Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Ipoh side family

Attended my cousin brother's wedding in Ipoh over the weekend with daddy while mummy is happily travelling around Bandung, shopping and having massage.
This trip has been a good trip, I not only get to meet my father side of the family, I met up with daddy's old friends as well.
One of dad's friend, Uncle Lam owns an orphanage with 20+ children near pasir Pinji. We visited the orphanage and the children there are so obedient and polite. Although they don't know us, they talked and played with us like we're their best friends.
Had a good time with Uncle Lam and his family over white coffee.

Next stop was tau fu fa and salted chicken at Ipoh town before heading back to my 4th uncle's house to bathe and get ready for the wedding dinner.

Here's us...and the newly wed.

2nd aunty and me.

Little Han and me, she is my cousin's daughter. 2+,
love to sing and dance but she doesn't smile.

The "brothers" playing games on stage.


Adorable baby witnessing his parents wedding.

The older I get, the more I feel attached to my family in Ipoh...the more I wanna go back to Ipoh and spend more time with them.
I felt that I know too little about my cousins, too little about my uncles and aunties back in Ipoh.
I wanna know more...
I wanna be a bigger part of their life...
I want them to know more about me too!

Just wanna love them more.

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