Monday, February 28, 2011


A little girl was hurt and cries loudly

So a boy gave her a jar of sweets and tell her

"It's okie to be sad and cry. Everytime you feel sad, you can have a sweet from this jar but once you finish the sweets, then it's time for you to stop crying, be strong and move on."

It's much easier to cry and be sad...but it's hard to be strong and move on.

Yet, who can understand what the little girl is feeling?

I wish I could...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bali in less than a week.

I'm all ready for my Bali trip which is FRIDAYYYY!
4 more days to go...and I'll be a 4 days 3 nights millionaire.
Can't wait for balinese massage and spa, balinese food, breathtaking tanah lot temple, drinking fresh coconut by the pool side, experiencing the balinese culture...
Before that, I better put more effort in losing weight, if not, I'll be like a muffin stuck inside a bikini.=(

 Sunset at Tanah Lot

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The day I drew

I drew a mermaid today.=)
Took out my layered with dust colour pencils and I started colouring.
My mum was so happy, she said I look like I went back to my childhood and it reminded her of her younger days, taking care of me and my brother and how both of us used to lie down, our backs facing the sky with our chin down, drawing for hours.

So, I've read, I've drew...
And I will cook tomorrow!*Trying out a new pasta recipe*

I'm doing everything besides studying.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Finally...I went to Broga!

Finally, me and my friends went up to Broga Hill for the very first time.
It was a much easier hike compared to Bukit Tabur but it is definitely more slippery because it was sandy and the foundation of the hill-the rocks were smooth, unilke Tabur that is made of Quartz.
The view at the peak was breathetaking, and of course we made it for the sunrise!!yeah!!I'm glad that all of my friends made it for sunrise.
After the hike, we drove to Kajang for Satay. It was my first time in Kajang and the Kajang satay was good-especially the beef satay. They serve a variety of satay, mutton, beef, chicken, even fish and duck.

Then we headed home and I had a long siesta.

It's now 4.45pm and I'm wondering what to do tonight.
I'll start studying next week, so perhaps I'll go for a movie later or go shopping or finish up Nelson Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom or go for a jog. I don't know....*GOSH!!I Love THIS FEELING- THE DON'T-KNOW-WHAT-TO-DO-NEXT-AND-CAN-DO- ANYTHING-I-WANT -FEELING*
This feeling probably gonna last for another 1/2 days then I'll start to feel bored.
That's me, I can't be left with too much of free time. I remembered crying after SPM because I have nothing to do. That explains why I'm always multitasking and doing a lot of things at the same time.

Meanwhile, I'll enjoy this care free feeling.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Okie, it's my last day of work today so I'm very very free to blog today. So this post is gonna be all over the place because I'll just blog whatever that comes to my mind.

I had a wonderful dinner with my girlfriends yesterday at d'italian kitcehn-Jaya 33. The food there was superb, especially their carbonara pasta. Everything was good except the fact that I put on 1 kg this morning. Yesterday was our first triple date together and I think we annoyed the crowd there because we just can't stop taking pictures.=)

Just to share how I celebrated my Valentine.
At first, Boon Chong said he's going out with his colleagues during V-day, so I decided to ajak my colleagues to my house on V-day and bring them up to look out point. But then one day before V-day, he told me that his plans were cancelled. Too bad, I've already ajak all my colleagues out on V-day so I proceeded with my agenda. During V-day around 5pm, a delivery of roses was made to the office, and I was at the customer service counter and was the first one who spotted the delivery girl with the bouquet of roses. In my heart, I was wishing that it was for me (every girl want to be given flowers...don't deny it!!) was for Elizabeth!!!*jealous*

Anyway, my colleagues and I jammed like 1 and a half hours after work to my house. Bet now they know how far Cheras is and how torturing is the jam from Cheras to PJ and back. When reached, they were all exhausted but still we decided to go for a mid night movie-No String Attached. Went online and booked the tickets, everywhere was fully booked but lucky enough, we managed to book 6 seats at Pavilion 12.30am. (2nd round from front)

We had an expensive valentine dinner eating chicken chop that cost more than RM30 at look up point but the company was good. Boon Chong joined us subsequently and I was surprised to find sekuntum bunga ros on his car seat when we leave look out point and headed to Pavilion. Although I knew that the sekuntum bunga ros is bought by BC having been approached by some random flower seller that wish to earn some extra bucks during V-day, I am truly thankful and happy!!

My V-day ended with me walking half dead out from the cinema and my night started once I got into BC's car. Slept all the way back, can't even remember how I ended up next morning on my bed.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Impromptu presentation

I just had an impromptu presentation infront of CEO(s) from Myanmar and Cambodia.
Good news is...Zuccari products are entering into both of these countries.
Bad news is....I'm leaving the company and I won't be able to experience the future progress.
I have mixed feelings, a part of me feels happy to resume my student carefree life without much stress (only exam stress) but a part of me feels bitter to have to pass down and leave.
Wednesday is my last day and I WILL enjoy my last day of work to the fullest.=)
I've been in Frontier for half a year. In this half a year, I met some amazing friends..ahem..yes, especially Ida Ng and I've learn so much knowledge that I couldn't gain from reading books alone.
I love the flexibility that this job offers, the opportunity and the ability to take risks.
Organizing road-shows had taught me to be more organized, to turn this messy girl into a planner. Plannings are very important to ensure smoothness of the whole event.
There are also many "first time" in Frontier, first time using the fax machine, first time doing sales and marketing report, first time drafting out budgets for road-shows, first time presenting products into pharmacy.....
Colleagues in Frontier have been very nice to me, there are inevitable office politics but I always learn to avoid and stay out of it. It's simple-just stay neutral and don't back stab. =)
Ohya...and I'm more health conscious now. Good thing right?

I think I will definitely miss my colleagues.
And the free Zuccari hand cream I get to use.=P

Friday, February 11, 2011

Top 20 things I WANT to do after 16/02/11

1) Climb Bukit Tabur.
2) Sleep whole day, wake up and watch drama, then sleep again, wake up and watch drama.....*repeat*
3) Go for a short trip, either up to Genting or to the nearest beach.
4) Grocery shopping- learn to cook more variety of pasta.
5) Hunt for new tuition students.
6) Go to Sungai Gabai falls.
7) Marathon movie day, I wanna try to watch 3 movies back to back.
8) Save money and spend RM1000 in a day *so wish I could do this*
9) Work on my secret plan.
10) Yumcha with friends at least 2/3 times in a week, meet up with my old friends.
11) Exercise everyday and lose weight.
12) Attend some part time courses.
13) Prepare for Bali trip.
14) Organize night-outs, once in a month with my lovely cousins.
15) Learn to bake from Ee Mun.
16) Buy a 5000 pieces puzzle and finish it in a week.
17) Re-decorate and re-organize my room.
18) Draw and paint.
19) Buy piano pieces and play my favourite songs.

And of course, Study.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Working trip to Penang.

Penang trip was very tiring because our working hours was from 9am-1pm and from 4pm-9pm,
it was also life threatening because Kah Jun drove 140-150km/h and it only took 2 and a half hour to get from Penang back to KL.

We didn't get to visit much places nor do much in these 3 days but at least we had char kuey teow very single night!!
I would say it was a great experience for me because it was my first working trip out station and I met some new friends along the way.

 The sunset while we're driving to Penang Island.

 KL girl got very excited when she reached the heart of Penang bridge.*Snap*

 First night in Penang-Gurney Plaza entrance

 The crowded Gurney Drive.

 Delicious ROJAK. The best food we had in Gurney Drive.

 Hui Xian having Penang Laksa

 Kah Jun texting her gf.

 Our booth at Celebrity Fitness-Gurney Plaza..

 Our lunch at 600cc, a taiwanese restaurant.

 Work work work.

 Second Night-a quick drive to Batu Feringgi.

 Our Char Kuey Teow on the 2nd night taste much better than the 1st one we had at Gurney Drive.

 Penang Char Mee? I cant remember what was it called but it was good.

 Hokkien Mee.=D

 We can't get enough of Char Kuey Teow.haha

We went for a swim during our break time and got ourselves sun burnt after a short half an hour swim.

 3rd night and we had our charming tour guide-Yu Kee to bring us around but he is very bad in directions and got us lost.=(
The funny thing is, Kah Jun ended up teaching him the roads in Penang!!

 Enjoying the strong sea breeze!!=)

Yu Kee brought us to a food court that overlook the sea.

 Char Kuey Teow again.

 Hui Xian ordered a cheese penne carbonara.

 Upper Penang Road

 Drinking in Penang is cheaper than in KL, that makes Kah Jun very happy.

 We ended up in Monkey Bar.

 The last night in Penang ends with a tower of Tiger.

 Me and Yu Kee


 Yu Kee & Hui Xian

 And some chemistry along the way.
Stanley was too shy to take a picture with Hui Xian.

Last day-Lunch at Chicago Rib House.
A restaurant similar to Tony Roma but the difference is, they serve PORK!!

 Yu Kee, Rain, Ben and Hui Xian.

 I hope they'll open a branch in KL coz I'm missing the taste of their pork chop already.

 Ben having his home cook lunch at the restaurant.