Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hope for the best, prepare for the worse.

No one knows the future,
Where you'll end up in, who you'll grow old with.
Your hands can't hold everything, your mind can't control anyone.
When choices are made and you've tried your very best to savour what is left....

You can only hope for the best and be prepared for the worse.

At least, one thing for sure, you'll never look back with regret!

My best wishes go forth with you, my prayers backing up for you.=)

The Ipoh side family

Attended my cousin brother's wedding in Ipoh over the weekend with daddy while mummy is happily travelling around Bandung, shopping and having massage.
This trip has been a good trip, I not only get to meet my father side of the family, I met up with daddy's old friends as well.
One of dad's friend, Uncle Lam owns an orphanage with 20+ children near pasir Pinji. We visited the orphanage and the children there are so obedient and polite. Although they don't know us, they talked and played with us like we're their best friends.
Had a good time with Uncle Lam and his family over white coffee.

Next stop was tau fu fa and salted chicken at Ipoh town before heading back to my 4th uncle's house to bathe and get ready for the wedding dinner.

Here's us...and the newly wed.

2nd aunty and me.

Little Han and me, she is my cousin's daughter. 2+,
love to sing and dance but she doesn't smile.

The "brothers" playing games on stage.


Adorable baby witnessing his parents wedding.

The older I get, the more I feel attached to my family in Ipoh...the more I wanna go back to Ipoh and spend more time with them.
I felt that I know too little about my cousins, too little about my uncles and aunties back in Ipoh.
I wanna know more...
I wanna be a bigger part of their life...
I want them to know more about me too!

Just wanna love them more.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bolivia-mirror of the sky



The Dream

I've this long long dream yesterday night.
I dreamt of the night that Boon Chong is going to propose to me.
But I kept dreaming and dreaming but it didnt reach to the proposal.

I force myself to sleep again just to continue the dream.
But again, the proposal part didn't come about and I was awake.

Another gloomy and cold Thursday.
the whole week has been raining and raining...

I like the rain, so no complaint.=)
But glad that I'm still on holiday!!!!

One thing not good about holiday is that I'm still spending money even after Singapore.
Yesterday and today is Jusco member's day..bought my formal clothes, shoes, Bc's clothes which sum up to quite a bit.
Then went to Pasar Malam at night for smelly tou fu, bought mask, magazines, food....

Nothing much to do today, just have to pack for Ipoh trip and yes...I'm looking forward for Ipoh old town white coffee, hor fun, chee cheong fun and the delicious salted chicken!!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Still in love with October

October has been a great month for me.
Passed CLP, went for interviews and settled down at Skrine.

Celebrated Melissa and Timothy's birthday this month.=)

Attended Ida's wedding, sending her off with full blessings and truly am happy for her!
Being the "sisters" had been fun, met a few new friends along the way too.

Shen graduated this month and she secured a job in Singapore. Half way through to being a Good to see her move on to the next phrase in life and still she being she, still so ridiculously fun to be with!

Bro turns 21 this month. big big boy already!=)

Worked for 2 events this month. First one in Hilton and the whole event team was treated for japanese dinner at Iketeru. Tried Wagyu beef for the very first time.
My 2nd event was at Great Eastern Mall. Although having run to and fro between the event and my interviews, Jenny(the one incharge of the event) was so understanding and encouraging.

One week later, I tried my first Kobe beef experience at Prime-Le Meridien.
Special thanks to Kwong and the "contract" I had with him.Lol.

End of October, nicely wrapped up with my long awaited Singapore trip with Mun and Vera.
Missed the flight and was told that our hotel booking was cancelled. Had the worse day ever on the 1st day but everything else went well on the following 3 days.
Something memorable and definitely something to think back and LMAO in the future!

Hence, I'm still in love with October!

How I wish October can be replayed.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

~Sunday in Singapore-shopping at Bugis & roar with The Lion King!~

MOS rice burger for breakfast at Bugis Junction.
*all smiles*

Me and Mun's rice burgers.

Vera's MOS cheese burger.

Bugis Junction Singapore-very good place to shop.

After shopping in Bugis Junction, we continue our shopping at Bugis street.
Singapore's version of Petaling Street.
And our luggage didn't stop us from shopping!!

The crowd

The food

The shopping...=)=)=)

After Bugis, we met up with Lee San again at Marina station.
Along Marina Bay....

Venezia inspired concept at Marina.

The Lion King musical. Definitely a MUST watch!

Grabbing a quick bite at the Marina foodcourt before the show.


After the show, we went to the Casino.
Mun tried her luck there while, people who has no luck like me went there for their free coffee and look see look see.=P

Snapped more pictures before we leave Marina and head to the airport.

Vera's bollywood post.

Byebye Singapore...

We were again rushing to catch our flight back.
running all the way to our gate after our mee pok dinner with Lee San.=)

This will be an unforgettable trip.
Started off badly, missing the flight and having issues on our hotel booking...but finishes with full fun!
Special thanks to Jenny, Sam, Shen, Jin Yu, Dexter, Wey, Lee San...
And of course, my travel buddy for this trip, Mun and Vera.

After this trip, it's time to get ready for chambering.
9 months trip deprieved.T_T