Monday, August 31, 2009

Perhentian-part 1

It was 10.45pm and I was infront of the computer waiting for the Wongs to come while the Liews and my family went out for hokkien mee supper before we start our journey. I was too overwelmed with joy and happiness (my results) that I dont feel hungry at all..It was scary as I was smiling all the time-kinda freak auyong and grace off when I have tuition with them- they might be thinking-whats wrong with Amy?? Smiling her way through the whole tuition like some kind of pyscho..=P.. The van came around 11.15pm and we were introduced to our driver- nicholas aka nicky.. The journey from 11.15-7am was hard to deal with.. you youngsters in the group, we are impliedly required to sit at the back of the van-the most uncomfortable and bumpy Ivan, me and Angie sat at the back.. Let me explain why is the journey hard to deal with 1) It was very bumpy at the back-everytime we cross a bump, our arse flies up and hit down hard. 2) The driver Nicky is a fan of old chinese songs- we hear em all the way..=( 3) I was too short and couldn't find a right position to sleep 4) The seats are all 90 degree and couldn't be adjusted..we were like sleeping zombies!!lolz 5) It was pitch dark outside-no scenery to view at all I was jealous when I saw Angie snooze off just like that..luckily Ivan was unable to sleep we chit chatted for some time and eventually force ourselves to sleep.. We (the whole group) didnt get much sleep the whole night!! We reached Besut Jetty-Kelantan at approximately 7am..just in time to see the sunrise.. Had our breakfast at some old chinese kopitiam near the jetty...bread and nasi lemak..milo and coffee.. We are all looking exhausted after the night travel. Ivan went and chase some chicken like a typical city boy..poor boy..chasing chicken seems so fun for him.. Not long after that, we say good-bye to Nicky and we took our luggages to the port..*took a few pics* Nasir (our tour guide) was there waiting for us..he is a short man with dark skin and a big tummy..reminds me of my secondary school teacher. He greeted us with a huge friendly smile and helped us get our stuff into the speed bot.. He welcome us with a short speech that goes like this Pertama sekali, saya ingin mengucapkan Selamat Datang ke Besut dan saya harap kalian dapat menikmati keindahan di sini. Sekarang kami akan bertolak ke pulau perhentian yang terletak lebih kurang 20km dari sini dan memakan masa setengah jam..*everybody-oohhh....arrrr...* Then the bot started to speed up and I started to feel the salty wind beating against my face..I closed my eyes and the fresh smell of sea water relaxed my whole body..It robbed away my tiredness, together with all my anxieties.. I imagine the scenery in my mind and opened my eyes..then I realised that the reality was so much better than my imagination.. I saw little islands popping their heads out from the water..islands with no beaches.. I saw fisherman boats from afar, all busy with their daily routine.. I saw the peaceful and calm.. I close my eyes again..this time listening to the noise of the speed bot, the sound of the beating wind and the chit chatting laughers in the bot.. I thanked God for this trip and the time I get to spend with my family.. Reached Arwana resort and checked into our rooms.. My mum gave me the honour to choose to either have the pool view room or the forest view room..acting smart, I choose the pool view room..only to regret later that it was so small and it was the oldest part of the resort..there were cracks on the wall and the lights were dim.. Me and angie were so tired, we didnt really bother about the surroundings..placed our luggages by the side and dropped our heavy bodies into our queen size bed..the next thing I know..there was someone knocking on our door. I woke up and Popo was outside..she said the rooms with the forest view were much bigger and they have triple Aunt Kim Pin, who was suppose to sleep with Popo went and slept with her family-Uncle Albert and Beatrice. Me and Angie moved up and slept with Popo.. Indeed, the new room we got was so clean and nice..The batik frame in the room was my favourite.=) We rested for a while more and changed into our swimwear..awaiting to jump into the open sea and swim all the fishes!!!=) Nasir brought us to 3 spots around perhentian kecil and 1 spot in perhentian besar.. The first spot we went was the best!!!I was there 6 years ago when I was 16..together with my Bandaraya friends..=)It does bring back memories..Miss them alot. I took my lumix with me and snapped pictures here and there...the water was baby blue at shallow areas, turquoise in deeper water and darker blue in much deeper water.. When the boat stopped at our snorkelling site, the first to jump into the water was none other than my brother..straight from the boat..Nasir was like "ooi..siapa tu yang terjun?"..lolz Popo was scared and stayed on the boat..I was busy snapping pictures and was the last to go down. Everyone was so excited...they all go like.."hou leng ar..hou leng ar!!"(very pretty in cantonese) When I was down in the water...I was as though in another many kind of fishes just centimeters away from me..looking at me like I'm some kind of alien..=P They have different colours and different sizes..dont ask me their names!!!Its too many to name them one by one..there were colourful clams and lively corals..all with their own uniqueness..reflecting God's awesome creation!!! Ohya..and there's squid too!!transparent sotongs..hahaha the 2nd spot was to see green turtle..according to Angie who volunteered for WWF.. there's 4 types fo turtle in Malaysia 1) Leatherback 2)Olives Ridley 3)Hawk Bill and 4) Green turtle (paling banyak) The place we went was to see green turtle..but unfortunately the water was too "keruh" and nasir said we have to come back the next day...*sad* The 3rd spot was another snorkelling was not as good as the 1st one but this time Popo went down into the water..Me and Angie pulled Popo on a float out into the sea..Angie swimming infront pulling the string and me pushing by the side..and Popo went like "hou leng ar, hou leng hou leng"..but when we reach deeper parts with alot of corals just meters away form our feet..Popo went from hou leng to "hou gang ar..hou gang ar" (very scared in cantonese).. So Nasir came and pull Popo back to the speedbot.. Mum and aunty Ivy were scared too..they swim near the boat and dare not swim further where the beautiful corals were..So Nasir dragged my mum out and Uncle Anthony dragged Aunty Ivy out..=).. The suddenly Nasir shouted "eh, siapa tu renang banyak jauh??" Indeed, there was one who swim very far to our left and one very far to our right.. Guess who were they?? My dad and my brother-like father like son!! The 4th spot was near to our resort..where there was cold spring water-ever flowing from rocks and stones!! The water was so cold and was like water in the midst of a desert!! We bath ourselves with the water, washing away all the salty sea water... Then we went back to the resort to bath and have our lunch. Me and Angie managed to nap some pictures when the sun was right above our head-the effect was so damn nice!!clear blue skies and the sea with different shade of blue..*check fb for pictures* Food was okie-Malay food..I ate alot of fish and fresh salad..been trying hard to eat healthy since the health talk.=) after lunch..all of us went back to our respective rooms and slept.. When I woke was already 7pm..dinner time!!! It rained at night so we didnt get to walk on the beach.=( When back to our room and the boys came over for a game of cards..chor dai di!! We ended up having heart to heart sharing among ourselves..just the four of us-Ivan, me, Wenn Hong and was great!!*popo was sound asleep* We chatted for almost 2 hours and the boys went back to their room. Angie slept right away once the boys left while I tossed around, thinking and reflecting our conversation until I slept... ~to be continue~

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Glory to the highest!!

I'm here to share a great news.. I got my law results and I did well..better than I expected!!=) Will study harder next year to get 2nd upper.. *cross my fingers* Thank God for His grace upon me Amen. Going perhentian later with my family.. Please pray for our journey ya.XD Damn happy right now!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rock climbing training..=)

Went to Setapak yesterday night for rock climbing training!!
It was superb

The group I went with..Carina and her friends

Registration before we start the training.. Adrian getting ready... Wonder girl-Hui Shien.. Do it do it!!! Carina the bat girl!!
Adrian challenging the harder route!!
He is as good as a monkeyyy
Stayed over at Carina's yesterday night..woke up early and drove back to KL..
Super exhausted and frustrated right now because I can't access to
the london external webpage to check my results...*sad*
Wish me luck!!
Gonna keep clicking and clicking until I get through!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The ugly truth of life

Who are you to judge when you yourself don't practice what you preach? A silent pretender that lies his way through life.. You despise and cast doubts on others But in the end You've ruin the very foundation of a trust. Gimmicks is what you play each day Deceiving others with your excuses and own made beliefs.. Thief of righteousness, killer of love and friendship One who knows nothing about responsibility and commitment but act as though he understand it Chances were given but its all taken for granted Once so beautifully crafted, now broken into pieces by your own bare hands Fake promises and assurance are your routine.. Which blinds the eyes of the foolish and sweet to the ears of the deaf The countless disappointments, the endless cries Are all fresh in my memories, my sound mind. Don't do something and be hypocrite enough to deny it.. Or say something but to the other you blame that I'm lying An angel outside, a devil inside Best left untouched and best left undefined.. Don't ask me who and don't ask me why I'm just blogging the ugly truth of life.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Baju Kebaya..=)

What I want but not what I need
Will have to pass this elegent piece this time..*sobz*
My crocs totally doesn't match the kebaya..=P
Didn't know that Kebaya could look so good.. never try never know!! ~love~ Amy

Too much of sweet stuff

I'm feeling tired because I ate too much of junk food, maggi mee and coconut sweets.. My whole body feels very heavy and I could just fall asleep infront of the computer right now..=P I woke up late todayy and went to Serdang for tuition. 12pm-2.15pm then the next tuition at Kinrara 3pm-5pm caught in the jam *arghh* 5pm-5.45pm Reached home 5.50pm!!! Feeling exhausted... I'm lack of exercise.. SO... I wanna go swimming..jogging and sauna!!! The best place to do that would be none other than--- Desa park city...=)=)=) Since I have to teach Adrian mathematics tomorrow... I'll just crash in their place for the night.. *evil laugh* Live healthy people!!~! *going Jusco with mum later..doing shopping for Perhentian trip..

Voice in my heart

I woke up around 7.30am and made a bad decision to allow myself snooze off for a little longer.. I had some weird dream and when I open my eyes...I reach out for my W395-its name is perky because its purple!!*smile* was already 9.35am!!GOSH..I couldn't make it for sunday school!!! Me and Ivan reached church around 10.30am and I went straight up to the office to settle some stuff.. I'm happy to be in His presence once sing his praise and lift his name up high!!Thankful for his grace and his salvation..his anointing and his mercy. Today's worship was awesome..its not because of the song leader, its not because of the music, its not because of the congregation..its simply because...I wanna be close to Jesus!!! Worship is not about anything else but our heart towards God !!! While singing the song-worthy is the lamb.. I prayed in my heart that the holy spirit will speak to me this morning.. and Ronnie Teoh's sermon today has indeed spoken to me...its so scary that God answers prayer instantly just like give me no chance to deny or to cast any doubt on his Sovereignty.. Truely, I learned to walk in trust Him all these while... But today, I've learn something new.. To live in the achieve Christ-likeness.. One thing strike me hard this to learn that the fruit of the spirit love, joy, peace, patient, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control cant be obtained through our own effort. It is by the spirit that we changed to be christ-like..not by our own might or strength..WOW!!*awesome* We might see weaknesses in ourselves and in others as well..but to overcome these weaknesses is the work of the commit yourself to God and be prepared to see the marvelous changes that WILL take place in your life.=) Being the youth director is thus far the greatest blessing for me. Although I struggle alot trying to compromise my studies and my tuition with doing God's is all worthwhile... I've gain so much more that I could have imagine...At first I thought that holding a post in church is all about commitment and responsibilities...but I was so wrong!!! Because I've found true joy in that is so overwelming and indescribable..I thought that being the youth director is all about giving my time, my effort, my strength to the youth and to Jesus. but the truth is, I've gain faith in the Lord, I've gain understanding, I've gain love... and I love the youth!! In the end of the day, I'm receiving abundantly... here's a saying that strengthen me for Youth Sunday When you did everything that you can, He is ready to do everything that you can't!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Adore 2009
Here are some pictures I've taken..
grab em


Having our dinner at Hung Kee before the concert.*me and xiao wen*
In my car..simone look so cool..=P Church van...all the naughty boys..!!
Reached KLBC.*carmen and soo ying*
Us..while waiting for Ivan and the rest to arrive.=)
Adore 2009-KLBC
Games session!!
Worship timeee..Alvin and his team took off..
GBC youth-at the first row!!
All came for one purpose-to lift up His name..
See...I kena bully by my youth..*look closer, I fell down*
Bennett and soo ying were trying to help me.
who is the one who pushed???

Saturday, August 22, 2009


A song that touched my heart many times..
Indescribable by Chris Tomlin
From the highest of heights
to the depths of the sea
Creation's revealing Your majesty
From the colors of fall
to the fragrance of spring
Every creature unique in the song that it sings
All exclaiming
Indescribable, uncontainable,
You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name.
You are amazing God
All powerful, untameable,
Awestruck we fall to our knees as we humbly proclaim
You are amazing God
Who has told every lightning bolt where it should go
Or seen heavenly storehouses laden with snow
Who imagined the sun and gives source to its light
Yet conceals it to bring us the coolness of night
None can fathom
Indescribable, uncontainable,
You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name
You are amazing God
All powerful, untameable,
Awestruck we fall to our knees as we humbly proclaim
You are amazing God
Incomparable, unchangeable
You see the depths of my heart and
You love me the same
You are amazing God
You are amazing God
here's the link for you-tube
~sweetdreams everyone~

Friday, August 21, 2009

My new found love-starbuck caramel hot choc

Pictures meant a thousand words..
so here's my dayyy
Morning-Tuition at Serdang
Lunch at Pudu
Afternoon-shooting session with Esmond and his team
I managed to steal some snaps while they are busy with the shoots..=P
*trying out my hp camera*
Location-Subang Jaya
Met John-looks like Hitz fm JJ's twin bro..(white shirt sitting) and Sean (brown shirt) Friendly people, awesome experience.=) Fun shooting guys!! Evening-Dinner at Sunway Piramid after the shooting.. Finally get to try Sushi Zanmai!!*smiles* My salmon with omega 3 to prevent cholesterol *pardon me as Im over concerned about my health after the health talk* yeah..I'm no longer unmotivated!! Bc's Delicious beef riceee..
Sushi Zanmai-spent a long time trying to locate it!!
rupa-rupanya its outside Piramid.*swt*
Bye-bye to the gigantic lion head..
It kinda represents my horoscope-leo.=) I'm pretty much a lion myself!!
My tiring day was ended with starbuck's caramel hot chocolate..
My new found love!!!
Got a message from Kalai..
I'm in Perempuan Magazine August issue.
Quickly grabbed one.=)
New collection..more to come!!
Guess that's my dayy..
Kinda feeling moody todayy, been thinking about stuffs..
Will get over it soon I guess
A new day tomorrow
Can't wait for ADORE concert with the youth.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I bought sony ericsson W395!!!!huhu..
It has all functions except for 3G. Good enough for me..=)=)
Woke up around 10am this morning and was surprised to not find my phone beside me...*my phone sleeps beside me everynight*
Tried to recall when was the last time I saw my phone---pasar malam when I called Carmen to ask what colour rubberband she wants me to buy for her..I cant remember taking my phone out of my bag when I reached home from pasar malam.=P*too tired i guess*
Called my went into voice mail..
So that only means one thing..STOLEN!
Took a quick bath, called Boon Chong and off we went to Times Square Digi centre.
Reached TS, digi centre system down..
So i ask one of the guy there, he told me to come back tomorrow as the whole Malaysia system down..I was stupid enough to believe him..feeling disappointed we walk across to Low Yat to buy a new hp.
Spotted a Digi service centre and tried my luck again..
The guy was friendly and asked for my IC..then he said he could settle for me in 15 minutes!!!* foolish I am to believe that the whole Malaysia system down*
My budget was RM500 so there isn't much phone I can get...=(
Walked around and did some price survey..from one booth to the other booth..trying hard to negotiate the price..After much time spent, finally we found a booth that offers the lowest price- RM440 for AP W395..we are all smiles...the saleman made a number of calls and went MIA for 10 minutes only to give us a bad more stock!!!*whole Low Yat*I was so devastated..I looked at my watch, it's already 1.50pm..I need to rush for my tuition very soon..
So we rushed to Sungei Wang..
We walked around and the price given there was RM490 for AP. RM50 more...*sad sad*
It was 2.05pm.
I was very desperate and in a hurry so I finally give in and purchase it for RM470 at one of the booth..Take it or leave it!
There's actually two colours for W395..I insisted to have the purple instead of the Gold..which cost me all the running about and higher price RM30 more for a purple W395..worth it???
Taught luek from 2.45pm-4.15pm and bro came to pick me up..*he is being so nice because he needs to use my car today and tomorrow*.
Went home, took a nap from 5pm-7pm..
Woke up, ate my dinner..prepared Chemistry lesson and went to Bandar Tun Razak for tuition with Grace and Auyong.
Did revision with them on Mathematics-sets (f4)& Transformation (f5).
Came home and bloggg...=)
Thats my day...another ordinary day packed with tuition and a little misfortune!!
Schedule tomorrow-Tuition in the morning
-Afternoon-helping my friend Esmond to do an anti-cigarette advertisement shooting

I've just lost my motorola

Someone stole my old cheap motorola in connaught pasar malam yesterday.. Maybe he/she didnt see properly what model is my hp when he/she steals..coz who would steal my cheap motorola???maybe it looks like an i-phone in a single glimpse..lolz I did felt someone touching my bag while i was walking...but I didnt really bother coz the pasar malam was so crowded.. Just called my mum and kena nag like mad..luckily he/she didnt take my purse..coz it would be so troublesome to make police report and get my ATM card, credit card, IC, driving licence done..thank God for that. Anyway, my mum doesn't wanna sponsor me on my new i have to spend atleast RM500 on the money left this month..NO MORE SHOPPING FOR NEXT 2 MONTHS!!!I understand coz my mum have to pay for all the household expenses and pay for the perhentian trip end of this I just pray that I'll get extra income next month..I dunno how but God will make a way..=)=)=) Okies... The thief must be very desperate for money to have steal my cheap motorola..maybe he/she have no money to feed his/her family... Lets have him/her in our that he/she will find a job and stop stealing for a living. Kesian the motorola is reselling value..maybe RM20..cukup for a meal for his/her family..=( The lesson to be learned-----> Be careful with your bag when you are in a crowded place!! *Yesterday, I went to Sunway Piramid with the Chengs...aunty hooi ling, xiao wen and carmen..luckily I didnt buy atleast I still have some cash left for my hp..=) It was an enjoyable window shopping with the Chengs, we went after my tuition in their place near Kinrara..the exact place is Taman Puncak Jalil...very near from Sunway. Thanks Uncle Alex for the delicious dinner and the chicken rice lunch!!! Alright..I need to settle my hp stuff and buy a new phone before 2pm as I'm teaching tuition at 2.30pm.. Hope I can get an affordable hp. Will update you all tonight

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A day trip to Malacca with BC

Watching over me..
Port Dickson beach on the way back to KL..=) First day trip together..Malacca-PD
Pork Satay..pork lovers don't be jealous!!
My craving for Mcdonalds..again!
We spent half an hour walking around mahkota, under the hot sun, in search of this nyonya restaurant
only to find it CLOSE ON TUESDAY!!!!=(
A chinese temple in Jonker Street.
Baba nyonya durian cendol..=)
Malacca famous chicken ball rice..yumyum
I'm so tired..sleeping early tonight so that tomorrow I can focus on my tuition.
good night!!

In between intervals..there's always something to celebrate..

I woke up early this morning and laze around on my bed..
I cuddle my blanket like a little baby and grin at the sunrise that caught my eyes..
It was bright orange
That marks the start of my day
I washed up and wore a khaki tight t-shirt with my all times favourite levi
Drank nutrifresh mix fruits and ate bread with fresh garden salad.
Then, off I went to Serdang for my 1st session of tuition.
Caught in a morning jam.
Reached shen's house and Aunty Annie bought pau for me..=)
Felt happy!!!!
Did revision on Mathematics with shen
Sent shen to school and felt extremely tired.
Went home and took a nap
Felt happy!!!
1.40pm..rush to Sam Peng to fetch my student-ying
Taught Mathematic form 5 chapter 9-earth as a gave ying some headache.
caught in a jam in loke yew
Reach fong's house around 4.30pm and taught sonnet 18..
Called up Pizza Hut..celebrated ying's b'day in fong's house
Felt happy!!!
Sent ying home, went to Karen's house
chit chatted..Karen did my nails..laugh over old pictures where I look horribly adorable
Shuan came..ate dinner together
It was 10pm
Kim Meng got home..we celebrated Shaun's b'day..ate chocolate orange cake..*thumbs up*
Felt happy!!!
came home..exhausted..
I'm blogging here
Felt happy!!!
Going Malacca tomorrow...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

10 secrets that you don't know about me!!!

1) I love pink gadgets
2) I've only have one barbie doll when I was young
the cheapest tea barbie
3) I hate raisins and fishballs
4) I count cows when I couldnt sleep
it goes like.."1 cow jumps over the moon..2 cows...
5) I'll fall asleep before the 160th cow
6) I go crazy for helium balloons
7) I never blow my hair after my bath
8) I love the rain!!
9) I've pierced my belly button when I was 17
10) I have many more secrets that you don't know..*wink*

Feeling bad..

hi bloggy.. I'm feeling bad today because I think I've hurt someone just now.. The story is like this.. I've been attending make up classes and health talks organised by "soon ye" under AMWAY. So I went to this health talk yesterday about H1N1 and cholesterol. After the talk, I went yumcha with the friends I met there. They are all very friendly people from different background, chemistry teacher, IT boy, student, Auditor, Accountant, one of the gril worked for MCA.. I have fun chatting with them because I like to share their experience. Then one of them showed me this video about a speech by this lady, lets call her Miss Tan. She is 60+ years old and she is very successful in AMWAY. Many people's lives were changed because of what she said. Then he told me that she is coming down to KL from Taiwan during 26-29 september and he tried to convince me to he spent approximately more than half an hour convincing me to attend this talk...then another girl named janice started to convince me as well..she said something like " after you see the video clip in Taiwan, thousands of people attending her talk, don't you feel touched?"...I look at her expression and I could see she expected me be be I just gentle nodded my head..but the fact is I DONT FEEL ANYTHING AT ALL..the video clip shows a successful lady influencing thousands of people..and I'm sure that many were touched by her testimony and take her as their goal or idol... but to influent will be HARD!!!!Extremely hard. I have no interest to go to this talk which I have to stay 3 days in Genting and pay RM350. Besides, I'm going to fraser hill with my family during that period.=)=)=)...I miss fraser hill so so much. So today was the deadline of the registration for this genting trip and I texted one of my fren there-jocelyn telling her I've decided not to go..then Jun Pin called..I was sleeping and didn't manage to pick up his i called him back.. And he asked me about this trip.. and i went I'm not going.. I don't feel like going.. Okie Bye Duuuu..... ARGHHHHHH...I felt so bad..I think the contributing factors are 1)I just woke up 2)I got frustrated about all the convincing 3)I wanna make myself clear but no excuse to be rude to someone right??? Hiahz...=( anyway.. A person like me who don't get a damn *sorry* for ANY concert and never bought an original CD in my life before..the only sah CDs i'm willing to splurge on are christian CDs..and I did bought 2 original cassettes which are simple plan and "Na Ying". =) So called me a weirdoo... For me to spend RM350 to go up to Genting for a talk by Miss Tan? HARD... Soon ye is a place to learn about how to live a better life..and to start your career in AMWAY..if you are successful, you can go for trips around the world fully sponsored by AMWAY...interesting isn't it?? There are so many testimonies shared and so many people's lives changed. They are all very friendly and good people.. But somehow I know that Soon Ye is not a place for me. I love the people, I love to learn.. But I can't give any commitment to Soon Ye or AMWAY. Sorry to Jun Pin and sorry to whoever that is trying hard to convince me to enter AMWAY..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A silent struggle

It sucks being in a situation where you knew about something bad but you have to keep your mouth shut and not alarm anyone. Knowing for the fact that calamity and hardship is at someone's doorstep but you just cant tell that person..seeing that person living behind lies and having this temporary happiness that will soon end up in quarrels is killing me...the frustrating part is THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO TO HELP.. Its like watching someone you love dying infront of you but you just cant do anything to help him/her. When I heard the news, I was devastated.. But there's really nothing I can do but just to pray to God... Seeing people fall hard from where they stand is heartbreaking...seeing people unable to grip the reality in life and move on, to put aside their pride and ego, to face the fact in be real to themselves. But again...who am I to judge?? Its complicated and I'm sorry if I give you all a headache reading this post..wondering what am I trying to say.. All I can say is LIFE is a long lesson to learn. Sometimes we do fail the test that God put forth for us.. but this is what the bible says.. 2 corinthians 13:5 Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith, test yourselves. Do you not realise that Christ Jesus is in you-unless, ofcourse, you fail the test? Sometimes through failure will men seek God, through failure will men learn to trust and lean on that God's true power will be revealed. It is not the rich and powerful that needs the Lord but the poor and weak.. As human, we always avoid failures and when failure hits us, we blame others...we try our best to hide it so that no one knows...shhh...don't tell anyone..We like to be seen when we are successful and well to boost about our achievements.. We look down upon those who failed and making them to be shunned. BUT.... Didnt not Jesus dine in the house of the tax collectors?? Did not Jesus reach out to those prostitute on the streets?? Make a difference people... We should never look down on anyone..even if that person failed.. Not just that, we should always encourage that person to stand firm again.. There is always a 2nd chance for everyone..failure is not the is a fresh beginning of success.. Edison failed hundreds of times before he successfully created the light bulb!!!Amen to his perseverance!! To stare failure into the eye and say...IM NOT GONNA REPEAT THAT again!!! I'm ending this with Matthew 6:25-27 Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? When failure strickes, don't worry.. Faith and trust will bring you through...=)=)=)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blessed day for the Fongs

Karen's Big day
I'm already feeling kinda sick repeating what I did in the morning...ya ya ya..tuition!!! Did revision with my student on Geography and nag him for almost 15 minutes about why he should put effort in his studies, do constant revision..he was nodding his head vigorously in respond but I'm not sure whether he's disgesting what i said or it was just mere ignorance..well, that's all i can do...
this is what I always tell my younger students..
This battle is yours, not mine..I can only sharpen your sword and spear, give you strategics and technics of attacking..but in the end YOU are going to war, not me. So if you don't do your part, not matter how much I want to help, I just can't.
Another famous saying of mine-there's no free lunch in this world!!!
In the afternoon after I've sent my student-shen to school, went down to petaling street to collect flowers for karen's convocation as well as for pixie (bc's buddy).
Feeling like a queen, holding two bouquet of flowers, each with one dozen roses-one in white and another in pink..nicely wrapped with colourful wrappers..feeling appreciated and perky...well, this happy bubble pops by itself after 5 seconds when reality hits me hard-for goodness sake amy, those are not for you..hahahaha..but I manage to cheat a few envy glances from girls walking pass me!!
so whats with girls and flowers???
best way to describe it would be whats with boys and football then??
Drove to Aunt Glenise's place and saw karen, shuan and aunt glenise..karen wore a royal purple dress with black tights..she looks gorgeous with her make-up and newly done perms..all grown up and really to receive her crown of knowledge..she is always the smartest among us cousins..the one who have the is a very special day for her and her family..especially my aunt glenise who raised her up with her own bare hands..iron woman is she!!!bravo bravo..I'm sure she is the most joyful person on earth todayyy...
The best way to show your love for someone is to be there for share her happiness and sadness..her anxiety and'm a happy girl because I witness great joy in karen's holder in music..I'm sharing her BIG DAY!!its awesome..
despite the heat, the sweat, the crowded hall, the jam roads and latefor tuition at was all worthwhile when I saw her in her robe!!!See how fast we've grown..see how time flies..from playing barbie dolls till talking bout hot guys and sharing she is...first to get a degree, first to get married.
See how God has blessed a widow with such great perserverance and a cheerful giver...surely the Fongs have found favour in His eyes.=)...
While I was waiting for angie to meet us in aunt glenise's house, I went for a haircut with my grandma...she had a haircut too..and she paid for pai seh..need grandma to pay for me..but she thanks grandma!!after the haircut, we went to the chinese herb shop and grandma bought some chinese herb to boil soup, it was said that this soup can prevent H1N1...WOW...!!!!
While crossing the road from the saloon to the shop, grandma spontaneously hold my hand and i hold hers back..I felt like crying because I have not hold that hand for such a long time..those rough and rigid hands that once raised 7 childern, those hands that fed me porridge, pat me to sleep, cover me with long can I feel the rush of blood in those hands??
I'm afraid of lost..seriously I am..
Went back to aunt's house and went out to the balcony...then it started raining..i saw poeple rushing out to take in their clothes..all hurrying in their own pace..and there was this old man, so old that he is struggling to reach the clothes hung outside...for him, I prayed in my heart for the rain to stop, and it stopped.=)
the weather was damp and cooling..I listen closely to the chiterring of myanmar children next door and the slow dripping of raindrops..the rain has really stopped...I looked around loke yew area..people that came out to collect their clothes were mostly youngsters..some in school uniform..
I wonder...
Have they been reached??
have them in your prayers

Way to!!!

hearts ya.

Its Wednesday...

Woke up by that familiar alarm tone I have and its time to get up and get going..
Slept late yesterday night so it was kinda hard to wake up, my eyes were all red and tired. So I gave my eyes a day rest from contact lenses.=)
Look into my full size mirror with my messy hair and horrible morning looks, I realised that I've put on weight...must be that Ramli Beef burger I ate yesterday night. Well, gonna sacrifice for burgers right?? Need to do more exercise to lose those calories..=(
Due to my weight gain, my confident level dropped instantly so I slipped into a basic black 3 quarter sleeves top and a pair of comfy blue jeans...Grab my stuff and off i went for tuition.
Helped my student decorated and design his Geography project front page and he got all excited about it asking me how I manage to decorate the front page so well? Then I proudly say "you know, Amy jiejie got talent in art!!".
Thinking back, i used to make cards and sell them in school to earn extra money for that nasi lemak tambah sambal back in Bandaraya Girl School. My friends used to buy birthday cards from me and I was enjoying my art work. It has been long since I last made a card for a friend.
Aunty Annie was so kind to provide me lunch "again", she made fettucini with mushroom sauces...yumyum..Although I felt guilty of eating so much of carbohydrate, I appreciate her effort of providing me a meal...thanks so so much.
On the way back home, dropped by Mcdonalds and bought a set of Big Mac for Daddy..
Reached home, I was so tired that I fell asleep staight after I've changed into my sleepwear.It rained while I was sleeping and it felt so chill. The part I hate is when people message or call me during my sleep. Well, my sleep was interrupted by messages and calls from friends..=(..
Slept 5 hours till 6pm and online for a while.
Went for a talk in soon ye (training centre) and it was okie. The speaker shared about his past and how he came to soon ye and learn to be a better person. He show us slideshows about the career you can have in AMWAY, doing sales, you can travel and live luxuriously...
Then he emphasised on making money without going to the office and how we can enjoy life the easy way...
Well, there are parts which i didnt agree with him but i kept it to myself. Take the good and throw the bad.
I've nonetheless gain knowledge like we should always change ourselves to be better and to always put words of encouragement into our mouths.=)..
Everyday I live, its always much to improve, so much to change.
We had a sharing session after the talk and all the new comers were so quiet and shy..except for me ofcoz.
I was the last to share and when its my turn, I can see the amazement in their faces...its kinda funny..but its the less they expected from a newcomer i guess. =P

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Awesome Sunday!!

Its 2am and I'm still up. My day started off with driving back all the way from Kepong to Cheras and caught in the morning traffic..While driving in the car, my mouth was full of praise and I reflect upon all the wonderful things You have done in our midst..Songs like Beautiful Saviour, Great is Thy Faithfulness, Great Awakening pop out spontaneously. Once I've reached home, it was almost 9am and I crawl into my crib with tiredness and relief..Before I even notice, I was fast asleep... Woke up around 11.30am and trim my dressed and off i went for tuition. I've got 2 tuitions at 2.30pm and another at 4.30pm. Tuition was OK, students did my homework, obedient...I'm happy enough.=) Went home, ate dinner and went SHOPPING with mummy in KLCC...I felt back for turning my friends down from the trip to Kajang for satay but I really wanna spend time with my mum and SELDOM will she bring me shopping.. I bought lingeries in Isetan, and spent arounfd RM120 in SASA buying make-up brushes made from pony tail and some other eye-brow pluck and eye-brow trimmer.. Mum bought bio-essence face lotion and essence for me..damn touch!!!She seldom buy things for me since I started working..I'm happyyyyyy.. Went to nose and bought a gorgeous pair of heels..another RM60 gone... Have to admit I'm quite a big spender. Need to change, need to control!!!!!=( Later at night, melissa came and fetch me and I went to FUN OK-connaught to join my college friends..chit chatting., played chess (but I lost my queen then I patah semangat)...2nd round was to get Ramli Burger...been craving for it and finally my craving was satisfied!!! Enough bout today... YOUTH SUNDAY The worship was awesome despite little mistakes here and there...GREAT JOB GUYS!!!I believe that you all have made Him proud.. Don't be let down by the mistakes you made, learn from it and do it better next time..! Special credits to Kim Meng the drummer...though he has faced alot of difficulties in playing, but he did not give up and practice and've move hearts with your determination and your spirit!!!Continue to serve Him with these. Dave and Carmen, abit nervous on stage I can see but the whole worship has the flow...Pray and commit everything to God and you WILL see wonders...Do not lean on your own understanding and strength but put your trust in the Lord. Youth Sunday is just the beginning of something marvelous..keep up the good work and grow in the Lord. You will be amazed of what He is capable of doing. Guitarists-Wenn Hong, Mark and Jiunn Wen.. I was impressed when I saw you guys on stage playing without referring to any notes or chords..I know you guys have put effort in your playing and it could be seen. We have many talented youth in GBC...what is stopping us from growing and standing strong??? that will be NOTHING!!!! Not forgetting the ushers and all youth who attended it..making Youth Sunday 2009 a great one. I pray that everything the youth of GBC do will truely glorify God and touch His heart. I pray that the youth of GBC will cherish their relationship with God and grow tremendously in their spiritual walk. I pray that I could improve myself and be strengthen so that His great works could be done in GBC. I pray that our heart of worship and our service find favour in God's eyes. I pray not only for growth in spirit but growth in numbers... If it is not NOW...then WHEN will it be??? Revival is coming!!! Amen. Those who have ears let them hear.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

No one is a born leader

Everyone wants to be a leader, the one who has the final say, authority and power over the others. But what does it takes to be a leader?? If it was easy, then everyone can be one. To me, the essence of being a leader is to have a humble heart.
Being a leader is a process of climbing up a long ladder. No one can claim that they are born a leader because its not a talent but a practice in itself.
Having people working under you, you must succumb to the needs of your member. Understanding is very important and crucial because it'll help you to gain respect from them.
Many will misuse their position as a leader to make all decisions based on their own choice and beliefs. Mind you..when 2 people look up to the sky and see a cloud, they'll have different interpretation of its shape and image. So don't expect everyone to think alike and work towards gaining the decision of the majority. Forcing others to take your decision and your way is nothing better than a monarch and we all know that monarchy system is the worse system ever.*sejarah*
A leader must be able to see things from both sides, both the good and the come to the best conclusion which is best for the team and its members. Evaluating from different prespective is important because it'll help one to see the clearer picture of the whole situition.
When 2 person fight, the leader CANNOT be bias..both side need to be heard and reconcilation of the both parties is part of a leader's responsibility.
He must be able to take stress..loads and loads of stress..and to handle them nicely. A weak mind and a weak soul is not suitable for such great task. Think twice before taking up a position as a leader. It spells difficult, never easy.
He is always hard on words and soft in heart, always forgiving and understanding..always seek opportunity to improve strike to be better each day. to cilmb that ladder and go higher and higher.
I know a good example of a leader.=)
Seeing him makes me learn alot from him. He is the school captain in both his primary and secondary school.
Wherever he goes, until today, people sees the difference in him because he was moulded to be a good leader since primary school. Respect and praises follow him everywhere and truely he has become a leader forever!!!
Being a leader needs to make alot of sacrifices especially sacrificing your time and effort..
In return..what does a leader gain??
-a better person all together.
No matter if you are a leader in your school or in church or anywhere else, remember to be humble. A leader do not boost and do not misuse his authority!!!
Always be strong and willing to take up the challenge-have confidence in yourself.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Never felt this way before.

The always confident Amy is facing a huge unfamiliar side of herself lately. She never felt this way before about going up on stage.. Stage is like another part of her world and it's like where she belongs..she never felt so nervous and anxious about going up on stage before...not until now..not until these few days. Maybe this time is different. This time is huge. and serious. It's not serving Him up there, its representing Him up there..A task that she felt she is so unworthy to take. Although its youth sunday and she is sure that the congregation would not expect a prefect preacher up there..the part is she is expecting alot of herself.. These few days, she is having sleepless nights and she is acting kinda weird towards a point where she dont feel like doing anything much and just wanna sit inside her room, in her small little corner.. The fact is she is scared. She is scared of saying the wrong thing and misinterpratating God's word. A person whom His shandals she is unworthy of cleaning. Preaching in Mandarin makes her feel more anxious because it is something she is not good at... whoever reading this, have her in your prayer because she needs your support. youth-Do your best for Him this sunday as I will too.