Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Universal Studio-Orchard Road-Clarke Quey

Coincidently bumped into Vera at Vivo City and three of us took the monorail to Universal Studio.
I'm glad the DSLR has arrived so that better pictures can be taken.
Me, ready to have the time of my life in US.
Special thanks to Vera's uncle for the free tickets.=D


Our first show-Madagascar, we like to move it move it dance.

We all LOVE Gloria!

Like a kid!

Vera-the Oscar winner of being the best girlfriend.LOL

In the jungle....the mighty jungle...the lion sleeps tonight...

Chuck Bass's Empire Hotel was destroyed!

Street dance by good looking street dancers.=)

Our OMG roller coaster ride.
Went up crying. came down laughing.
Went up scared, came down satisfied.
Cyclon was the best and the first we went...others are nothing compared to Cyclon!!

Hurricane scene right in front of us.

Get your Poncho ready if you don't wanna get wet.
Welcome to the Splash zone!
Gun shots, fireworks, fire, explosion, action...all right in front of us.

After the show, we made our way to the entrance of the Egyptian Pyramid.
Had another roller coaster ride which goes backward.
Scared my lungs out!!
I've been holding Vera's hands inside because they have mummies too.

Welcome to far far away!!

Guess who we saw in Far Far Away!

And outside Far Far Away, near Madagascar, we saw Shrek's swamp house.
The No1 Shrek fan would be Miss Vera!

The nothing much Jurassic Park.
Probably because we're not a fan of dinosaurs

Hollywood Thetre to catch our last show of the day-R&B musical.

Candylicious treesssssss

Sweet and candies. Chocolates and jelly beans...
We walked around and made our way from Sentosa to Raffles Place where we met up with Lee San.
We're always late and she always have to wait for us.
*Super nice girl!*

We stopped at Somerset station and made our way to Orchard Central.
Supposed to have Japanese food but we're too late and their last call has ended.=(

So we went down to this fusion Jap-Italian restaurant that serves really good pasta!
I've not taste anything like this in KL before.
I LOVE Mun's choice of pasta with sesame sauce.
I'm not a fan of sesame sauce but the pasta goes so perfectly with it.

=D..byebye to Somerset and hello to Orchard!

Thank goodness H&M opens until late 11pm.
We get to sneak in and shop a while.
I didn't get anything but Mun bought a white shirt.

It was very late after Orchard, so we took a cab down to Clarke Quay where the Halloween night has just started and where all the ghosts are out on the streets.
Bloody mummy ghost with her young bloody daughters.
*Snap Snap*

Along the river, the night lights and its reflection on the surface of the river were just amazing.
Despite the loud music in the background and noisy drunkards sitting on the bridge, everything else stopped and freezed for a second when I saw this.

The crowd at Clarke Quay-mostly draculas, ghosts and vampires.

Now, this is something special!
Chinese ghost couple.

The Red Queen team.

Check out the girl wearing a towel.
You can apparently see EVERYTHING you can ever imagine during Halloween night party.
Mun say we should go back next year..
Hmmm..what should we dress up as?

Our harvest today.=)

Ghost are just everywhere, including in Orchard Ion.

~To be continue~

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