Tuesday, November 1, 2011

~Sunday in Singapore-shopping at Bugis & roar with The Lion King!~

MOS rice burger for breakfast at Bugis Junction.
*all smiles*

Me and Mun's rice burgers.

Vera's MOS cheese burger.

Bugis Junction Singapore-very good place to shop.

After shopping in Bugis Junction, we continue our shopping at Bugis street.
Singapore's version of Petaling Street.
And our luggage didn't stop us from shopping!!

The crowd

The food

The shopping...=)=)=)

After Bugis, we met up with Lee San again at Marina station.
Along Marina Bay....

Venezia inspired concept at Marina.

The Lion King musical. Definitely a MUST watch!

Grabbing a quick bite at the Marina foodcourt before the show.


After the show, we went to the Casino.
Mun tried her luck there while, people who has no luck like me went there for their free coffee and look see look see.=P

Snapped more pictures before we leave Marina and head to the airport.

Vera's bollywood post.

Byebye Singapore...

We were again rushing to catch our flight back.
running all the way to our gate after our mee pok dinner with Lee San.=)

This will be an unforgettable trip.
Started off badly, missing the flight and having issues on our hotel booking...but finishes with full fun!
Special thanks to Jenny, Sam, Shen, Jin Yu, Dexter, Wey, Lee San...
And of course, my travel buddy for this trip, Mun and Vera.

After this trip, it's time to get ready for chambering.
9 months trip deprieved.T_T

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