forgiveness.. Edward: Go away..Take care of him. *2 guards beat up by-passer. Back at the palace. Edward brought Lucy home, his 88th girlfriend. Solomon: Son, who is this? Edward: My new girlfriend Lucy. Chun right? Solomon: What about the girl yesterday? I thought she is your new girlfriend? Edward: That one? Old adi..expired..hahaha. Solomon: Son, how can you be like this? Edward: Dad..Don’t ah chi ah jor ok? I have my life and its none of your business. *Edward walks away with Lucy. Solomon: Why is my son like this? Cries softly. One day, while Prince Edward was walking around town, he bumped into Prince Charles from Victoria Island who was dressed in normal wears. He did not recognise him and this was what happen… *Edward walking with 2 guards and new girlfriend. Charles: Hey Edward..Do you remember me? Edward: I don’t know you. Go away..Can’t you see I’m busy? Mind your own business. Charles: What a rude prince and how embarrassing. Edward: What did you just say? Charles: I’ve said what I meant. *walks away Edward: Stop!! I ask you to stop!! How dare you!! *Charles being beaten up by 2 guards Charles: Do you know who I am? Edward: I don’t give a shit who you are. Kill him. 2 guards: Are you sure your highness? Its against the law and its not right. Edward: If you obey my father, you’ll obey me. Do it!! *2 guards remain still. Edward: If you don’t do it, I’ll do it. *Edward took out his sword and killed Charles. 2 days later.. King Nehemiah, the king of Victoria Island was filled with grieve and anger. He came immediately with his guards after he knew of his son’s death and demand to have Edward account for what he has done. King Solomon: My old friend, Nehemiah. What a great pleasure that you’ve drop by. King Nehemiah: I disown a friend like you, Solomon. What have happened is more than what I could bear. This friendship and our kingdom parts from today. King Solomon: Why? What happened? King Nehemiah: Your son Edward killed my beloved boy..He killed Charles.. * King Solomon was shocked and numb King Nehemiah: Bring Edward out!!! *Edward was dragged out.. King Nehemiah: An eye for en eye, a tooth for a tooth. Since he has murdered my son, he need to pay the price of death. You know the law Solomon, you know the rules. Tomorrow at noon, Edward will be hang. Edward: Nono… me..I’m sorry..I’m wrong…I don’t wanna die.. * Solomon cries aloud. The next morning at noon, at the city centre where all the citizens gathered. *Edward is hang on the cross, ready to be killed. King Nehemiah: The time has come, the price need to be paid. Let it begin now!! Edward: King Solomon: Yes, what is needed to be done must be done. * Excecuter ready to slash. King Solomon: Wait.. *Took off his crown, took off his robe, covered Edward. King Solomon: Now do it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Open the gates of exam hell..

Can anyone tell me how many stages are there in studying??
For me, there's 4 stages.
1)Read through once
2)Understand the contents
3)Memorise and analyse the contents
4)Practice in writing out answers
Currently, I'm only at stage 2. It's one and a half month away from my exams and I'm still feeling relax and having this "tidak apa" attitude. Deep down I know, if I don't kick start with my self intensive revisions, I'll be dead. I wouldn't be able to pass.
Well, the passing rate for 2nd year in Law External Exam (UOL) is only 30% and I WANT TO BE IN THAT 30%..I'm writing this blog to give some self-motivation to myself..So I apologise if you find this boring..haha..XP
Today, I'm gonna open the gates of study hell..I believe that all students (if you feel me) would know the stress and commitment we need to put into our studies.
There's no free lunch in this work=no gain!!!*this is reality*
So, the more effort you put, the more you'll harvest. Now is the time for me to sow with my full strength and effort and await the greatest harvest!!To be in my 3rd year in no time!!!
Let me share what is meant by exam hell..
1)You can't watch your favourite drama
2)You'll find yourself unable to sleep well
3)The only time you can rest is while you are in the toilet, aside from that, you'll be stuck with your books
4)No more internet. *Im gonna be MIA for sometime*
5)You'll look horrible because of your late night studies
6)No more dating
7)Alot of your brain cells dies
8)Eating disorder-might thrown out
9)Makes you hate coffee *i hate coffee-only drink for study purposes*
This will be my life for the following 2 months till my exam ends..
*but it'll be all worth if I get good grades..*
Wish me luck people!!
Have me in your prayer.