Sunday, March 28, 2010

Don't expect too much

After 2 days of excitement and hours of preparation, making sure I have enough of sleep, doing mask and waxing my leg...
It's all ruin because of my "poodle-like" hair-do.
I don't even feel like posting pictures of the night that all.T_T
I was so excited about the night and hope so highly to dance with Boon Chong to only found out at the last minute that there isn't any dance floor-NO DANCE SESSION!!!
I'm very disappointed..
Besides that, some not so happy incident happened along the way, so everything was not as fun and as happy as I thought it'll be.
Well, it's still the one and only prom night with Boon Chong.
It'll all be good memory.
I'll be laughing at my poodle hair 10 years down the road together with my kids...
Then maybe I can lie to them, saying that my hair was the lastest fashion at that time...they will definitely buy it!!lolz
Anyway, towards the end of the night, I did enjoyed it very much.
Not in Tropicana Golf and Country Resort, but in Library..
With Hoegaarden.
It was an enjoyable night in the Library with Boon Chong and his unimates.

So, no picture will be uploaded.
Maybe just 1 picture with my poodle hair.*just for laughs*

Anyway, wanna thank Timothy for Butter Chicken today
and I'm gonna get to my books now.=(

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Long night

I had a long night yesterday and when it's 5am in the morning,
I was brain dead.
I realised that I pour away my solution from the casing before putting my contact lens into the casing..-_-"
Hence, I wasted one pair of contact lens because I only found out about it much later.
Then I made mistakes during my tuition class in the morning because I didn't sleep at all last night.
While giving spelling, I jumped from number 5 to number 7
My explanation was very slow and I can't pronounce "exercise"properly.
On the way back, I even bang into a taxi at the slope near my house.
Luckily I wasn't driving fast, so it's just a little scratch
Guess I still haven't get used to staying up the whole night.lolz
I'm gonna exempt myself from studying today and get all the rest I can
Because I wanna look fresh for Boon Chong's business night tomorrow!!!
Must get my beauty sleep.=D

Will upload pictures tomorrow night if possible.
I'm looking forward to it.
The one and only prom night I'm going with my dear.

It makes me wonder...
Can he dance?

I'll find out tomorrow.=P

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Glimpse of CNY

Mum, Grandma, Grandaunt and Aunty Jackie

Boon Chong and I-first day of CNY.=)

Carina, Amy and Angie.
Still happy with our ang paos...

2 months old Tong Tong.
Adorable huh?

First day of CNY in family.

2nd day CNY at Gardens..the cake shop which I'm gonna get my wedding cake.lolz

Me and handsome Kit Kit.

Aunty Margaret's Birthday.

Mun, me and Jolene.
Steamboat at Yuen during CNY.

Ivan and me in Ipoh-Yen's wedding.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My greatest weakness

I guess now is the opportunity to overcome it once and for all.


Monday March 22, 2010
Man survives crash, but falls to his death

TEMERLOH: A businessman survived a road accident only to fall to his death into a ravine while trying to climb out of his wrecked car.

Chew Chee Wai, 39, of Taman KSM Heights here, died on the spot after falling from a height of over 16m.

Tragic: Police documenting the accident at the ravine where the businessman plunged to his death. The man was trying to climb out of his wrecked car (below) after being involved in an accident.

He died of serious head and bodily injuries at the 119th kilometre of the Temerloh-Kuala Lumpur trunk road about 11am yesterday.

His remains had been sent to the Temerloh Hospital for a post-mortem.

~Life is in God's hand. When it's time for you to go, you'll have to go.~


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fuzzy Blue Lights

Fuzzy Blue Lights-Owl City

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A reply.

I know it is me you are talking about.
Though indirectly, but I'm good at reading between lines.
All I can say is sorry because I have no explanation of all these that are happening.
It's still in my heart, you're still in the same postition with a high ranking.
When I'm sad, I'll go to you because we share so much in common. And you'll always understand me or atleast try to understand me.
You accept me for who I am no matter how wrong I've been, how foolish I was.
And I shared alot of your problems too...

Why are the laugher lesser?why are the jokes not funny anymore...
Where are all those good old times, why are we not creating more of those when we both know that we don't have much time left to share each other's company.

Maybe we're just too busy with our own schedule
The only time we get to talk are those 15 mins/20 mins in between.
But even so, that time is used to do other necessary things.

Maybe it's because of the big group.
Where we participated in the general jokes and laughers that we forgot the importance to bond with one another.
Then when it ends, we are again rushing home back to our own agenda.

The clock goes tic toc...
We are as though it's puppet playing along...
Following the flow of time and perhaps neglected some fundamental  relationship.
Then we'll say "lets wait till we finish up our work, then we'll sit down and chill"
But the workload is never ending...
It keeps getting more and more.
The next time you know it,
You're at your dead bed, breathing your last breathe
Your thoughts are all regrets of not having done what you've plan.

I won't want to be the one regreting.
But you've got to tell me.
Because I'm blur at times.
I thought it's fine until I read between the lines

So if it is me you're talking about.
Then I've responded.

Monday, March 15, 2010


I have to admit that I'm easily affected.
I can't be blinded by all that is happening around me.
As much as I wanna live inside my utopia world, reality will always step in and give me a tight slap
"Wake up Amy, this isn't any wonderland!"
As much as I can't tolarate sins...I've been in a position of sinning...and when you're down, you need someone to pull you up.
I'm very angry right now...and at the same time sad...and dissappointed...and I felt sorry.
Everything that had happened again reflects God's existence to me.
I just wanna say "Be Strong" and never stop trusting Him!
I won't be scolding anyone here because this matter is best left for God to judge and not me, never me.
All I can say is life is all about choices, once you've made the wrong choice, you'll be accountable for it...and people around you will suffer together with you.
Life is cruel gives you way too much shit..more than you can handle.
But at the same time, It'll mould you to be stronger, wiser, and more resistance towards hardship.
So it's again your choice
Whether you wanna let it kick in and bring you down..
or you fight back?
If you're down. the happiest person on earth will be Satan...His mission accomplished.
Therefore, fight back girl.
You're made more than this!!

Don't blame yourself or anyone arround you.
Just make lemonade out of this lemon given to you!

I just don't wanna see you crumble.

Impossibly possible?

After dinner at Lot 10 yesterday, I came home a satisfied glutton.
My dinner was all random combination of pork knuckers, tomyam, hokkien mee, fried oyster with egg, dim sum...
This is what you'll get in LOt 10-lowest floor. All the good food in one place.
Francis Yeoh was there the whole night, monitoring everything and he even had his dinner there..right infront of us.Lolz...he looks old with his plastic glasses.
I find it rather funny because he don't look rich at all. He don't have that "look at me, see what I wear, see how rich I am" kinda charisma.
I think when you reach certain level of wealth, you'll be humble enough to not show off
Besides, there's no need to showing just got it your bank account and titles of properties under your name.
The food there was superb.
The Bavarian pork knuckers especially. ..and they sell hoegaarden there, so I bought one glass that cost me RM18.
Dad and Ivan both enjoyed it very much.
Now my brother's favourite beer shifts from Heinekan to Hoegaarden.=)

After such a filling and delicious dinner, I managed to flip a few pages of EU insitution-the subject guide.
Then my mind gave way and I fell soundly asleep until this afternoon around 12pm.lolz.
Took a bath and conitnue studying about Commision and Council...then now I'm blogging here..

Is it even possible for me to settle all three-insitution, supremacy and Diect effect before Vikee's class tomorrow?
I'll try my best.

Time for lunch now..=)
I'm having Pan Mee.

Friday, March 12, 2010


I will make no changes as to who I am.

Only better.

Pieces of the day

Today, SPM results were out!
I was as nervous as the candidates.
Wondering what my students' results will be.
One of my student-Grace, took the opportunity to play a trick on me, telling me bad results but in fact she did well.
I fell for it.
My heart turns sour to the news of her getting less than what I expected.
See how it all affects me.
Teaching has been a part of my life and to live without it will be as though a missing piece.
I don't mind teaching for the rest of my life.=)

While driving in the early morning to the city centre, I spoted a Wira-same colour as Ah Wong with its number plate WLB 8366. Mine was WLB 8636. What striking similarities. Lolz.I even took a picture of it from the back.
It makes me very curious how the driver looks like.

Cleaned my room, packed all my unwanted clothes out.
A little sick of dresses already.
Wanna change my whole wardrobe!!!lolz.
And my hair style.

Cooked my own lunch.
Yogurt with butterhead with milk with cherry tomatoes and invention and it tastes awesome.
I made egg toast as well.
Gain alot of weight these two weeks.=(

Studying conflicts and I think time is really not enough for me.
So much to study, so little time.
Sometimes I feel like stopping all my tuitions now till the exam and concentrate 100% on my studies.
But tuitions goes on.
It eats alot of my time.
including the travelling time and the jam.
But I managed to make it through last two years, I believe I can do it again.

Days ahead are gonna be tiring.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Jurisprudence is easy lahhh..especially Kelson

I love Loan Capital and Share Capital the most!!!

EU law is so little I can finish it in one night...

I'm trying to hypnotize myself...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hi all.
To make some explanation regarding my long absence from my blog.
The reason is because my dad is currently very addictive to facebook poker and big thanks to my bro who recommended it to him..he is glued to the computer 24-7.
I could only use the computer in the wee hour of the day or after midnight..which I'll be sleepy and reluctant to blog anymore.
I won't be blogging often because my final examination is just round the corner...and I have to spend more time on my studies. Blogging will eat alot of my time coz I'll be blog surfing into my friends blog and po other people's profile and'll take atleast an hour or two. So better not blog too often.

Something is bothering me..
Decision need to be made.
I hope I could find the right answer to it-like Dworkin.
And I hope I will be able to strike a balance between both interests by seeing the relative weight of the both.
It's my discretion and I think it is not a weak one.
Need to make my decision tomorrow.
Hate to be in this situation.

More is less and less is comforting...but I need more
Interpretation-the more I study, the more stupid I feel and the less I think I know. It's comforting to not start studying because you won't know how much more you need to study and how less you know about your subjects.
But I need more.

The end.