Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Singapore- the unforgettable 27/10/11

The plane that left without us.T_T

Luckily we managed to catch the next plane at 2.30pm to Singapore. Of course, we need to pay more.=(
2 boarding pass to get to 1 destination.
I think it's both.

Jenny and Sam met us at the airport and brought us for some local mee pok and coffee.
Felt so sorry to let them wait because the flight was delayed.

After checking in, we took a quick bathe and hurried to Clementi to meet up with Shen, Jin Yu and Wey.
Shen brought us to a restaurant that serves good 'tai chao'.
Taste good but we can get better ones in KL.
What do you expect?
It's Singapore.=P

 The tourists insisted to take picture at the fountain.

And here's Wey!

After dinner, we went back to Joo Chiat and had a long pillow talk before we sleep.
Waking up the next morning feeling extremely tired but we still managed to take down the whole zoo and night safari the next day!

~to be continue~

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