Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Conquering Singapore zoo and night safari!!=)

Good morning Singapore!!People are always rushing, even in the early morning.

Jenny brought us to one of their local market place for breakfast.

Sam and Jenny, very nice people whom I met.=)

Mun and me with our fish porridge.

After breakfast, Jenny dropped us at Dakota station and we made our way to Bras station.
Came out from the wrong exit and came across Singapore Art Museum.

While waiting for calls, we took the MRT to Esplanade.
Along Esplanade Bay, we stumbled upon the breathtaking view overlooking Marina Sands, Singapore Flyer and the majestic Merlion.


We then made our way to this particular bus stop located opposite of Rendezvous hotel for the express bus to Singapore zoo.

We're here!!
I'm happy to get a white tiger fluffy keychain as a souvenir.

The first animal we saw was the cute and adorable cotton top tamarind.

Then it was the proboscis monkey which originated from Borneo-Sabah.
We felt so ashamed when the feeding talk actually addressed the lack of protection provided by the Malaysian government to help and deal with this yet-to-extinct species.
Well, they did not explicitly said Malaysia but everyone knows where they came from.=(

Naked moles.
Some are fat while some are skinny bones.

The map of the zoo.
Way bigger, cleaner and nicer than Zoo Negara.

Then it begin to rain....but no worries, we have PONCHO!!!
Thanks to Jenny again.

Shoppping never ends in Singapore no matter where you are.

The zoo don't only have cute animals, they have cute babies too!
Look at him!

As the pillow talk yesterday night took away most of my sleeping time and due to my inability to sleep on the 1st night of any trip, I need a boost of caffeine.
Ben &Jerry's ice coffee is all I need!

They have pretty good shows at the zoo, this is one of them-The Rain Forest Fights Back

Photo session with the animals after the Animal Friends Show!

Lunch at KFC!
I tried Roasta burger for the first time and no more second time for me.

~Splash Safari~

I love this Hippo a lot.

There are 3 white tigers in Singapore zoo, they are named Winnie, Jippie and Omar.
I think this one here is either Winnie/Jippie.
Poor Winnie didn't get to eat at all because the feeder did not throw the meat properly.
They have rare genes and they all came from one ancestor-Mohan

The baboon kingdom, as you can see, they are having some sort of family discussion or something.lol
And....they are good in making babies!

Night Safari!!!

Festival of lights deco in conjuction with Deepavali.

The firy show at the entrance.

All of us at the night safari.

The night ended with a long journey back by bus and train to Joo Chiat.
2nd night ended with no pillow talk at all because we're just too exhausted to talk anymore.
Took bathe, packed a bit, write down our expenses and...ZZZZZzzzz

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