Saturday, June 26, 2010

Taking it easy, the hawaiian way

These 4 met in BAC,
we're known as the popular "late comers" who never bother entering class punctual.
As I was looking at the picture of us 4 taken in Genting 2 years back (framed in my room)
I would perasanly say that 4 of us look
and definitely more gorgeous~!!!

This is us, awaiting for our dinner.
Ashley, too hungry that she wanted to eat Mun's cheek cells.
Me and Jolene were starving too...

I forgot the hawaiian word for the sign I'm doing.
But it means "take it easy"..
Ash doing the "peace"sign..very Malaysian
 but Ash's sis said it was typical LALA...which I totally agreed.

I felt 16 again!!!=)
Isn't she pretty? Me thinks she is.

A 16 years old, and 3 girls trying to be 16 again..
Well, only ee mun qualifies..=(

Spent RM73 on dinner todayyyy...*sigh*
 I couldn't resist ordering Pasta Zanmai's scallop pizza.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Are you kidding me?

Kumon offering RM4 per hour!!
They have gonna be kidding.
Wasted my time and Bc sister's petrol (he drove her sister's car)
Went for another interview at Fokus Bestari, very near my house and they offered RM15 per hour and I have to teach standard 5 and 6. Kelas tambahan 2 hours on Saturday WITHOUT ADDITIONAL PAY!!

No way I'm working.

Stepping out.

If you open your eyes to the things unseen,
Be bold enough to step out of the box that draw your boundaries,
You'll discover the world like never before.

Experiencing life through a different way,
Knowing that the world is not beautiful,
To know of suffering, endurance, hardship and the relationship that is bound by two different individuals,
To see the differences and appreciate the similarities.

I've learnt to lean on possibilities,
And blessing has always been with me,
Although I am not the one in pain,
But I've see and take to heart how fortunate I am to be where I am now-where I'm suppose to be.

Every opportunity leads to different pasture,
Its a risk to take.
Every decision marks different destiny,
Be wise to choose.
Because when you made the less rightful one, there's no use looking back regreting.
You've have to accept and move on.
To face the consequences of your own labour.

This is life,
No point blaming, no time complaining.
Make the best of what you have
For every hair that grows, every breath you take, symbolize a journey of purpose,
God gave.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The start of my 3rd week of holidays

Tuition was kinda out of hand as I was teaching a form 1 pupil and his mother at the exact same time.
I found myself giving much more attention to the mother than the son coz its our first lesson together and its kinda weird teaching a women in her 40s to understand simple English. Today was to differentiate when to use a and an.
At the end of the tuition, we decided to split the class. Hence, I'll have to slot her in my sunday afternoon.T_T...there goes my peaceful sunday siesta on the couch...but I voice up about increasing the fee and she was fine with it, so I'll be adding some extras into my pocket...^_^

I received an e-mail from Kumon today, requesting to arrange an interview with me. Although I'm more keen to teach in a tuition centre, but well, when you can't get the 1st, you have to go for your 2nd choice right? Besides, the centre is at Taman Maluri, very convinient for me.=)
Vli texted me about promoter jobs for Nubian and I guess he wanted me for this weekend, which I can't make it. Just hope to get another text from him later on. Bc got a rang from ICEM too...event coming up on the 2nd week of July, perhaps I could work too if they needed more people. And, one of my church friend called to ask for tuition!
Guess its like, when one comes, the others follow close and money is definitely coming in...

The blood testing today was quick and easy, they just took a sample of our blood and if everything is good, we'll be donating next tuesday, the day of the surgery.
It was my 1st time to Sime Darby Medical Centre (previously-SJMC), it was better than Sunway.
The reception itself looks like a hotel lobby with the receptionist in fine batik uniform. The moment I fell on the couch, I felt like snoozing off straight away.
Tall VJ was there too but he can't donate coz he got this really cool dragon tattoo on his left arm 5 months ago.
Seriously, I fancy tattoo alot and I love to watch Miami ink. To me, tattoo is a work of art.
But I'll never get it.=P

Dinner was at the Lians and it was a noisy, loud, and chaotic atmosphere in the house. There's a 5 weeks old baby crying away, a 2 years old and a 3 years old running around snatching toys, annoying each other..grown ups chit chatting and the tele on with Barney. Then the toddler and the 3 years old started dancing and singing along..but the next minute, they are again fighting for some alphabet book.
Wonder how would it be like when I have my own kids...perhaps I would be like Charlotte in Sex and The City, crying away in the storeroom..and being more worried about losing a nanny than about the nanny having an affair with my husband.LOL

Tomorrow will be a one-day-mama training for me.
Little Angel, her mum and I are going to The Curve tomorrow and I begged her to bring Angel along. She agreed with one condition, which is..I have to take care of her.
So, I said yes without 2nd thoughts.
Lets see how it all goes...
I mean, its only a 6 months old baby, how hard can it be???

*cross my fingers*

Monday, June 21, 2010

Today was a fairy tale

The interview went well today but I would have to wait for confirmation. Just hope to get this 3 days roadshow job and get a nice massage in Redang. I don't enjoy body massage but a warm foot massage would be niceeeeee!!
Boon Chong tagged along and he too went for the interview without even making an application.lolz. All I did was asked whether they still need male supervisor and Ivan (who was incharged) just say yes and handed him the form.
So, just hope we'll get the job. There was another one held in One Utama this weekend but too bad Bc's got an interview on Friday and we have already enrolled for the volunteer job on Saturday. =(

Anyway, straight after the interview, we drove back to my place and safely returned my dad's Civil.
Then we took a walk under the groomy sky to the LRT station. Along the way, Bc was grumbling how he has to walk me all the way back to me house and walk back to the lrt station to take the train home during school days with our uniform on under the hot sun with all the sweat and believe me, we smell badly..X).

Then we took the train down to Hang Tuah, another enjoyable walk to Times Square.

We watched a 6pm movie-SEX AND THE CITY..which was fantastic.
What was? The fashion ofcoz!!! I love those dresses...especially the electric blue long gown wore by Charlotte!!those dresses are all so pretty and Carrie's walk in closet makes me wanna faint. It was just like my dream come true
I didn't expect the movie to be two and a half hours long but it was worth every single second.
WILL buy the original DVD when it comes out..this is definite!

I'm feeling happy today and it really felt like a fairy tale..because today was just so care free, spontaneous and relaxing.
We had ice-cream and Starbuck hot chocolate while waiting for time to pass, it was kinda like our usual stuff, sitting in Borders' starbuck and grabbing some books to read...I check on the places of attraction in Phuket and flip on some pasta cook book while bc stick faithfully to his self help book-today was chicken soup for trouble times.
I gave him a stare when he picked that book...Come on, he IS apparently one of the most care free person living on planet earth for the time being, and he is reading a book about trouble times.lolz.

Once I got home, I gave myself a pampering spa..I got abit tangled up about arranging the worship practice time because its hard to accommodate each and every one in the worship team and come out with the time which all agrees.=(..but I'm always cool with it...just be patience and pray!!=)

Alright, its 11pm and I've got some reading to do, gonna finish my novel soon and I've got a nicely wrapped ViVi magazine lying on my bed waiting for me to unwrap it!!=P


It's a free monday

I was suppose to have tuition today but my student rang me up to cancel it, so instead of sleeping early yesterday night, I stayed up watching movies (dvd which I borrowed from one of my student) until 3am.=)

There's an interview today at Wisma Prima, near Kelana Jaya station and for the very first time, my CV is required.
I used to work for the past few years, events and promoters, but they did not request to see my CV. I happily printed out my CV yesterday, adoring Miss Vasantha who insisted everyone in her class to prepare a CV before graduation and now I'm grateful that when I need a CV, I've got one within reach.=)

The week ahead would be a busy one, with tuitions from tuesday till friday. 2 added students starting from tuesday and friday. Got a volunteering job for Standard Chartered Marathon for RM40 a day on saturday, blood testing and donating on tuesday afternoon for Zhin Theng uncle's bypass surgery, song practice on thursday night-worship leader on Sunday, and a mummy-a-day to be on Wednesday as I'll be bringing little Angel out.

I like seeing my schedule pack with things-to-do because I'm very much a workaholic myself.
And, this is gonna be my last 3 months holiday in my life, after this there WILL NOT be such a long holiday ever because I'll be working.
I'm gonna enjoy every single day and try to make this holiday a fulfilling one.=)

The best part is,
I've got my bf to share my every single day with during this holiday, so...this is our 3 months holiday together!!!

Might just go for a movie after my interview later...
But..Karate Kid is to be reserved for the MOHs..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Skytrek-more pictures

Skytrek at Taman Pertanian

Getting geared up


1st challenge-climbing up a vertical ladder of the height of approximately 3 storeys.*its exhausting*
We can't really take pictures when we're doing the stunts because it would be dangerous.
There are total 23 challenges, all done at an average height of 14m from the ground.
Ofcoz, I enjoyed the flying fox the most!!*wink*


Four season house.
Today was summer!!=)

This reminds me of Fredo's home- The Shire


A small hut with water wheel at its right

There's a man made stream flowing under the bridge...cant really see huh?

Besides skytrek and the four season house, there are other gardens to visit, like the Chillie Garden, the Padi Field, Mushroom Garden, Children playground, Animal Farm....and Taman Pertanian is huge so you can only travel by bus or just rent a bicycle for RM3 per hour and cycle your way to your selected destination.

Skytrek has 3 levels,
1st-Kids Adventure
2nd-The Big Trail
3rd-Extreme Trail

We paid RM40 each for Big Trail and was lucky enough to get the last 2 slots for the 12pm session today.
For someone who is afraid of height like me, it was a real challenge.
But I'll definitely go again!!=)
It's fun.

Outdoor lovers MUST try!
But remember to book in advance


Thank goodness is FRIDAY!!
I guess Shook Mun's birthday will be the last birthday celebrated in June.
I'm so broke with all the going-outs and birthday celebrations. Well, I wouldn't be this broke if I've worked for the last 2 months but judging on the situation right now where most my tuition income for this month will be contributed to Redang trip and my bf is jobless, I MUST CONTROL!!!
Although I wanted to get a bikini, floral top, hair curler (I've already ordered), light denim shorts, liquid eye liner, the gorgeous crayon eye shadow I saw today........
The list goes on and on, and to make it more unlikely to achieve self-control, I've received Padini's 30% discount on my birthday month and not forgetting La Senza vouchers with additional discounts on your birthday month!!
I was reading the novel 'shopaholic takes Manhattan', I felt like I was Becky herself, although not to the extend that I have piled up unpaid credit card bills but to the fact that girls just can't get enough of what they have.
We will still complaint about having nothing to wear when our wardrobe is full and our clothes could be joined and exceed the length of the Great Wall of China
It's just us.
We can get bored of something that we bought yesterday because when we bought it, it was under the influence of our peers, or because of our good friend-IMPULSE BUYING!!
Buying things make us happy and excited.
Wearing a new piece boost our confident level and we feel good about ourselves
When sales is on, we go crazyyyy...not knowing that sales is not save more, it is actually spend more!
Every girl dreams of a walk in closet with tons of shoes, bags, accessories, clothes, dresses...
I can't take my eyes off the walk in closest displayed in IKEA. I felt like staying there and not leave.
Being much of a shopaholic myself, I would still say that girls need to be financially wise, especially when you lack capacity to purchase. Always ask, whether you want it or you need it. And never spend future money.
I'm still a learner and I'll start of with not buying a new bikini for Redang.=)..

Good night and I'll be back with pictures of Skytrek tomorrow

Friday, June 18, 2010

I don't like being stationary nor do I like being constant.

Holiday has been more than a week and as I said, I had enough of all the going-out-and-have-fun activities.
Now that I have only 2 students and a new one starting next week, I still have amble of time left for myself and I find myself thinking what to do to fill in the gaps.
Jobs pending are Kumon centre as part time assistant, might take over Terrence's place in the Jalan Ipoh tuition centre, Nubian milk promoter, and maybe some online business to earn some extra bucks *definitely not clothes*
There's so much uncertainty and waiting for confirmation needs patience.
I've spend alot during the last 2 months and now its the time to earn it back, triple!! =)
Just hope that I can make good use of these 3 months and stop moving in a constant mode.
Time to create that tangent and accelerate.
Maybe more crazy things will happen during these 3 months.
Lets see...

Never try never know!!

Praying for new people to walk into my life and make me grow in all aspect.

I miss the beach and the sea

These are taken last year in August.
I miss the smell of the sea and the salty breeze
I miss the feeling of swimming in the sea with millions of fishes around you
And I can't wait to go Redang in July!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back to my routine.

I slept for only 4 hours and now I'm gonna be off for tuition until 5pm.
When its examination period, I was sick of books and studying...
During Malacca trip, all of my friends were kinda sick of food because the whole trip was about stuffing ourselves with food, food and food..lolz.
Now back to KL, I'm just tired of movies, parties, yumcha and going outs..
I'll be staying home for a couple of days, read novels and just chill at home.
Maybe cuddle up with BC and watch some DVDS...=)

but..Shook Mun's birthday is tomorrow and skytrek is on saturday.
So, when can I start to stay home?

Maybe Sunday.

Somethings never change

Some people say, when two person are far apart and do not have anything connected in their routine, there will be no conversation.
It is very true.
Some say friendship withers like autuum leafs and you can't be as close as before
It is also true
Some say people comes and goes in your life and only a few stay for a few decade but only one will accompany you throughout
True enough

Although I do not deny the truth in them but at least I'll try my best to secure friendship and make them last as long as possible.
so that even if I lost contact with friends that were once so close and dear to me,
they will be a part of my flash back before
I end my last breath and see heaven.

Simply adorable

Little Hong and Little Angel.


Me and Angel.

Angel and mummy dearest
hello there!

Giving birth is one hell of an experience and I've heard a full blown testimony from Cheryl-my primary mate.
I've learnt to appreciate my mum more, now that I know how painful and difficult it is to give birth and how mentally draining it would be to raise children.
Their expenses itself is enough to deprieve their mummy from shopping and once you have your own child, your whole focus will be on them. This selfless and sacrificial love are entrenched in every mother and I'm glad that my friend made the right decision to give birth to this lovely Angel.
Although her life is tough right now and the future is so uncertain for her,
she told me that Angel is her everything and holding on to this love she has for Angel will definitely bring her through all storms that will come her way.
The moral of the story is
Women needs to be financially independent and be able to support themselve.
It is crucial.

Unforgettable night

Back from Zouk and I had fun until some b**** came and ruin my mood.
Come on, know your limit.
At first, it was just dancing and I'm totally cool with it.
Then it triggers me when she drag him away from me while I'm rightfully dancing with him.
So I went to her and said, "he's my boyfriend" and I even do the hand signal by crossing my hands indicating "NO, TAK BOLEH dan SAYA MAU DANCE WITH I PUNYA BOYFRIEND"
Again, she did the same thing, now by pulling him over through his waist.WTH!! it a challenge?
Then I went to her again and pulled him back, doing the hand signal again, hoping she get what I meant and I even whisper to the guy (her brother) that he is my bf for 5 years.
KANASAI...she did it again!!!!!!!!!ok.I had my limits and this is totally over.!!!he kept pointing at me saying my gf is over there..but I think she is just deaf because of the blasting music.
So I told the guy (her brother), more!!
And I make a scene at the dance was unforgettable as I didn't know I'm capable of doing that.
Tonight was an eye opener.

All I wanna say is that
You can mess with me but not my man!!!~~
Know your limit girl and don't test my patience.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back from deep down under

After 2 months without the internet, now I know that I needed it so badly and I do miss my blog, my friend's blog and facebook!!
My finals are done and I've experienced for the very first time what is "stress" all about.
I used to say I didn't lose weight when I'm stress, but the fact is I've not experience the real stress.
The feeling was unforgettable.
I don't feel like eating, not a slight sense of hunger.
Lost 3 kg at least!!
I can't sleep although my whole body was exhausted.
I felt like my eyeballs are gonna drop off anytime.
I hate it.
Down to the last paper, I was so reluctant to study and it was an extremely last minute work.
And after all that hard work, I'm left to pray that I'll pass my EU paper and secure my 2nd lower.
I realized that the scariest part in life is when there is no hope at all.