Monday, June 6, 2011

When it's time to study

When you set your heart to study,
The phone rings a few times and next thing you know, you have your whole week filled with gatherings, dinner and yumcha session.
Wednesday night, I'm going out for dinner with Boon Lim and 2nd round with my high school SBS mates.
Friday night meeting up with ex colleagues and oh yes, I always look forward to meet miss Ida Ng.
Saturday night, I'll be attending brother Amos's wedding dinner with Boon Chong and sunday, I have to replace my brother in his work at Low Yat because he's song leading in church.

Maybe I should just switch off my hp and stay away from FB next week.

Really....really need to kurung diri and study.
If not, I'll be seeing Mr Sukhdave again......NOOOOOOOOO...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Darling's 24th Birthday

I celebrated Bc's 24th birthday last sunday (a week ago) and here are the pictures.
I hope that Bc will have countless birthdays to come and I will be celebrating with him every year until we're too old to celebrate.
I love you Boon Chong,
for everything that you are and everything that you made me become.

Lunch at Levain.
Spotted an oil painting in Levain.
I want this in my living room!

Dearest and his beef lasagna.
One of the best we tried.=)

Starting the day afresh with orange juice.
Not so worth the price I paid, you can see how diluted it was.

I had creamy mushroom spaghetti.

After lunch, we headed to Pavilion and wanted to watch Kungfu Panda but the tickets were all sold out!
We then went to Berjaya Times Square, hoping to get tickets there but it was all sold as well.
If you can't get tickets in Time Square, you can forget about other GSC cinemas.

Since we're so free, we headed earlier to Leonardo's.
Reached there around 5.30pm and we're the first 2 customers of the night.

Located at Bangsar's housing area, this is a restaurant away from the crowded and congested Jalan Telawi.
Besides Leonardo's, there are a few posh restaurants and tea places along the same roll of shop houses.

Leonardo's dining room and wine loft.
A fine dining concept restaurant and Leonardo Da Vinci inspired.
FYI, this place is owned by a lawyer.
Service there was fantastic-maybe because there's only 2 of us there.
But still, 5 star services with fine food...will definitely re-visited Leonardo's.
Amy and Ramjit's Pasta-recommended by Sharmane.

The ambiance of the restaurant.
Dark maroon curtains and brick walls..

Darling enjoying his dinner.

Mamma Mia pizza.
Very crispy thin crust with raw beef and vege.

After our early dinner, we went to KLCC and wanted to visit Aquaria.
But we were late and it was closed.
Heavy hearted walked around KLCC for a while and headed back to our own sweet home.

Actual day-30/05/11.
Celebrated his birthday in his house.
Specially made an oreo cheese cake for him that turned out not so much of a cake but a pudding instead.LOL.
Still, I'm sure he did finished all of it.=)

24 years ago, God created this special person for me.
Although I took things for granted and screw up in the past, he still forgives me, accept me and believes in me all these years.

I can't express how grateful I am to have a soulmate like you.
Our relationship is beyond love and I fall for you whole heartedly!!

Night out with primary mates and lovely Angelyn

New 24 hours dim sum and cafe located near Yu Lek and Midah.
IN house cafe.
Rating: 6/10

Ceiling fan that looks like a flower.

Little Angelyn and Aunty Amy.

Cute and Adorable.

Angelyn and Grandpa Chong.

Kascy and me with our slimming flower tea.

Single and available Lawrence.

Enjoyable night out with my primary mates, I spent most of my time playing with Angelyn and kinda neglected all the rest of my friends. =P
She is too adorable, I taught her eyes, nose, face, tongue and ears (in Mandarin) and within she learnt within 10 minutes. Her mummy was shocked that she learnt so fast.Haha...thanks to Aunty cum Teacher Amy huh!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Full & frank-Miss Kong

Today is Mun's birthday and I would like to dedicate this blog post to her.
Title: FULL AND FRANK about Miss Kong Ee Mun.

First time when I saw her, it was at the bus stop while I was waiting for the bus together with my high school friend-Pau Kee.
First impression-This girl is really cute and petite, she looks like Form 2 pupil and she got that snobbish SBU look. Hey, why is she staring at my friend?

Then I went to Kasturi for trial tuition, there Ee Mun was, right infront with her loud and clear voice, debating with the literature teacher.

Then I never see her again until Form 6.
In Form 6, we were from different class so we're not close at all but what draw us together is my bf-Boon Chong who happens to sit beside her. He tells me stories about Ee Mun all the time, but I still wasn't close to her.

We join choir together, went for outings together, but somehow still not very close.

Then, after Form 6, we went to BAC together. That was the time we really bonded.
We stayed so close to each other that we car pool all the time, and because we car pool, we'll do a lot of things together.
We went for Matta fair, PC fair, Beauty expo, Seventeen casting......we did all the fun things together.
When her friends are down to town, we'll hang out together too. I remember waking up very early in the morning just to queue up to buy tickets to walk across the KLCC sky bridge.LOL..

There are a lot of first times-like first time to the club together, 1st time drinking flaming lamboughini, 1st time dressing up to prom college stories are full of Kong Ee Mun...she wrapped up the whole front cover of my college life.

Of course, friendship are like relationship, it has ups and downs too.
We then started Ultimate Dazzle together with Ai Ling.
That was when the saying "Don't work with your friends because you'll risk the friendship" comes into reality.
We argued, we disagree, we found out that there is so many differences in the way we work.
Then I distance myself away, to leave before the wound gets deeper and deeper.
To the point in time, I actually believe that the friendship will never be the same again.
Although in my heart, I wanted things to be back as it was....when there was laughter and jokes and good good memories...I was just like everyone else-proud and unwilling to take the first move-to say "Hey, lets start it over!"

Kong Ee Mun, as I said is the front cover of my college life, because when I was happy, she's there, when I was sad, she is also there!
I once broke up with my bf and I was devastated, there she was, spent the whole day with me going shopping at The Curve and we even sign up gym together, spontaneously committed one year membership in California Fitness.LOL!

Back to the friendship part, I honestly believe that me and Kong Ee Mun will never be the same again.
There was a period of time when both of us rarely talk to each other.
The feeling was really bad and uncomfortable.

But I was so damn wrong...
One fine day, she posted a post in her blog about me and her appreciation towards our friendship.
And I was so touched, the happiness is indescribable.
The feeling of what is lost is now found.
I was eagered for the friendship to grow again.

And it did, until today....still growing.
Even better than last time.It bounched back much higher.

I think I can find no one else like Kong Ee Mun because she is unique and she is a true friend of mine.
A friend that doesn't mind sharing, always protecting, tries her best to help and most importantly, a friend that loves me for who I am.

Although me and Ee Mun have a lot of differences, but we learn to accept each other and I know and I'm sure that Kong Ee Mun will not only be on the front cover of my college life, but in every part of my life.

Happy Birthday Ee Mun.
Thanks for everything and I'm truly very glad to have you as a friend.

Only time can heal

When it's gone and all that is left are memories of the past,
Only time can heal and life continues in a way that it gives you strength to carry on.
The lost lullaby, the unspoken stories...
Those giggles and snuggles that were so genuine are now but rusty metals

Fights and quarrels, the ups and downs,
When the line is drawn, everything falls...
The smile that melts the heart, the voice that calms the soul,
Is seen no more, is heard no more

Time spent in years, all crumbled and gone to waste,
Gratitude is lost, for the years have blinded the eyes and deceived the heart
How many can survive the reality of time and lies..
The father of lies is none other than the voice within

Sorrow is best described as the cure to the poisonous tale
When the heart and mind join, the wake before the grave..
One step forward to death, a step backward to life
The legs are numb, indecisive.

He choose to step forward
And she too follows...
To death they went, and life is lost.

And now, only time can heal...

What is lost is lost.