Monday, June 15, 2009

Another tag by David.

Copy and paste and put your own answers in. The purpose of this is to get to know your friends better and it’s so much fun! Here are the rules: Post this list on your profile,in notes,replacing my answers with yours. You can add the notes tab to your profile page.Tag 25 people to do the same thing. Do you like your ownself ?- Do you like anyone ? Yes..I like alot of people..!!=) Who do you hate the most ? no one Who is the last person that you be with? My brother What brand do you love the most ? Pull and Bear, FOS, Miss Selfridge Since when you lost your first kiss ? Sweet 16 Who is the last person you texting with ? My primary school friend-kascy Western or Chinese will you choose ? WESTERN definitely. Your birthday you wish to have ? A pocket full of shooting stars..=) Who you wanna be with ? Jesus Christ-I wanna ask him tons of questions. You wish to have? A new fragrance... If you're 21 now , what will you do ? I am 21 rght now.. Do you want to married ? YES!!! What type of guys/girls you like ? Kind-hearted, understanding and loving. Red wine or Cocktail ? Cocktail-magarita Turkey sandwiches or Double Cheeseburger ? I want BOTH Which snacks do you love the most ? I don't like snacks. Lunch or Dinner ? Dinner..hehe Day or night ? Day-love the sunray!! Single or in a relationship ? I'm in a relationship. What do you want to try right now ? Try sky diving.

My feelings

Ever felt hard to mend back what you've once broken??Trying to fill in the gaps of uncountable misunderstandings and wishing that you could turn back time sometimes just to capture that moment of dispersion.. To her, I can't pretend as though nothing happen when it hurts inside and I can't fake it infront of you, acting as though everything is fine. Though I might change from time to time, to the better or the worse, there are elements that build the essence of me, the fact that I don't fake things up and I don't have a two face. I'll been waiting for so long for myself to totally put the grudge I have towards you aside and today I've learnt in my sunday school-to truely forgive with all your heart. I'm weak but through Him I'm strong..I hope that tomorrow when I see you, I could be free from the past..Free from the bondage of my hesitation of loving you, because I want to love you truely, whole heartedly as my friend, pure and without hesitation..that I could care for you from the bottom of my heart. I don't need to know whether you feel the same, that you ever felt we are distanced apart. For the times we spent I cherish, the bad times I choose to forget...I would make the first step to mend it back..I don't know where it'll bring us but this is where I'll start. Tonight, I pray to God to give me the courage to forgive a friend whole heartedly and to love her with all my heart. Not only to forgive but to forget and move on to what the future have installed for us. To him, I could not be in your shoes right now, tasting the pain you might be going through.. I could not fully understand how you are feeling right now, to drink from the cup you drank.. But everytime I think about you, my heart ache.. I think of you last night and the night before and many many nights to come.. There is no way at all that I could make it up to you. To reduce the pain for you or to heal your wounds...because every single step I want to take will be hurting you in another way. This is the least that I could do right now, to stop every steps that I used to protect you in a way that is best for you and me. I'm sorry... let my tears accompany your sorrow and my sour heart accompany your bitterness. Tonight, I pray to God that he will be strong and to be able to achieve great heights once again, like he has always been-flying on great height. Amen.

Friday, June 12, 2009

filling up the spaces

I've been at home for the past two days watching movies after movies.
I've watched Eragon, Cinderella story, Ladder 49 (damn touching),
Pirates of the Carribean 1, Open season...
I'm still enjoying my holidays but I know I'm gonna get bored very soon.
Besides watching movies, I've been travellling to the post office very frequent until the guard and the lady incharge of the pos express counter could recognise me..good thing for me because I receive a better service from them.=)
Last night, I went to this make up centre organised by Amway company to be Karen's model for the night. Thought it might be boring but ended up I'm enjoying myself. Got a free eye-brow trim (to save my current one) from the teacher because I complaint about Karen trimming off a patch of my eye-brow..lolz.XP
Then the teacher was telling me I got nice eyes, long lashes, bushy eye-brow...It was all so funny..After the make up, the students must give their model a hair-do but I insisted not having one. All I did was tied a bun as usual, let loose my bangs and I'm all set. Karen was abit upset because I didn't allow her to touch my hair..Would love to share the pictures I took with you guys but unfortunately my Lumix camera battery is failing me.. Couldn't charge my battery, gonna get a new battery which I think would cost alot. *sad*
After the make up and hair-do, the models are suppose to do a CAT WALK!!!Karen DIDN'T tell me anything about a cat-walk..OMG..and guess what I'm wearing..???flats..
But thanks to Miss Veet, atleast I know how it it wasn't that awkward but again cat walking with flats is weird..lolz
Anyway, I'm gonna start my make up classes next week. Every thursday 7.30pm... So Grace, I'm so sorry I need to move your tuition time..=(
Girls in the youth be prepared to be my guinea pig ya!!!I'm gonna take you all one by one and try my skills on you...*evil laugh* I've always like to do..make up for people!!!Besides make-up, I'll be learning how to do facial as you let me make up for you, you'll get a free facial session!!!!great bargain isn't it??hehehehe.
Ohya, another thing I wanna do during this holiday is to learn guitar. Anyone volunteer to be my teacher??Text me ya!!I'm a good student. Hope so I could learn it fast and able to serve on stage end of this year(provided I got the talent). Gonna perform a song for Karen during her wedding if everything goes well.
There's just so many things I wanna do during this holiday that I don't know where to begin.
Coming up youth programme highlights (july-august)
1) Movie evening to raise fund for church building
2) Tracking- David+ Ivan take charge
3) Singing competition!!!
I'll brief you all this coming saturday at my place.
Now that I'm back, make sure there's no slippers on stage, be punctual when you are serving on stage, remember to pray before every practice and be ready to reach out!!!Don't feel shy about bringing new friends to Christ!!
See you all very soon.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

the climb-miley cyrus

I can almost see it
the dream I'm dreaming but
there's a voice inside my head say you'll never reach it
every step I'm taking
every move I'm making feels lost with no direction
My faith is shaking
but I gonna keep trying
Gonna keep my head held high
There always gonna be another mountain
I always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I gonna have to lose
Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about whats waiting on the other side
It's the climb
The struggles I'm facing
The chances I'm taking
Soemtimes might knock me down but
No I'm not breaking
I may not know it
but these are the moments that
I gonna remember most
Just gonna keep going and I gonna be strong
Just keep pushing on...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finally, its done..but yet another begining.

Hey people..
I'm not sure whether anyone would come across this blog again coz its so dead.=(
Finally, I'm infront of the computer, relieved and stress-free...Exam has finally gone pass and its done.My second year LLB-part one. Although I didnt do well for my last paper, I manage to see it through and leave everything else into God's hand.
After the exam, went to leisure mall-dragon-I for lunch. The only good dish was the shanghai siu long pao, the rest was bad. Their standard had dropped so much that I couldn't convince myself to give them any other chance. The worse part is its expensive todine there. Totally not worth my money.
Speaking of money, I've been spending money like nobody's business..I wouldn't tell you what is the amount I've used coz it'll definitely shock you out. Luckily, I'm using my own money and not my parent's did makes me feel better.
Last night, went to pavillion and celebrated mun, jo and alex's birthday.
We are suppose to go to this italian restaurant in City Square but apparently, City Square was run-down (which none of us know). So we detour to Pavillion instead.
There were 16 of us all togother and 2 of Virata's friends joined later on.
After much debate and contrary intensions, Melissa helped the gang a big favour by insisting to go TGIF.
I ate TGIF's 2 course meal, boneless chicken for appetizer and cheese chicken for main entree. The boneless chicken was too salty but the cheese chicken was fine. Others ordered mac and cheese, which was damn good and melissa's jack daniel chicken was awesome. TGIF's pasta deserved a try too.. its good...=)
After the meal, we went for second round to this sports bar at pavillion-rain forest.
The DJ that night managed to get Ee mun and Alex to stand and sing for all of us..Ee mun was forced to drink blow-job after her 2 songs and Alex couldn't really sing..Jolene chicken out by escaping home with Leonard..haha..It was all fun!!!
Seet started dancing and Mel asked to join in the dance which I refuses coz I dont think Im a good dancer.
Alex, Virata and Randy did all these stunning dance style which are so gay...I couldnt help but laugh..
We are enjoyed ourselve very much..we deserve it after 3 weeks of hell.=)
We ordered long island tea and magarita, the magarita was so good that i keep drinking without realisation that I'm actually a bad guess what happen??I got tipsy and high and started to feel dizzy. It was fine when I was playing pool, it was fine when mun was singing...but it got worse when I finished my 5th cup of magarita..then I asked Timothy to drive me home to Kepong as I was staying in Carina's place.
All the way to the car park, I couldnt walk vision was spinning and I felt like dancing..I bump into Terrence while walking and nearly hit the car park piler. All the way back, I was talking and crapping and laughing...Kesian Tim, terrence and vera who were in the car with me..hahaha..
Reached Carina's place around 2am and slept straight. I had a good night sleep, the first in 3 weeks..
Woke up around 6am and chit chat with my aunty in the kitchen..telling her all bout my night.
Suppose to go and take stock today but Angie changed it till tomorrow...Carina has to make her passport to Krabi and her bf is picking her up soon..
Terrence did a big favour by offering me a lift back to Cheras from Kepong and he picked me up around 10.15am....suddenly I have this craving for spicy food so we ended up in The Garden's flying chillies..
We ordered pineapple rice, phai thai noodle (damn good) and green curry beef (speechlessly good)..
Went to Roxy and finally I bought the roxy bag that I always wanted..30% off this time so its okie i guess..bump into carmen and xiao wen in roxy.
After that, we went back to leisure mall and watch Terminator. I was all confused about the story at first and overall its a good one..=)
Came home and slept. Woke up, ate dinner...and I'm here..=)
Although I have 3 months of holiday ahead of me, I could foresee that I'll be very busyyyy...
Things Im gonna do
1) Youth activities and planning for the 2nd half year
2) Tuition
3) Make up course
4) trips..=)
5) Hazel Mazel
6) alot of thinking to do..
I'm back!!!