Sunday, November 29, 2009


How many times have I trusted you and how many times you breach that trust?
Why are you still so childish after all these years?
Seeing you like this makes me sick..
Can't you just be sure of what you want in life and put effort in achieving it??
Why create some lame excuses to cover your own mistakes??
Stop pointing fingers at others and start taking responsibility for yourself..carry your own cross!!
How many people you've hurt because you misinterpretated your feelings??
How many burden you've caused to your love ones??
Please...don't be so naive.
When you are committed into something...just do it and give your best
Stop being a quiter..will you???

~Pissing me off~

It is not about me..

Without the Holy Spirit, our lives will remain the same,
Without transformation, without a breakthrough.
No matter what you do in life, no matter how hard you try to satisfy yourself
There is still this emptiness inside of you,
a vacuum only to be filled by the Spirit.
So, begin with surrendering yourself whole heartedly to God and let the Holy Spirit dwell in you in all that you do..


It is not about you, its not about me..
It is the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

A Moment Like This

A Moment Like This
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this
Some people search forever for that one special kiss
Oh I can't believe it's happening to you
Some people wait a lifetime for a
Moment like this

Friday, November 27, 2009

If I were a boy..

Right now..
I wanna be a boy!!
So that I can get stupid stuff out of my mind..lolz
Why girls think so much and too much??

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas is here!!

Christmas is just around the corner...
Shopping centres are decorated with gigantic christmas trees, all hung with various type of ornaments and lightning that marks the celebration of joy and hope!!
Christmas has always been a joyous occasion for me..because it is the time for family gatherings and celebrations after celebrations..
My best memories are all during Christmas!!

When I was young, me and my brother will try to stay awake every year to wait for Santa Clause...we waited earnestly for many years until one fine year, I know the truth that Santa does not exist..=(
We will hang our christmas socks outside our bedroom door and the next morning, the minute we wake up, we'll grab the sock and reach deep down to see what was given by Santa..
We'll usually have money, sweets and chocolates and if we were lucky, we'll have mini toys..=D
Who is Santa?? My parents and my maid-Aunty Rose.
Every year, me and my brother will help to decorate our christmas tree at home..each year dad will buy new ornaments for the tree and presents accumulate each day until Christmas.
Sometimes, we'll write notes to Santa, telling him what we want and thank him for the presents..We'll put it inside an envelope and ask mummy to send it out for us..we ven buy stamps to stick on it.

During Christmas gathering at my grandma's place, the kids-me and my cousins have to perform before we can open the presents..
We'll sing and dance and act to impress the adults so that we can open the presents earlier..
Annually, we'll have turkey, roast pork, sherperd pies, toasted garlic bread and fresh fruit salad..I just miss Autny Jennie's roast pork!!!I hope we'll have it again ths year...*hoping and wishing*
Then there's church presentation and'll always be busy busy busy...preparing for Christmas day..
To me, Christmas is the greatest day ever because a saviour is born to us, our one and only redeemer!!
And yes, I love Christmas carolling..where we go from one house to the other house, singing christmas carols until our throat blow off...getting treats at each house..seeing the owner of the house smiling and enjoying our singing..!!

This year,
No Santa Clause, no socks filled with presents, maybe not much presents *as I grow older, the presents became lesser*=(
But I'm looking forward to spend time with my family and my love ones..
And yes, I'll buy presents for my parents and my brother every year-never fail..coz I can't stand to see my house's Christmas tree empty at the bottom!!!lolz...
All I want this Christmas is a happy warm dinner with my family...and with Uncle Brian here, red wine is a must for celebration...=D

Jingle jingle jingle!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting ready for the BIG DAY!!

Last bits of what is left..=(

Minutes before departure..taken in Suvarnabhumi International Airport

Thai beer only cost 230 bath-approximately RM2.30

International Buffet at Baiyoke Sky Hotel -the food was fantastic!!
*my appetizer*

His appetizer..with his favourite Calamari..=)

As the sky turns dark..

Sushi and Tempura...another of Bc's favourite.=)

The breathe taking view from our table.
I was a little afraid because I'm scared of height.=P

The calm one after what had happen..=(

Bangkok trip was fun...We went to the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Wat Pho-location of the gigantic sleeping Buddha.Took a ride by boat alongside Chao Phraya river and visited the floating market.
Second day was to shop will we drop..Went to Siam Paragon, Platinum Fashion Mall..OMG!!everything is so cheap there!!!*screams*..
I shop like mad...seriously a shopaholic's paradise!!
Then we went to centre point-another Mega Shopping Mall..
Everywhere is so convenient because our hotel-Cha Da Bangkok is only minutes away from the MRT. Most of the journey we trvelled by MRT and Sky train..Sat once on the Tutu car and a few times on the taxi. Tutu drivers are better than F1 drivers..there's no rules when you're on a Tutu..lolz
Girls there are hot and sexy, everyone dress so well and even aunties have their make up on.
The only problem is to differentiate whether is it a she or a hidden he.=P
Thai guys are cute too...with dark eyes and tan skin..=)..
FOOD???any stall along the street tastes good!!!
Local delights are a MUST TRY...
Got to finally try my samurai pork burger at McDonalds..BC tried shrimp burger at KFC...they even have Brocolli pie in MCD...yummy..
Overall, I enjoyed Bangkok trip very much, just that I felt very bad for being careless and lost the camera..
So what is left are memories in my heart and these few pictures I took with my hp.


Lost and gone

There I was, panicking and clueless of what to do..
The guilt filled me entirely, it is my fault this one else to blame
How can I be so carelss?
At that moment, I'm willing to trade anything to fix the situation
To get back what is lost...all our memories and Joanne's property.

I turned to You for help, on my knees...sincerely and helplessly..
Then I felt peace in my heart, an assurance that everything will be fine.
But I interpretated it wrongly.
What is lost is gone...all gone.
There I was, holding back my tears..imagining the consequences.

I looked at you, you are calm...
How I wish I'm as calm as you
Although you're angry with me, you comforted me.
These are subtances in you that I truely admire.
The way you deal with things...the way you deal with me.

Still, what is gone is gone..
The mark of my carelessness has cause great lost.
I'm sorry dear..

I will change.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Can't wait..

I'm waiting for Mun to pick me up while blogging this post.
Can't wait to watch 2012!!
Can't wait for Karen's hens party later on!!
Can't wait for Bangkok trip tomorrow!!
Can't wait for Carina's 21st birthday celebration
Can't wait for Prom night!!
Can't wait for Karen's church wedding!!

How can I possibly concentrate on my studies when I'm so in a holiday and partying mood??
I think I'm more excited than the bride to be..XD
So many things need to be done
The chapel's decorations, the ushering, the "sister's trap"...and I'm so excited!!!
Just can't wait...

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Draw me close to you once again
Apart from you, I'm nothing
In my heart, you reign as King
To you alone, my lonely soul sing

I was embraced under your wings
You've pull me back when I start to sink
As i ponder upon your loving grace
I can't help myself from feeling amazed

Better is one day in your courts
Than thousand elsewhere
In your sanctuary is where I belong
My home, my refuge, my all in all



The food in Winter Warmers looks good but doesn't taste good.=(
My cheesy fish has layers of apple and orange in between..the taste is so weird.
but their drinks are good..
Thats the reason why I'm blogging at this late hour,
I can't sleep after drinking the melon milk tea..

Friday, November 13, 2009

A walk down memory lane

I went to Petaling street in search for devil's horns for the upcoming hens party..
And guess what? I got myself some cute stickers and all these unneccessary stuffs.=P

Popular sells RM9.90 for one. I
n Petaling Street, it's only RM1.50 each..such a big difference.

Stuff that I, letter papers, stickers, memo, book marks..

Horny devils...and Karen's angelic princess wand..
Can't wait for Karen's hens party!!!=)

As I was walking around Petaling Street,
I flash back alot of memories during my high school and form 6 life..those good old days when I don't need to worry about money...those sweaty days in school uniform..days packed with tuitions after tuitions..
Those days when I'm young and naive..=)
Just kinda miss high school life and my friends back then.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Iron woman

I once heard a story of an Iron woman.
She is truly admired by others because she is strong and she endure hardship.
You won't believe what life has given her..
Although sad and devastating things happening around her..
But still, she stands a ship in the midst of a storm
She'll just take whatever life has to offer, without complaints and without blames
Just like the saying goes-when life gives you lemon, you make lemonade.=)

I believe that her descendants will have the same quality as her.
To be strong in whatever they face.
To gain confidence back again in what she is passionate about
To gain trust in friendship again..=)
Because there are still people who truly wants the best for her.
People who don't give a damn about where she comes from, what she went through, what is her weaknesses..
All they care about is the girl standing in front of them to be able to be WHO SHE IS!!
and I know she is made out of more than this.

Monday, November 9, 2009


An empty pocket is not true emptiness
An empty brain is real emptiness
An empty spirit is truly a real emptiness

With Jehovah, no matter how empty is full
Without Jehovah, no matter how full is still empty

Sunday, November 8, 2009

For Karen-2 is better than 1

I wonder..

My pimples are popping out, I feel dehydrated, I have not enough of sleep,
my weight is gaining and my appetite is BIG!!!
I'm having cravings from time to time..this minute I feel like eating Carl Junior burger, another minute I wanna eat Mee Goreng..then I crave for Beef Noodles
Is there something wrong with me??

I wonder...

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Yesterday...I got Jingle from two of my close friends..!!!=)
My 1st christmas present for this year...
Now, I can go starbuck and buy my favourite hazelnut hot chocolate and get RM2 discount.
Thanks so much Melissa and Terrence..
You both are the best!!


Friday, November 6, 2009

The Alpha

The joy and relief is indescribable..
I know you are feeling the same way as I do
This is how it should be..
Transparent, sincere and truthful
Without hesitation, without reluctance...

~this is the Aipha~

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Count your blessings.

There the song goes..
Count your blessings, count them one by one
Count your blessings see what God has done...

 Tonight I choose to count my blessings instead of grieving over my misfortune
 So many unpleasant things happened to me these few weeks
But I still find happiness and blessings surrounding me
Cares and love, concerns and friends
Those who truely care and wanted to help..
 You know I won't accept it, but your mere offer have already touch my heart and it meant alot to me!!

After today, I realised deep inside I'm still the same old me
 Still that cry baby...lolz

Just count your blessings and you'll see how blessed you are.=)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Things I find myself smiling/laughing at today..

*My breakfast was milk and cereals with chopped cucumbers and plum.=)
*I went downstairs and find Ah Wong all cleaned up..ready for me to use.
*I stopped at a traffic light, looked to my right and saw a car with a solar toy monkey swinging vigorously under the hot sunray...I smiled because it was cute.
*My last class with Jiunn Fong today, we came across a past year paper-Section B which have an article about ghosts..I laugh at how the examiner attempt to make the paper spooky and eerie..
 *I went to class and witness LOVE..I find myself giggling at the slightest gesture of the love birds..*smiles*
*In friends make me laugh so much that my stomach aches..
*My toe nail finally came off..this time I did it out of was so ugly that my mummy got all worried about it. But aint painful..its just ugly.
*My brother called and guess what??YOUTH CAMP coming sooooon..gonna be a combined one with other churches..time to plan..time to get things started..time to SERVE HIM!!

 ~nitez everyone~
Hope you too have happy stuffs everydayy..

Monday, November 2, 2009

The night when Ken turns 22nd

Venue: Jln Pinang
Date:31 October 2009
Dinner at Delicious with mel..=)
Me and my homemade pasto-it was so filling.. me and mel can't finish our pasta..we can't even finish our side order of fried calamari..=(
Unleash the devil in YOU-black devil's wings look good on mel, no?
First time at 7atenine-Jln Pinang..Atmosphere is great but the music was lousy
Sylvester should just take over the DJ instead.lolz
Me and pretty Kascy..glad to meet her and her bf that night!!
Cute couple!!XDXD
My favourite picture of the night..
Me and the birthday boy
Druken Grandpa!!
Primary mates..
It was a night out with Melissa and my primary mates..Can't really get to chat much because the music was so loud, we have to shout into each other's ears..lolz.
Just feel good to see them again and I hereby wishes my friend Ken..
although its a little late..but the heart that counts right??
so..what I wanna say is