Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Dream

I've this long long dream yesterday night.
I dreamt of the night that Boon Chong is going to propose to me.
But I kept dreaming and dreaming but it didnt reach to the proposal.

I force myself to sleep again just to continue the dream.
But again, the proposal part didn't come about and I was awake.

Another gloomy and cold Thursday.
the whole week has been raining and raining...

I like the rain, so no complaint.=)
But glad that I'm still on holiday!!!!

One thing not good about holiday is that I'm still spending money even after Singapore.
Yesterday and today is Jusco member's day..bought my formal clothes, shoes, Bc's clothes which sum up to quite a bit.
Then went to Pasar Malam at night for smelly tou fu, bought mask, magazines, food....

Nothing much to do today, just have to pack for Ipoh trip and yes...I'm looking forward for Ipoh old town white coffee, hor fun, chee cheong fun and the delicious salted chicken!!


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